Trump Gets Bad Political News?

( – Former President Donald Trump’s image with Republican voters may have been hurt by the Democrat-led criminal charges against him, according to a new public opinion poll.

The new survey by Pew Research Center shows that Trump’s favorability among GOP and pro-GOP voters slumped to 66% in July 2023, down from 75% a year earlier.

At the same time, 32% of Republican and Republican-leaning voters now view Trump unfavorably, up from 24% in July 2022, the poll has found, as cited by The National Review.

Over the three months, Trump was slapped with two indictments – by the US Justice Department for allegedly mishandling classified documents and by Manhattan’s Democrat DA for allegedly bribing a porn actress to cover up an affair.

The new Pew survey established that the former president’s favorability rating with the broader public has remained more or less stable – from 40% in July 2022 to 37% today.

According to the poll, President Joe Biden has had similar favorability figures – 39% of all American voters view him positively today, down from 43% a year ago.

The report notes that the findings of the Pew Survey conducted July 10-16 are similar to other polls from the past few months.

Thus, according to a recent CNN survey, Trump’s support among right-wing voters declined from 53% in May to 47% in June. Yet, he remained the frontrunner in the 2024 GOP race by a wide margin.

More than half of the Republican voters polled by CNN said their view of him wasn’t affected by his behavior but by concerns over his “effectiveness” in case he returned to the White House.

Almost half of them – 45% – said presidential candidates should not be commenting on his indictment for reportedly mishandling secret US government documents.

Another 42%, however, said the rest of the GOP presidential hopefuls should be denouncing Trump’s prosecution as persecution.

According to the CNN poll, almost 60% of American voters think that Trump’s classified documents indictment was enough to disqualify him from running for president, so he should call it quits.

Also, 55%, more than half, thought the former president violated the law by keeping classified papers.