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Trump Presidents Day Motorcade

Love him or hate him, there’s no denying that former President Donald Trump remains extremely popular with his dedicated supporters and those who voted for him last November.

On this Presidents Day holiday, Trump was returning to his residence at Mar-a-Lago in Florida after playing golf. Suddenly, he found himself in the middle of a huge celebration of his presidency with people waving flags and cheering for him.

The former president had his Secret Service motorcade slow down so that he could wave to all of the people lining the streets.

Watch the videos below and share your thoughts about Trump’s popularity in the comment section. Do you believe Trump is as popular as ever?


  1. Darlene says:

    He is my President! I would have been there if Texas hadn’t been frozen solid.

  2. Becky says:

    Happy President’s day Donald Trump hope to see you at a rally real soon but you and First Lady Melania need a super great vacation then come out swinging we will be here for you just like you have been for us

  3. Ollie says:

    It’s time to move on and stop rehashing the past.

  4. I refuse to call Old man Joe Blow President! He is not and NEVER will be my President. Donald Trump is still my President. He did and won the Election fair and square!

  5. Martha says:

    Is Trump as popular as ever? Three months ago 74 million Americans voted for him? Why would BCN think that these 74 million Americans would have stopped liking him in this short time? You think we forgot the he achieved major historic peace agreements in the middle east? Or you think we forgot that he got most of the border wall finished (which many voters wnated). Do you think we changed our minds and didn’t like the way the economy was ticking along, and that we didn’t like being energy independent and able to generate our own energy needs without having to depend on the middle east? No, we hadn’t changed our minds. And has Biden done anything yet to make us like him more – let’s see, executive orders to let illegal immigrants enter and stay – without Covid tests, I understand. Stopping work on the border wall. Stopping U.S. energy production. Jobs being killed all over the place, gasoline prices going up – nah, I don’t see anything at all to make we glad that other people voted for Biden. The only good thing I can see is that after a couple years, things will be so bad under essentially one-party rule, that maybe there will be a turn-around at the mid-term election. If we can just get a few states to stop voting dead people. Yes, I think the 74 million people who voted for Trump still like him – though each day I like most of the media less and less.

  6. Janet Holley says:

    The Democrats made President Trump more popular in just their first week of office, with the swipe of their pen.Again…we did not vote for Biden…

  7. irisheyes17 says:

    I posted abt the woman who uncovered the story n Italy of how the US election was stolen usin’ the Italian military satellite, Leonardo, the EU, CIA st8 dept and MI6..

    The man who confessed wrkd at Leonardo Defense Contractors…was jailed and she and her team were able 2 nterview him…he gav her a signed confession and affidavits, photos, data and pics of CIA nvolved…

    He confessed 2 uploadin’ software 2 Leonardo satellite, which nstructed the satellite 2 switch the votes from Trump 2 Biden, dwn 2 the Dominion servers n Frankfurt and n2 Dominion machines n US..

    Her name is MARIA ZACK–NATIONS IN ACTION…This was orchestr8d by Obama, 4mer Italian Prime Minister, Renzi…pd 4 by Obama’s 14 pallets of cash 4 Iran…dverted 2 dif accnts…$5million traced 2 a bnk n Cali 4 Conte…10 ppl from Leonardo hav been arrested…

    All evidence on file n Rome crt…

    She got all this evidence 2 Trump n Mara Lago on Christmas Eve…

    Conte has resigned and the Italian gov has collapsed…

    Vid circul8in’on twitter last Dec shows Mike Pompeo walkin’ahead of sum1 n handcuffs..ppl say it’s the US Envoy…shots were hrd at the Vatican..

    Watch the vid:


  8. Jerome W Tribout says:


  9. Holly Rose says:

    trump is no longer president and does not deserve the accolades accorded to a dignitary. His action degrades the presidency. That honor of a presidential motorcade belongs to Biden as HE IS OUR PRESIDENT now not trump. trump debases the office of the presidency by doing what he just did and those that supported should be ashamed of themselves for aiding and abetting and are accomplices to this despicable action.

    • irisheyes17 says:

      #bidennotmypresident #italydidit #contecomeclean


      2020 2 nfinity and byond

    • Janet Holley says:

      Why did Democrat Governors&Mayors sit back and let Antifa&BLM steal&burn down businesses, murder innocent citizens all summer? People who murder infant humans have no trouble murdering adult humans.

    • Barb Greenwood says:

      President Trump is still very popular,thanks to the Democrats. The people that still support him will continue to do so whether they like it or not. Look at what Biden has done to the country in less than a month. Opening up our southern border will really create some serious problems that the country is going to have to deal with. wait until 2022,that should be very interesting.

    • Hellion says:

      You are a fucking moron

    • Whats the matter Holly tree? Can’ accept your Psycho Joe Blow is a LOOSER? HAAH?

    • Sharon Carter says:

      You are blind and crazy!!! Trump will always be the best President we have ever had!!! Your coffee is burning!!! Wake up and make a fresh pot!

    • Patriot Forever says:

      Calm down Ms. Rose – This wasn’t a presidential motorcade. This was a private citizen driving his personal vehicles past a large group of private citizens who are fans of this person and gathered in hopes of seeing him on that day. He was a duly elected president for the last 4 years, you understand, I am sure. Be a good girl and calm down. Just because no one honored the president you voted for on President’s day, let’s not show a jealous side. That’s not nice. Biden is president. Be happy, dear.

  10. bruce says:

    Great! We know he is our president and won by 79 million to about 68 million. He knows it too. Just based on corrected data reported. If we ever get to look at ballots and machines we can be bit more accurate.

    • Olive says:

      Check out to see the report entitled “Absolute Proof” —- this gives all the evidence needed to show that President Trump actually won the 2020 election. It proves exactly how the election was stolen.

  11. Randy says:

    I’m 68 and he’s definitely the best president of my lifetime. USA first !! Brought troops home, put China in it’s place, lowered my taxes. What’s not to love ?

    • James B Jacobs says:

      I’m 90 and he’s the best president we have ever had in my life time too. Nothing is going to take that away from him. What he accomplished in 4 yrs could not have been done by any other president in 24 years. Biden couldn’t done it in 100 years.

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