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Trump’s Warning to America

( In a warning that may have come too late given how quickly the Democrats – joined by 15 Republicans in the United States Senate – passed the Continuing Resolution (CR) to temporarily fund the federal government and avoid a shutdown today of many federal functions, programs, and services, former President Donald J. Trump has called attention to several items in the Continuing Resolution.

Still, given that the Continuing Resolution is temporary, the items Trump is concerned about will resurface in the ongoing battle over federal expenditures.

Here is the warning from Trump:

Snuck into the government funding bill, or CR, the Democrats are trying to pass, and just found, is unlimited money to random, unscreened, unvetted Afghan nationals. Republicans can’t let this happen. This is a further insult after Biden’s humiliating withdrawal from Afghanistan, that needlessly killed 13 Americans.

This is not a “clean” government funding bill. It’s a major immigration rewrite that allows Biden to bring anyone he wants from Afghanistan for the next year—no vetting, no screening, no security—and fly them to your community with free welfare and government-issued IDs.  We’ve already seen some of the horrible assaults and sex crimes that have taken place. But these terrible assaults will just be the tip of the iceberg of what’s coming if this isn’t shut down.

The CR even covers people who don’t live in Afghanistan and haven’t in many years, as long as they used to live there. So Biden and Blinken can load up planes of former Afghans from Pakistan or elsewhere without any limits, checks or even a lawful visa or refugee status. The only “rule” is that Mayorkas—an incompetent radical—give them a green light. This bill must be opposed! –Donald J. Trump
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