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Trump Impeachment Delivered to Senate

Breaking Now: Just moments ago, the U.S. House of Representatives formally delivered the Article of Impeachment against former President Donald J. Trump to the U.S. Senate by walking the document – as is done by tradition – from the House side of the U.S. Capitol to the Senate side.

Trump is charged with Incitement of Insurrection.

This is a breaking news story and will be updated if warranted…


Please share your thoughts in the comment section. Do you believe the Senate will convict former President Trump of Incitement of Insurrection as the Article of Impeachment charges him? Why or why not?


  1. Fernando Gutierrez says:

    It is an unfortunate thing that the 25th amendment can only be applied to the President of the United States because if such an amendment should be used on anyone, it should be on Nancy(don’t confuse me with the facts my mind is made up)Pelosi. Both CNN and the FBI have found and reported that the attack had been planned well before President Trump’s rally, and began during his speech. Those two facts prove President Trump innocent of the charge in the articles of impeachment. And the only thing delivering the articles to the senate at this late date proves is Nancy’s mental inability to hold office.

    • Georgia McMahan says:

      President Trump did not incite the riot. He is innocent. Go charge maxine
      for inciting harm to people who is Trump supporter. Nance you are mental unstable. You just want to east time and money. President Trump is like and love by “We the people.”

  2. DeeJay says:

    What about the impeachable offences that Biden and Harris have committed? Biden has destroyed Thousands, maybe even Millions of Jobs once it’s all said and done. Harris has Bailed Criminals, some of the worst crimes against their fellow man, out of Jail and encouraged their radical behavior so that they will do it again and again.

  3. Pat C says:

    Anyone that votes for impeachment is breaking the law and our constitution. Each congress member senator or representative should be voted out of office. We are becoming a lawless society. Geez. We voted for many of these fools. Term limits for all. Oh and we need major reform on campaign funds. No more dark money, The government could collect all funds with no dark money and a lot an equal amount of funds to each candidate.
    Penalty for dark money funds should be five year jail time. So simple.

  4. Pat C says:

    Let’s waste time on an impeachment that is illegal. Not enough votes to impeach so just political theater by Democrats. Let’s do the people’s business and stop the theater politics. It is going to cost dems more seats. Not a smart more on their part. Term limits to get jerks like Maxine waters. She was inciting people to riot and not so much as Maxine please stop! Nope! Not a word. Watch
    How the tide turns more against them.

  5. Keith Heidrich says:

    Can President Trump call witness to testify? If he can he should call Pollassie to the stand and question her on all that she said the entire time she was in congress. That should be a real hoot.

  6. Randall says:

    waste of time and money

  7. Diane Patterson says:

    This unconstitutional charade is just the democrats way of taking attention away from their evil deeds and incompetence in leading a nation and doing what is in the best interest for we the people and our country. If the chief Justice of the Supreme Court refuses to preside over this farce of an impeachment then it is unconstitutional and another example of wasting taxpayer dollars. It also diverts attention away from the election fraud and irregularities. That’s the whole reason there was a capital riot. The police let them in and the place was swarming with leftist extremists. It was a set up and had nothing to do with President Trump.

  8. Tawnee Searles says:

    I guess they will never give up trying to impeach Trump ! Sweet Hillary is such a sore loser to think she planned his impeachment before he was even inaugurated! Sure leaves a sour taste in my mouth how long a Democrat can hold a grudge ! I don’t understand how they can impeach him if he is not president any longer plus he didn’t incite a riot that the demoncrats were expecting and already had antifa and blm inside the white house and dressed as trump rioters instead lol

  9. Steve says:

    Wake up American Patriots, READ the Constitution,PLEASE,YOU CAN NOT IMPEACH an American Citizen, ONLY a sitting President and some elected Officials,Donald J.Trump is NOT a sitting President,He is a citizen of USA. The Dumbacrats are wasting American Tax Money on their illegal BS , it is past time WE THE PEOPLE stand up and fight back and take America BACK and KEEP IT THIS TIME !!! Give Me Capitalism or give Me Death !!!!!!!!

  10. Mary says:

    This is nothing but a vicious vendetta against Trump led by the lunatic Pelosi. I listened to his speech, 2 days before the riot at the capital, and he said to march peacefully. They are discovering that there were plans to march to the capital 6 days before his speech. The Liberals have been trying to destroy President Trump since Obama spied on his headquarters. Obama, Biden, Pelosi, Hunter and Schumer are the ones that need to be impeached or arrested. Biden and his criminal family should be in prison. 5 days in office and Biden has already destroyed 70,000 lives. 11,000 people will lose their jobs from the pipe line and 60,000 jobs related to the pipeline. If we start purchasing oil from other countries, how does that help the green new deal. These countries will still have emissions and Americans will be out of jobs. If Pelosi’s vendetta to impeach the president goes through, then she should also be charged for inciting violence this past summer. “People do what people do”….she is just a lunatic! Besides, the constitution says a sitting president! This will divide the country even more, not unite them. Over 74 million people want answers!!!!

  11. Pinkypie says:

    The demonrats are a hate driven group who don’t want to stop trying to tear our REAL President down until they think they have won. But you know Donald Trump will NOT go down. He said he will be back in some form, and he doesn’t lie. I’m sure he will let us know when it’s time. More than 75million of us know the truth and 75 million of us know that the hate the demonrats carry inside will eventually destroy them from the inside out. And, they are afraid of us,too. They know we are standing strong, and they are doing everything they can to keep their corrupt ways from being made public. But before too long it will all be exposed, and when the truth comes out we will ALL watch as the SEWER DWELLERS slither back to where they truly belong. Then the CELEBRATION will begin. Thank You President Trump

  12. Liz Schwindt says:

    I cannot believe that we the people are not behind President Tump. I just remember all the really good things that he has done for America. I believe with all my heart that he really did win the election but there was too much dishonesty going on in our wonderful country to prove it. God bless our nation.

  13. Nick says:

    I believe this is out of fear that Trump may run again in 2024, not because he is guilty.
    This will further divide the county they say that they want to unite.
    I believe complacency along with the compassion given to all the previous rioters for the excuse for the non action is partially responsible for what happen at the Capital.
    There is no excuse for a riot, happening anywhere. I believe that is what set the stage for what happened and not because of what Trump stand for.
    Look how mistreated the national guards were after the inauguration.
    After they were done with the show of force, there wasn’t even a plan to house them nor any sign of gratitude.
    This has been and continues to be a real sham and disgrace. This is the first time that I am total ashamed of where our county is at this time in history.

  14. Debra Masden says:

    Donald Trump did not incite his rally goers to go and vandalize the White House! So there for how can you impeach him? He is a civilian now and you CAN NOT impeach a civilian. The lifers and NON-Americans in the W.H. are so afraid of him that they WILL DO ANYTHING to get rid of him. The Republicans had better stick to their guns and protect the truth and the CONSTITUTION!!! They NEED to STAND UP, BE STRONG and DEFEND Donald Trump from this BOGUS CRAP!! ENOUGH is ENOUGH!! AMERICA NEEDS STRONG AMERICANS!!! STAND UP BOTH PARTIES!! CHINA IS COMING!!!

  15. Debra says:

    Donald Trump did not incite his rally goers to go and vandalize the White House! So there for how can you impeach him? He is a civilian now and you CAN NOT impeach a civilian. The lifers and NON-Americans in the W.H. are so afraid of him that they WILL DO ANYTHING to get rid of him. The Republicans had better stick to their guns and protect the truth and the CONSTITUTION!!! They NEED to STAND UP, BE STRONG and DEFEND Donald Trump from this BOGUS CRAP!! ENOUGH is ENOUGH!! AMERICA NEEDS STRONG AMERICANS!!! STAND UP BOTH PARTIES!! CHINA IS COMING!!!

  16. Marlene Steadman says:

    I will not vote for RINOS.

  17. Holly Rose says:

    Wonderful! Justice will be served.

  18. Becki says:

    When the whole government is gathered for our REAL President Donald Trump’s ILLEGAL impeachment, why don’t the republicans grow a set and turn the tables around. They could save a bundle of OUR TAXPAYER’S MONEY and impeach all the LYING TRAITOR UNPROFESSIONAL UNDERHANDED rhinos demonrats and various other SEWER DWELLERS who SLITHERED into the Whitehouse and are trying to spread their COMMUNISM and HATE throughout our country. Leave our REAL President alone Go after PEDEPHILE JOE AND CAMEL TOE HO. They are the ones who 75million people KNOW are guilty and CAN PROVE IT. MAYBE we could have an “impeach one and get one free” trial and get this out of the way once and for all.

  19. Bearpaw says:

    How can he be impeached when he is no longer in office? This is nothing more than a personal vendetta of the most cold, evil hearted woman on planet Earth. This drunk old hag needs to be put out to pasture and take her sidekick Chuckie with her.

  20. Joan says:

    President Trump has done Nuthing wrong, he has took BS from the beginning when he became President till now. What man would take that much BS. I had never voted till he was running for second term Why you ask. #1 He has done more for America an the American People than any other President. #2 The wall was built so the American people can work at jobs and not be afraid Aliens would take it. He didn’t incite that riot at the Capital. He has worked hard to make America great only to let voter fraud to give it to someone who doesn’t know what he’s doing.

  21. diane ehr says:


  22. Mary Amn says:

    With the impeachment being filed against Biden, he better be concentrating on how he’s going to get out of that, especially after proving so far he is “in cable of leading this great nation. He has pissed off enough people (& not just Trump supporters!) he & his sidekick Pelosi who hates Trump better be concerned about that impeachment instead of the fraudulent impeachment against Trump. Biden’s track record so far is going to further damage the fraudulent government the corrupt Marxist Communist Socialist Demos have tried to set up! I do believe they underestimated the spirit & power of the American people who have definitely had enough violence & corruption! So BEWARE…your day in court is coming sooner than you think!!!! The American people who really love America will have their day!!!!!

  23. Tim says:

    If we are going to continue with this circus, let us put “The Kenyan” and his “VP” in the game also. Everyone now knows that they sponsored a coup d’Etat against Donald Trump, and he still became President Trump. Let’s charge them, find them guilty with all the known evidence there is. Also charge them with using the son of the VP to accept dirty money from the Chynese Commie Partie. Go after their Sec of State for making the Uranium deal via Canada with Russia. Go after Comey for the fake Steele Dossier, and Shitf for lying about the telephone call between 2 Presidents.

  24. Patty says:


  25. Kaye says:

    If they impeach hi, they have to impeach Harris and Waters and Pelosi !!! I watched the President’s speech and not once did he say and I quote get up in their faces!! Or did he put money into their hands or say he wanted to drag them out by the hair!!! Something is fishy here!! Hmmmm!!

  26. Bobby says:

    It’s a joke just like our new sitting President and let’s not exclude Pelosi who is the queen of stupid! If anyone needs to be removed it’s her, she’s a waste of our tax payer money! It’s time that she focus on business that means something!

  27. Barbara DiBitetto says:

    Demorats are worthless thats my comment

  28. Debra Chavez says:

    I’m really disappointed in this Administration, they have done nothing to help our nation. She has a vendetta against Trump she is manipulating the whole Senate for whatever reason he is pure evil. I didn’t have already this nation back. Attempting to impeach President Trump and waste more money we are nations do not have. We the people need this to stop.

  29. Jean Trent says:

    It is absolutely against the constitution , it says a sitting President. President Trump was out of office before they went forward. Plosives is about the rules an constitution. They took his words out of context , it only meant you have to fight for our rights as Americans an for an honest election. If President Tru creates another party I will be switching

  30. Lee Otta says:

    What a huge waste of time and pure hostility by Democrats.

  31. Jean Trent says:

    It is absolutely against the constitution , it says a sitting President. President Trump was out of office before they went forward. Plosives is about the rules an constitution. They took his words out of context , it only meant you have to fight for our rights as Americans an for an honest election. If President Tru creates another party I will be switching

  32. What would you expect from idiot democrats. None of them have a brain except sen gabbard. She does have common sense. I’m locked and loaded for whenever it’s needed.

  33. Jon Van Scyoc says:

    I think this whole impeachment crap needs to be stopped before you fool’s start a fight you will be terribly sorry for too many people are sick and tired of your shit….

  34. Cfid says:

    I don’t know how they can impeach President Trump when they have already showed that he did nothing wrong. I think they will be in for a big fight if they do. To many people are still with President Trump. They know that they are wrong and wants to keep him away so he won’t bring them down. We the people won’t let them tear America from what is right. And to bring all those illegal immigrants into our country is so wrong!! We can’t even get our people back to work and being able to feed our family. And they should take care of our veterans and their families. People are living in the streets. Our country should come first!! (Always) Support are police and veterans and first responders and the elderly first!! In Gods holly name we trust in him and always will. Amen

  35. WALTER says:


  36. Patricia Mccann says:

    Why is it when you have a president that cares about the people first and the country is strong he goes through hell! We had the best president not saying he said everything right but he put us first LOVE YOU PRESIDENT TRUMP

  37. Imre says:

    Trump WILL start a NEW political party since NOBODY can trust democrats & republicans. Too many RINO’s. Trump WILL have his own media platform since Twitter, Google, Facebook, NY Times, Washington Post, CNN, MSNBC and their COMMUNIST ILK prevent conservatives & republicans from having the same FREE SPEECH that the Constitution guarantees them. Billionaires will NO LONGER control Freedom of Speech when Trump is done. Fraudulent elections will be GONE as well as Dominion voting machines.
    Jack Dorsey, Bezos and Many other rich oligarchs need to move to Caracas so they can see what they did to America. They don’t belong in the America I fought for.

  38. Connie S Leraas says:

    I do believe if the Senate proceeds they need to be indicted on treason. Clearly in violation of the Constitution as written. Guess they do not like their job much nor respect our Founders.

    • Brenda Folk says:

      The Republicans who did not stand with President Trump are already practically done for. If the ones in the Senate vote to carry on with this charade, they are signing the death warrant for the Republican Party. They had better think long and hard and tread lightly !!

  39. John Plews says:

    They better not impeach him in my opion He started nothing this is just a Democrat attempt to keep him from being able to run for anything including President again first they cheat in the election then they are trying to impeach a President who’s term is up if they do impeach him I’ll talk to everyone I know to get the money to impeach all of them they might win President Trumps impeachment battle but they’ll not win the war they’ll be starting with Me anyways they may control the USA but GOD controls the universe and My faith is in him I personally believe that GOD wouldn’t want a bunch of liars in charge of the USA.

  40. Kevin Nicolay says:

    Donald Trump did nothing WRONG,PERIOD. THATS THD DAMNED DEMOFUX PLAYING POLITICS. IF My representatives charge him. Then I sill do all I can to gdt tbrm kicked out of office

  41. Hubert Spence says:

    Biden is Brain Dead, all Demonrats are Brain Dead, Trump.did not do anything to be Impeached for not this time not the first time, but, Sleepy Joe the Rapist Racist Traitor did commit Treason and I want im tried immediately, he will be convicted by his own mouth.

  42. Tim Moore says:

    Here we go again Democrats wasting more time and money,our money instead of doing the job they were sent there to do. Any word in the Impeachment of Joe Bidden? They are all gone crazy are politicians required to have a Psychiatric exam before being sworn in and after each election cycle? I think that would be a good idea, after listening to Maxine Waters and Nancy Pelosi

  43. Silverfox 87 says:

    Trump did not Sen the rioters into the large DC crowd to incite and destroy Federal property, but some organization did. And our FBI and CIA organizations know who was responsible but why are they not arresting the real destroyers?? Their silence appears to be backing the action of the Democrats to impeach our President again for crimes he did not commit. This is pure tragedy!!

    • W. Lane says:

      Hillar Clinton and all her cronies in the email scandal; DOJ, FBI guilty parties who spied on Trump, Flynn, and others; Pelosi,Schumet, Schiff, and other crooked democrats who have tried to throw at a newly sitting Presiden; Pelosi for tearing up President Trump’s speech behind his back on live TV; Biden and his crooked son Hunter for selling us to China and Ukraine are all guilty of treason and should be removed from office and sentenced accordingly. We the American people expect this to happen.

  44. Sck says:

    Trying to impeach President Trump a second time is a disgrace and A slap in the face to all Americans. He did nothing. As has been found, Antifa incited the violence. They were paid by the Harris, Schumer, Pelosi, etc just as they were paid last summer to destroy businesses, federal buildings, police departments, kill people, steal, and basically hurt all conservatives. Who is going to trial for those crimes? Harris paid to get Antifa activists out of jail. What is wrong with these people? The Democrats have planned from day one to destroy President Trump . We cannot allow the rioting, liberal, communist thinking/acting people destroy our country. Please pray to God to help resolve this destruction.

  45. Jim says:

    IF the democraps really want to start Civil War II, they WILL proceed with this 2nd FRAUD SHAM of impeachment. Since the combined members of the democrat party have the intelligence of a root vegetable garden, and they just proved it by Pelosi keeping SWALWELL on the “Intelligence Committee” after he slept with a Chinese SPY, there isn’t a fraction of an ounce of intelligence left in the democrap party. You are impeaching the WRONG person. Pelosi, Schumer, Nadler & SCHITT are the ones to impeach. Get it RIGHT!

  46. Pam says:

    How can you impeach him when he is not a sitting President? I know you’ll find some kind of lie to be able to impeach him. The DEMOCRATIC PARTY IS RUINING THIS COUNTRY IN THE FIRST WEEK OF BIDEN’S presidency. You should be ashamed of yourselves you are not Americans as far as I am concerned.

  47. Rick Clifton says:

    Donald J. Trump did not “incite” a riot at the Capitol. He did not act maliciously or out of character, and there was no criminal intent. That said, Donald J. Trump is not perfect, especially when the cards are stacked against him. Probably, he tried too hard to accomplish too much without much support, in my humble opinion. The ‘wheels’ of government turn slowly.

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