Trump Chalks Up More Wins

Former President Donald J. Trump

( – Former President Donald Trump has scored more wins in the Republican primaries for the 2022 elections as candidates endorsed by him have achieved decisive victories in the states of Wisconsin and Connecticut.

The Trump-endorsed candidate for Governor of Wisconsin, Tim Michels, an owner of a construction company, defeated Rebecca Kleefisch, described as a Republican establishment candidate.

Michels received 47.1% of the votes, Kleefisch, endorsed by former Vice President Mike Pence and a former lieutenant governor, had 42% of the votes, with 98% of the votes counted, The Washington Times reported.

During the Trump administration, Michels’ construction company received a contract to construct the Keystone XL pipeline. However, the project was terminated by President Joe Biden in early 2021.

In Connecticut’s Republican primary for the US Senate, Trump favorite Leora Levy won against moderate Republican Themis Klarides.

With 99% of the vote counted, Levy got the support of 51%. Klarides, a former state House minority leader, received 40%. A third candidate, immigration lawyer Peter Lumaj, got 9%.

Levy was endorsed by Trump a week ago, while Klarides had the backing of the state Republican Party.

On the eve of the election, Trump hosted a tele-rally for the Republican voters in Connecticut, and on the day of the GOP US Senate primary, he delivered a robocall.

“We’re making history here. Thank you, President Trump, for your strong, clear, unequivocal endorsement. I will not let you down,” Levy declared in her victory speech.

During his term, the 45th President of the US nominated her to be the US Ambassador to Chile, but the US Senate never confirmed her. Levy is also a member of the Republican National Committee.

In the November elections, she will be pitted against Democrat US Senator Richard Blumenthal, who will be running for a third six-year term.

Blumenthal is known as an outspoken enemy of Donald Trump, takes pride in never having lost any elections in his 37-year-long political career so far, and boasts a war chest of $8 million.

“Here in Connecticut, Dick Blumenthal is Joe Biden. Dick Blumenthal supported defunding the police,” Trump-endorsed candidate Levy told her supporters.

“[She] will defeat the corrupt Richard Blumenthal in November, and what a victory that will be,” Trump declared in his endorsement for Levy.