Trump’s Lawyer Declares What About Trump?!

( – To the agreement of millions of his supporters and the astonishment of his detractors, Donald Trump’s attorney declared that Trump is the “most ethical American I know.”

Specifically, on Sunday, Alina Habba, a lawyer for Donald Trump, acclaimed her client as the “most ethical American” despite facing multiple criminal charges. The charges involve allegations of violating campaign finance rules and mishandling confidential information after his presidency.

Recent legal challenges for the ex-President surfaced last week related to the case involving confidential documents. The Justice Department leveled more charges against him, accusing him of trying to erase surveillance video from his South Florida residence, a claim Ms. Habba denies.

During her appearance on “Fox News Sunday,” she defended her client, stating, “When he has his turn in court and when we get to file our papers, you will see that every single video, every single surveillance tape that was requested, was turned over. If President Trump didn’t want something turned over, I assure you, that is something that could have been done, but he never would act like that. He is the most ethical American I know.”

Habba challenged the obstruction of justice charges, stating that they couldn’t be valid because no tapes were eventually erased.

She said, “What was the obstruction of justice because no tapes were deleted. He turned them over, he cooperated as he always does. But they would like the American public to believe in these bogus indictments that there are some facts that say that President Trump was obstructing justice.”