Trump’s Bombshell Plan For Schools

Donald Trump

( – In a bold move advancing high-standard education, former President Donald Trump proposed the creation of the American Academy. He envisions it as a counter to mainstream, “woke” institutions, offering free education funded through taxes, fines, and lawsuits targeting the large endowments of private universities.

In a policy video, Trump criticized the current higher education system in the U.S., especially against the backdrop of recent support from some American university students and faculty for Hamas following attacks that resulted in Israeli deaths.

Trump condemned these actions, stating, “Americans have been horrified to see students and faculty at Harvard and other once-respected universities expressing support for the savages and jihadists who attacked Israel,” and criticized the educational system for turning students into what he terms “communists and terrorists sympathizers.”

Trump’s vision for the American Academy is to offer “a world-class education available to every American, free of charge, and do it without adding a single dime to the federal debt.” This plan would utilize funds generated from taxing the investment income of wealthy private universities, a measure that has a precedent in the 1.4 percent tax imposed by Trump’s 2017 tax law. In 2022, this tax resulted in $244 million in revenue from 58 institutions, as reported by Politico.

The proposed curriculum of the American Academy is comprehensive, covering “the highest quality educational content covering the full spectrum of human knowledge and skills” and making it accessible online at no cost. Trump emphasized that the education would be practical, involving “study groups, mentors, industry partnerships, and the latest breakthrough in computing.”

Promising a rigorous learning environment, Trump declared that the institution would be “strictly non-political, and there will be no wokeness or jihadism allowed.”

The American Academy aims to challenge the traditional four-year university system by providing degree credentials recognized by the U.S. government and federal contractors, equivalent to a bachelor’s degree. Additionally, it would cater to those with some college experience by allowing them to complete their education more swiftly and without cost.

This announcement comes at a time of heightened political discourse within universities. Trump’s proposal is a direct response to what he perceives as left-wing indoctrination in educational institutions, highlighted by student-led protests at Harvard, such as a “die-in” organized by pro-Palestine groups condemning the situation in Gaza and criticizing Israel’s actions.