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Trump Continues To Fight

In a series of tweets, President Donald Trump has made it clear that he intends to keep fighting the Electoral College result to remain President of the United States and stay in the White House.

Additionally, as of this moment, he has vetoed the National Defense Authorization Act, and he had not signed the $2.3 trillion government funding and coronavirus relief package that would fund the government and extend unemployment benefits to the Americans who lost those benefits last night when they expired.

Currently, if nothing changes, the United States government will shut down Monday night at midnight.

Please review the President’s tweets below (the notations about election fraud being disputed were added by Twitter) and share your thoughts in the comment section on this page.


  1. David Harper says:

    Trump the Chump is a bully and has the moral sense of a 10 year old. The sooner he is out of office the better. The comedy of him in the White House is over. He lies , cheats and steals. He is stupid and you can’t fix stupid.

  2. James Hagan says:

    Complainers of what the dam truth ur blind as a bat must be as senial as slow joe. Stand behind fools a fool is what you become.Are u a fool or just blanlanty stupid,Hello!

  3. James Hagan says:

    I love what Mr. President Trump’s doing I believe with no shadow of doubt the corrupt democrats and some of the republican party is surely involved in this it’s time the Patriots in this country stand up and take what’s ours this great country the United States.I stand behind the president with what ever means it takes the cry babies can continue to cry.If no one can see this is the Dems last and only hope to turn this country in to what we have never seen before if people that no not ya better re-evaluate Trump has done more in 4 years than any president I’ve known since I’ve been on this earth.Theres just plain stupid people if Slow Joe got half the votes.I really figured the election would be a landslide in President Trump’s favor. No matter Donald Trump is my president and I will follow to a revolution if that’s what it takes I’m totally sick if this bullshit in Dc it needs taking care of and Mr President ur the only one who can.Im sick of the put ur tail in ur ass crack leaders.Prayers be with you my President God Bless you ur family and our nation!

  4. Becky says:

    IF THE DEMONRATS WOULD QUIT GIVING OUR MONEY AWAY TO COMMUNIST COUNTRIES AND OTHER ONES WHO HATE OUR GUTS then we would NEVER have a government Shutdown. We could use all the money that belongs to THE UNITED STATES CITIZENS and STILL give EVERYONE WHO IS A LEGAL CITIZEN at LEAST $10,000.00 and STILL never have to worry about not having enough money for the USA. WE DONT WANT TO FINANCE FOREIGN COUNTRIES WHO SPIT IN OUR FACES. IT IS OUR MONEY AND WE SHOULD BE THE ONES TO SAY HOW ITS USED. Charity begins at home. If another country needs help then let them figure it out. NOBODY goes out of the way to help the USA. It’s time to LISTEN TO US—AFTER ALL, YOU ARE SUPPOSED TO WORK FOR US—-STOP SUCKING UP to countries who take our money and laugh at how STUPID AND NIAVE OUR COUNTRY IS All they have to do is ask for money and the demonrats and fake republicans start the money machine up. W hen we ask for a dollar answer is SORRY–WE GAVE IT TO THE COMMIES. So, just sit down and shut up. It gets to be pretty disgusting really quick. THIS IS WHY WE NEED OUR REAL PRESIDENT DONALD TRUMP TO COTINUE TO RUN OUR COUNTRY.

  5. F F Tramutola Jr. says:

    If it benefits AMERICA in long run, YES.

  6. Russell Harsch says:

    TRUMP four more years keep up the good fight mr. Trump we will win We the People refuse to live in a socialist country or communist after we take back the presidency we clean the swamp

  7. James says:

    Unbelievable. That we’re even having this conversation. Our so-called representatives need to pull their heads out for a better understanding of the will OF THE PEOPLE. You donate hard earned money to these jerks, give them your sacred vote, and they fail miserably election after election. We do need a “great reset”, just not the one being floated around.

  8. Robert G Morgan says:

    Shut the dam gov down until take all that money they are trying to give away to all those other oountries and not giving people and businesses in the good ole USA.I cant believe the republican congress and senate would pass such a bill as that.nowthink 90% of both houses need cleaning out.We need term limits

  9. Lori says:

    Stay Strong President Trump. Drain the Swamp. We The People will not accept China Joe. We the People need to see some arrests made. Trump supporters have and will continue to Fight anyway we need to. Thanks for having the American peoples back.

  10. James says:

    It’s about time we have a President with balls. Paying other countries when the United States should be taking care of our own people here in the United States. Wake-Up America. Prosperity for all.

  11. Roberta Graff says:

    Fight on President Trump, and do what you have to do to make things right.

  12. Richard Meltz says:

    God bless you Mr.PresidentTrump I pray the disgrace the Democratic party has placed on them selves will find jail cells for them all.I believe in you. R.M

  13. Earline Doty says:

    Stand strong President Trump. We are behind you! If the Republicans don’t take a stand we won’t forget!

  14. Randall says:

    It’s unbelievable how big this coup is,and everyone saying there is not enough evidence of fraud?What the hell.Can anyone tell me why these godless heathens want our country destroyed by these anarchist liberal fools.

    • Jaybo says:

      It’s demonic! It’s all in the bible. Evil and hate runs amuck. We can’t figure out why. Power,greed,liars,murderers.etc… It’s all hear now! And it’s being launched all over the world. Lockdown,starvation, property being taken from us, looks like FBI got a scapegoat to blame for Nashville explosion. Shut down airspace for a bomb in an RV? missile fired into it! Destroy dominion servers stolen votes!

  15. Jack Smith says:

    Stand strong Mr President.Shut it down.The Democrats deserve it.

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