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Trump: Increase Stimulus To $2,000

In a speech critical of Congress for only allocating $600 per person as a COVID19 stimulus payment, President Donald Trump called on Congress to increase the payment to $2,000 per person or $4,000 per couple.

Sen. Chuck Schumer and Speaker Nancy Pelosi have agreed to Trump’s request. The decision now sits with Sen. Mitch McConnell as Majority Leader of the Senate.

Please watch the video of President Trump and share your thoughts in the comment section. Do you agree or disagree with his call for the stimulus payments to be raised to $2,000?


  1. Jaybo says:

    I forgot to say they DO make record of my complaints but I wonder Do They really?

  2. Jose Cantu says:

    I’d rather see stimulus help go to the American people than to those “handout” countries who do nothing but stab the US in the back.

  3. Judy Minton says:

    Two thousand for Americans. Zero to illegals. Zero to foreign countrys these democrats are wanting to give aide to. Stand up America before it’s to late. Make your voice count

  4. Rick M says:

    Is no one watching what is going on with Biden’s appointments? He is building a banana republic cabinet full of leftist billionaires. He is swinging the same “sell America out” strategy with local leftists that he has done the last 10-12 years with China, Russia, the Ukraine and other communist dictators. I cannot believe Democrats are stupid enough to think the leftist ideas won’t lower their standard of living too! Communism and Socialism have never worked. How can we be stupid enough to think it will work in America?

  5. Holly Rose says:

    trump should let Congress to what they need to do as they know what is best for this nation which is more than what I can say about trump. He knows absolutely NOTHING. trump has been the stupidest non effectual president we had. He brags that he improved our economy when actually he was riding on Obama’s coat tails. It was Obama’s econ not trump’s. Ditto on increase in jobs. trump was riding on Obama’s coat tails on that as well. trump brought business back to the US and our economy fell flat on it’s face. You call that a good president? When he makes a speech, he sounds like a child of 10. Don’t know what his IQ is but it must be very low. What we need is Obama and Biden back in office. trump’s soul is as ugly as he is!

    • Karen says:

      Holy? Rose? I would say that there is nothing Holy about you except your head. How can you believe their crap?? I feel real sorry for you and yours.

    • A friend of AMERICA says:

      Your girlfriend pinnochio puss pelosi called the first stimulus of $1200.00 crumbs for the American people. Then wasted months screwing around with the second one filled with pork and real crumbs this time. PRESIDENT TRUMP wants the American people to get $2000.00 per person and pukeploosie agreed unanimously just to refuse it.Now people really have been needing help for months. My self included. I guess your well off to go against that. Must be one greedy stupid bitch just like your two faced lying girlfriend!

    • A friend of AMERICA says:

      Where the fuck do you get your information? Out of the garbage I guess.You have been wrong on every post you’ve made comments on. You ARE the true definition of a racist. You spew filth about a man who everyone( except idiots like you) knows how lucky we were to have PRESIDENT TRUMP. You are deceived like all of you democrats and lie the same almost like it’s rehearsed. You people are the entire problem for what evils are happening to our country. Backstabbing Republicans and sick pedophile democrats ARE the TOTAL reason this country is in such bad shape! So go get yourself a sex change and become a man so I can punch you in your face. Sex changes are in prpukies stimulus bill so go get one!

  6. Delia Rivera says:

    Defund the police,defund the security that we all pay for,let them pay for there own security.America shouldn’t be sending any other country anything.A bunch of brown nosers, YES,they kiss there asses, That’s A Demo crap,for you.

  7. Donna mcneill says:

    He is the beat president ever. We have to keep him in office. God bless America and president trump

  8. Bruce Zietlow says:

    I’ll dictate a bill for the congress. All congressman take a cut in pay and stop being a bunch of puppets FOR COMMUNISM!! 2,000 to American citizens. Done MERRY CHRISTMAS


  9. THOMAS FERGUS says:

    It should be very obvious. President Trump knows what he is doing. The last four years is a lot of evidence
    of that for the AMERICAN PEOPLE

  10. Donna S Zietlow says:

    Trump didn’t think our congressman read all six thousand pages of this new bill. Who typed it, who dictated it? They need to be fired! If this isn’t another form of corruption/admission of guilt!!! Did I say fired?? Doesn’t anyone know what to do with traitors? Oh, was I too harsh….

  11. Becky says:

    I totally agree with my President this is a slap in the face by the Dems what happened to the bread crumbs she hollering about over the first check ? We are in bad shape if the likes of these people are running our country

  12. Daniel Girdano says:

    The president is Right 100%. They need to drop all this pork and all this crap in his bill and take care of the American people I for one am getting tired of giving all these other countries all of the money. most of these countries don’t even like us. The people responsible for all this crap in this bill should be put in jail. That’s all they’re trying to do is ruin this country completely there needs to be a stop to all this stop the pork pelosi.

  13. I agree with SLASHING everything in this bill that has nothing to do with Covid relief!!!!
    If the name of this bill is “Covid Relief”for the United States than nothing that is not “Covid Relief” for American CITIZENS should be included in this bill!!!!
    Very simply it should only be two pages long!!!
    I think Congress should take a pay cut and give the American people-especially restaurants and small businesses who have suffered so grievously during this pandemic-money in the form of interest free loans and business relief payments to help them get back on their feet!!!!

  14. katrina winfield-howard says:

    This country cannot recognize a great leader. This bill says it all. We are doomed with bills that support foreign countries over are citizens who are struggling to survive because of the effects of the virus. Lobbyists and special foreign interest groups are flooded with our tax payers money . Our people should be the beneficiaries and every member of Congress that voted for this bill that they could not have read should be replaced. One issue one bill at a time should be instituted ASAP. Packing these bills of 5,000 pages to be voted on immediately should not be allowed. Like Rome, and because of governmental and widespread corruption, this country is on the edge of failing as a republican democracy. What the great generation fought for in WWll looks to be in vain

  15. Sandy Hinton-Forbes says:

    As long as it is the only change, I agree!

  16. I totally agree with my President (Donald Trump). The demonRATS have been smoking too much crack to even think the AMERICAN people would even think of considering such a bogus stimulus package. My President is a bonified AMERICAN and he hads the American peoples best interest. The Libtards could care less about the American people. It is time for them to go.

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