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Trump: Georgia Senate Runoffs ‘Illegal and Invalid’

President Trump on Friday evening tweeted that next week’s Georgia Senate runoff elections are “both illegal and invalid,” even as he has been seeking to convince voters to throw their support behind the GOP senators seeking reelection,” according to The Hill.

Trump began his series of tweets by reiterating his claims of ‘massive corruption which took place in the 2020 Election, which gives us far more votes than is necessary to win all of the Swing States.’

“The president specifically noted a Georgia consent decree that he claimed was “unconstitutional,” which he then claimed made both the two Senate races, as well as his own loss in the Peach State to President-elect Joe Biden, invalid.

“The consent decree refers to a March agreement reached by state Democratic and Republican officials that provided voters an opportunity to fix ballots that contained an alleged mismatch between their signature as it appears on their ballot and a signature election officials have on file.”

Please review President Trump’s tweets (the notations in red were added by Twitter) below and share your thoughts in the comment section on this page. Do you agree or disagree with Trump when he says the Georgia Senate runoff elections are “both illegal and invalid”? Should Georgia citizens boycott the election?


  1. Herb Lashway says:

    If all Americans paid attention there dam sure would be another election and swamp cleaning in Washington! How could you vote for someone you know has been above the law!

  2. G says:

    Yes the whole Nov 3 election was fraudulent which means in my opinion the results for all offices are voided. This should cause another election in March 3 or very soon there after. I suspect given the criminal evidence on the Biden’s it will cause the Democratic Party to come up with a new candidate. Using the same voting machines and mail in ballots expecting a fair election is the definition of stupidity.

  3. Wayne Menger says:

    Trump is right! Dominion voting machines will take out both Republicans, massive fraud again!

  4. Holly Rose says:

    trump is unconstitutional. He’s a sore loser and won’t face the fact he lost. There was NO fraud!!!

  5. diane ehr says:

    I stand with Trump, major voter fraud all over the United States and its all has to do with the corrupt Obama/Biden/Clinton for taking kick backs from china!!

  6. Catherine Hurd says:

    I think that all of them (Biden) need to be extradited over seas to the country, the one which wants them for stealing that countries money. I am not sure but I think it was Afganistan but if they want them for that then send the whole family. They are all in on it and they are thieves just as they are trying to Steal our Elections here. We as Americans all know that the Elections here were rigged and Trump & Pence won the election and the Republicans have won the Senate and House , because they rigged one then they rigged all . Georgia Republican Voters get out the Vote we true Americans Are depending on you all to help us win your state We need you to set aside your anger and get out the votes to win in Georgia too, our President needs for all of us to stand with him and take back our country from the damn Evil CHEATERS , WE Can do it if we all fight with our President and with Our God standing with us too. So we want you to know we are with you in Georgia too. The President is coming there to show he cares about America and all her people. Freedom isn’t free but we sure can make it right if we stand our ground as our fore father did and MAKE IT FREE!!!!

  7. Larry says:

    When Joe says he and his son have done nothing wrong involving China do they mark those tweets as disputed?

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