Trump Now Doing THIS to DeSantis

Donald Trump

( – Donald Trump’s 2024 presidential campaign isn’t taking any chances with the GOP nomination competition as the former president’s team is spending nearly four times on negative ads against fellow Republican rival Ron DeSantis as it is on ads targeting Democrat President Joe Biden.

Make America Great Again Inc. (MAGA Inc.), the super PAC supporting former President Donald Trump, is significantly outspending on advertisements targeting Florida Governor DeSantis compared to those against Biden, The New York Post reports.

Despite Trump’s substantial lead by dozens of points in the GOP field, MAGA Inc.’s spending patterns indicate a primary election focus rather than solely aiming at defeating Biden, the news outlet observers.

According to Rob Pyers, research director for the California Target Book, MAGA Inc. has allocated over $23 million for ads opposing DeSantis and over $6.7 million against Biden.

“The spending will stop when Ron DeSantis goes back to doing what he was elected to do — govern the state of Florida,” commented Karoline Leavitt, a spokesperson for MAGA Inc.

The Post notes Trump has urged the Republican National Committee to forgo debates to concentrate on beating Democrats and expressed reluctance to debate “people that shouldn’t even be running for president” in a conversation with Tucker Carlson.

DeSantis is the primary focus of negative advertising among candidates, with more than $25 million in opposing ads from other White House contenders.

According to the report, Biden trails with $20.2 million in attack ads from the 2024 field.

At the same time, Never Back Down, the super PAC supporting DeSantis, has directed its expenditures toward Trump and former South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley, avoiding Biden attack ads.

A source familiar with Never Back Down’s strategy mentioned that negative spending against DeSantis exceeds $30 million, including digital and mail campaigns.

Currently, MAGA Inc.’s sole ad specifically targets Biden, contrasting Trump’s presidency with Biden’s. The ad highlights Trump’s achievements and criticizes Biden’s performance.

“President Trump made us safer, wealthier and more secure. Under Trump, prices were low and groceries [were] affordable. Trump took on China and won, jobs were coming home, and Trump secured our border. But bumbling Biden has made a mess,” the ad states.

MAGA Inc.’s ads against DeSantis have scrutinized his Congressional record on various issues such as Social Security, Medicare, and taxes.

RealClearPolitics data indicates Trump leading the Republican primary with an average of 59%, significantly ahead of DeSantis’ 14.8%.