Trump’s URGENT Warning

Donald Trump

( – In one of his most vital and urgent political messages, former President Donald Trump has instructed Republicans to support the Safeguard American Voter Eligibility (SAVE) Act, a proposed bill mandating proof of U.S. citizenship for voter registration in federal elections.

The measure, which could be voted on in the House as early as this week and sent to the Senate, and which seeks to prevent illegal aliens from voting as if they were American citizens, has drawn significant attention.

Trump expressed his endorsement through a Truth Social post, emphasizing the urgency for Republicans to enact the legislation due to concerns over non-citizen participation in elections, allegedly facilitated by Democratic politicians.

“Non citizen Illegal Migrants are getting the right to vote, being pushed by crooked Democrat Politicians who are not being stopped by an equally dishonest Justice Department,” the former president stated, as cited by The Daily Wire.

Trump forcefully articulated the stakes involved, asserting, “Republicans must pass the Save Act, or go home and cry yourself to sleep. Our whole voting system is under siege.”

He also called for immediate legal measures to address these issues, demanding, “get this stopped, NOW.”

Furthermore, Trump accused Democrats of electoral manipulation.

“The Dems can’t win on their policies, the only way they can win is to CHEAT. They do it at every level of government, and they do it well. That’s how they get an incapacitated moron like Joe Biden elected,” he wrote.

The Biden administration has openly opposed the SAVE Act. A statement released on Monday highlighted the redundancy of the act, noting that non-citizens are already prohibited from voting in federal elections, with violations carrying severe penalties.

The administration argued that existing state mechanisms are sufficient to ensure the integrity of voter rolls and that the new legislation would unnecessarily complicate voter registration, potentially leading to legitimate voters being unjustly removed from voter lists.

House Democratic leaders echoed this sentiment, urging their colleagues to reject the SAVE Act.

Despite federal laws prohibiting non-citizen voting, some Republicans remain concerned about the integrity of voter rolls, particularly in light of recent increases in illegal immigration.

This year, Frank LaRose, Ohio’s Republican Secretary of State, reported discovering 137 non-citizens registered to vote in his state and has sought federal assistance to address the issue.

Introduced by Representative Chip Roy (R-TX) in May, the SAVE Act would compel states to purge non-citizens from voter rolls and enforce strict proof of citizenship for voters in federal elections.

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