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Trump Wins CPAC Presidential Straw Poll

Just moments ago, and just before he took the stage to give his first speech since leaving the White House, former President Donald Trump won the 2024 Presidential Straw Poll at the Conservative Political Action Conference in Orlando, Florida.

The results of the poll were:

  • Trump: 55%
  • DeSantis: 21%
  • Noem: 4%
  • Haley: 3%
  • Pompeo: 2%
  • Cruz: 2%
  • Paul: 2%

This is a breaking news story and will be updated as warranted…

Please share your thoughts in the comment section. Of the potential candidates listed above, who would you prefer to be the GOP nominee for president in 2024?


  1. Dawn Clark says:

    I do not understand how people can vote for a demagogue! Trump is a wanna be dictator. Is that really what you want. Someone who listens to no advice, not even from his own party? Someone that disparages every person that doesn’t agree with him. He wants EVERYONE to be ‘loyal’ to him at all cost, but if they disagree with some small thing, he throws them under the bus, and starts denigrating them, calling them names, totally dismissing them–even going after them and trying to ruin them. Good luck with this guy. What is the matter with you people. You are like the rats that followed the Pied Piper. Wake UP!

  2. Alice Baker says:

    Under Bidamn gas prices have risen, planned parenthood is supported so babies are not being protected, foreign countries will receive money from U.S. taxpayers, boys and men are competing against girl’s and women’s sports teams and winning scholarships meant for female participants, illegal aliens are waiting with bated breath to invade our country and so much more. My heart is breaking for our country and I pray for the safety of the U.S., the Trump family and conservatives who are being black-balled, banned and attacked. President Trump was the best I have voted for in my 92 years on this earth.

  3. Sherman Deardeuff says:

    Trump 2024..

  4. Charles A Kerss says:

    Conservatives must monitor the monitors next time around to ensure voter
    fraud, fraudulent counts, and any and all voter irregularities are prevented. We need to get back to “for the People, and, by the people” survives this socialist
    effort to subvert our free and honest elections. Socialism only succeeds in
    theory, never in practice. What the hell is our education system teaching Americans. To change what made this country strong is unforgivable. Those of us that love this country, had better damn well take extreme measures to guarantee the survival of the ideals alluded to by our Founders.

  5. Don Donat says:

    President Trump is the first president since Reagan I wasn’t dissapointed in. Would dedinately vote for him again.

  6. ee says:

    Yeah Trump………………..

  7. Old Jimboe says:

    Yes, I can’t wait to vote for Trump again. Just look what a total disaster we’ve got NOW!! Trump is the strongest president we’ve ever had in my lifetime.

  8. earl says:

    trump is back when i gave up voting after the big steal i have come back now maybe i can sleep once again knowing as a veteran i still have faith in my country

    • Hi Earl, I feel the same way as you do, and I voted for Trump, twice. My humble Blog: Tom’s Logic Journal. –Disabled Vietnam Vet: 68-70. “Let not your heart be troubled.” –John 14: 1.

  9. susan ames says:

    Trump !!!!!!
    I would vote for Trump !!!!
    I support Trump !!!!

  10. Eleanor says:

    II would vote for Trump

  11. GINGER says:


  12. Julius Cesar says:

    I’ m in. The best President ever.

  13. Phillip says:

    You can vote for whomever you want to but the winner will be whomever is rigging the elections wants to win. Trump could have stopped this along with many other abnormalities but choose not to.

    • debra says:

      he chose not to, cuz his plans are cleaning the swamps

    • Chris says:

      Whom and wherever the laws for are land is written is who’s in charge!! And is not the potus , senate or the house they all claim they didn’t have time to read the 26 hundred pages for Obamacare before they voted on it !!
      So where and by who does are laws get written???

  14. Kay says:

    I would deffinately vote Trump back in as POTUS🇺🇸. I can’t afford these gas prices, taxes, and I surely can’t support Illegals.

  15. Holly Rose says:

    I doubt very much if trump would win if he were up against Biden/Harris again in 2024. Maybe Obama can run again if allowed. That would be wonderful if it could happen. Economy would really boom if Obama got back into office.

    • Audrey Fitzgerald Lipman Fitzgerald says:

      Biden won’t run again, he said he’s a1 term president. Seriously I don’t think another democrat will win in 2024 no matter who runs against the democrats . Biden’s mental health is in serious decline

    • Joan says:

      Are you kidding me? Are you thinking clearly? Obama did nothing. He was a celebrity and most of the proposals that President Trump positively changed was Obama’s lack of leadership or love for this country. Obama is a loser and so is Biden. If you voted for him all his policies will impact you. Stop living in the past and grow up.

    • debra says:

      ARE YOU SICK? YOU MUST ME!!!this crab started with george w. bush. obama followed and biden is too, along withe clintons .

  16. Joan Hamrick says:

    I would vote for Donald Trump 10 times if I could. He’s the BEST PRESIDENT we’ve had since Lincoln. I’m SO SICK of Biden I could vomit everyday just seeing what he’s doing to our country. America will NEVER be the same when he’s through with it. GOD BLESS AMERICA and GOD BLESS DONALD TRUMP!!!!

  17. illiad Oddessy says:

    TRUMP in 2024!

  18. Alana Welty says:

    I would vote for President Trump.