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Trump Statement About Rush Limbaugh

Former President Donald J. Trump has released the following statement concerning the death of his friend, Rush Limbaugh.

Please share your thoughts about the passing of Rush Limbaugh in the comment section.


  1. Barbara White says:

    Rush faced his illness and death the way he lived his life.He worked hard, had faith, loved all those close to him with loyalty and generosity. He helped those in need in any way he could, supported people and causes he believed in. He was a talented humble man whose joyful personality, delightful wit, and wise opinion will be greatly missed. We loved him!

  2. Henry Lippe says:

    I considered Rush to be a trusted friend and advisor and I will miss him. The wisdom and information that he brought to us was and is invaluable. I wish that I could be more eloquent in my thoughts, but “Thank You Rush” for that you have done for the U.S.A.

  3. Louisa Martin says:

    A legacy of faith, courage, truth, clarity and humor for others to emulate. The Lord has reasons for taking him home at this time which we won’t understand. Thus we honor his memory by having learned from him.

  4. Carol Bartlett says:

    All I can offer right now is my deepest sympathy to Kathryn and the rest of Rush’s family and friends! The Lord took our Rush home to be with Him. As much as we will miss him, we can take comfort in the fact that he is no longer in pain. We will always miss him!

  5. JoePalooka says:

    If we all try and follow in this great man’s wisdom, American will continue to be great. When I first moved to Indiana, I was on the road a great deal. After I came across Rush on A.M. radio, I rarely missed his show. If I got to a call, I might delay going in until he finished. I rarely watch TV news because it was so full of bull. We will all miss you, Rush. God just got one of the best of us.

  6. Geneva Wilcox says:

    My whole family will miss you Rush you were the best, no one will ever be able to fill your shoes! God bless you and take you into his Love. God bless Rushes family.

  7. Judy says:

    Rush I will miss listening to you on the radio; though I have not always agreed with you; you have made me think about why I disagree & justify to myself why I feel what I do; I consider you to have been on of the best Delvil’s advocate(in the very best way) because you made me think not just speak, not just repeat what others say. RIP I know you are now in a better place

  8. Caroldine Kosko says:

    The most trusted newsman in America.

  9. He was a great guy and will be sorely missed. Like him or not, he told it like it was. Peace be with you Mister Limbaugh.

  10. Ruth Gombos says:

    I have always believe that Rush was the most trusted man in the world when it came to reporting the news. Giving his opinion was trustworthy and honest. I know he was hurting but he was always there to give his thoughts on his radio show. GOD has released him from his pain and I also believe he was greeted by the MAN upstairs.

  11. Genia Horton says:

    I’ve listened to Rush since 1988. He taught me so much about life, politics, truth, and just so much. He was the most credible radio voice ever. He was matchless. Never to be replaced. I just hope and pray there is someone who can carry the torch in a way that would honor and respect his legacy. I knew this day would come from recent broadcasts and his updates. I could only cry when listening to Kathryn share the news this morning, like millions of others. The tributes all day are heart-warming. It makes our grief meaningful. God bless his family, loved ones, and his listeners. He’s home now and one day as Christ followers we will be together for all eternity.

    • Steve Judson says:

      God Bless this great man. I will sesk his wisdom in the dark void he left behind like a lighthouse in a storm. He was truly a good soul and a man that understood God. He will be missed and his voice must carry on.

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