Trump’s Fate Predicted by Key Ally

( – Donald Trump will be convicted as the US government is working to “railroad” his inner circle into turning against him, Oath Keepers leader Steward Rhodes has predicted.

In May, Rhodes was sentenced to 18 years for “seditious conspiracy” over his role in the January 6, 2021 events at the US Capitol.

He declared his trial had provided a blueprint on how the Biden administration and Justice Department Special Counsel Jack Smith would destroy Trump by forcing the former president’s allies to testify against him.

“They’re going to do the same thing to President Trump that they did to me,” Rhodes told The Washington Times.

The Oath Keepers leader spoke from the DC Department of Corrections Central Detention Facility.

Rhodes, who founded the right-wing group in 2009, declared the feds were already working to frighten potential witnesses that could testify in Trump’s defense.

Last month, the president was charged with 37 counts over his alleged mishandling of classified documents, with most of the charges under the 1917 Espionage Act. There are reports he might soon face dozens of extra charges or a second federal indictment.

The Oath Keepers leader, a Yale Law graduate, and former US Army paratrooper, warned the DOJ would blackmail his close allies to take him down.

“You’re going to get railroaded. You’re going to be found guilty if you try to go to trial. So everyone’s been demoralized and more likely to take a plea deal and agree to ‘test-a-lie’ against President Trump,” Rhodes said.

He emphasized that DOJ prosecutors charged him with seditious conspiracy based on his words, not actions.

“I was found guilty of seditious conspiracy, although they had zero evidence of an actual plan. They just used my speech. It will be the same thing with President Trump,” the Oath Keepers found said.

Rhodes recounted the Justice Department pressured his group’s members to testify against him.

“They threatened [witnesses] with life in prison. That’s what’s going to happen to President Trump,” he declared.

Rhodes predicted the fate of Smith’s second probe into Trump – for allegedly trying to overturn the results from the 2020 election.

He forecasted Trump would face a left-leaning judge and jury in Washington, DC, like hundreds of Americans convicted over January 6.