Trump: I Do Everything ‘By the Book’

Former President Donald J. Trump

( – Following the holiday weekend decision by a federal judge ordering a “Special Master” be appointed to examine all the documents and items the FBI seized at former President Donald J. Trump’s home and office at Mar-a-Lago several weeks ago, Trump has issued several new statements today.

Trump’s attorneys argued last week in their court filings with the judge that Trump only had possession of documents he believed were his because of either Executive Privilege or Attorney-Client Privilege. Now today, Trump says he only does things “by the book.”

According to Trump, in two statements today:

All American Patriots know that I always do everything “by the book” and that this Hoax will fail miserably just like the Russia, Russia, Russia Scam, Impeachment Hoax #1, Impeachment Hoax #2, and all other attempts, perpetrated by the same people, to weaponize Law Enforcement against the 45th President, me. We have to rescue our great Country.

Make America Great Again!


Remember, it takes courage and “guts” to fight a totally corrupt Department of “Justice” and the FBI. They are being pushed to do the wrong thing by many sinister outside sources. Until impartiality, wisdom, fairness, and courage are shown by them, our Country can never come back or recover—it will be reduced to being a Third World Nation!

What do you think? What is your opinion? Do you believe former President Donald J. Trump is a man who always does everything “by the book”? Why or why not? Please share your thoughts by emailing [email protected]. Thank you!