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Trump Calls Marjorie Taylor Greene

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-Ga.) said Saturday that she spoke with former President Trump as she faces growing bipartisan criticism over past social media posts in which she expressed support for violence against Democrats,” according to The Hill.

“‘I had a GREAT call with my all time favorite POTUS, President Trump! I’m so grateful for his support and more importantly the people of this country are absolutely 100% loyal to him because he is 100% loyal to the people and America First,’ Greene tweeted [see tweet below].

“A spokesperson for Trump did not offer a comment about the conversation with Greene.

“The call comes as a growing chorus of lawmakers on both sides of the aisle rebukes Greene after internet sleuths and journalists uncovered a trove of social media remarks showing the Georgia Republican indicating support for comments that advocated for the deaths of top Democrats.”

For more on this important story, go to The Hill.

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  1. ee says:

    I stand with Greene……..if anyone needs taken out it is pelosi…… about her …….she has no room to say anything bad about anyone, much less Greene……….I want to see more stand with Greene & get this impeachment underway and then I want to see Huckabee go forward with impeachment on harris…………..

  2. PATTY says:


  3. Norine says:

    I agree with Congresswoman Green with filing the impeachment for Joe Biden.”Fear THE LORD and JUDGE with care, for The LORD our GOD DOES NOT tolerate perverted Justice, partiality,or The TAKING OF BRIBES.” (2 Chronicles 19) I trust and depend on these WORDS-PROMISES of GOD describing that GOD DOES NOT TOLERATE perverted JUSTICE, partiality, or The TAKING of bribes, which All of these evil deeds have been operating in Hunter-Joe Biden-family members money laundering, bribes kickbacks, lies, deceit, Alliances with wicked foreign nations-people and much more works of corruption. Joe publicly announced the firing of the foreign official or he would withhold the enormous amount of 💰 money. I trust and depend on GOD’S HONESTY JUSTICE FAIRNESS TRUTH AND RIGHTEOUSNESS TO continue to expose and destroy these Incredible Evil deeds and ALL who are connected-partnered with the Biden’s. “The LORD gives Righteousness and Justice to ALL who treated UNFAIRLY.” (Psalm 103:6) I send these WORDS of GOD to MANIFEST into these situations of corruption dishonesty! GOD’S Righteousness and Justice is MANIFESTING THROUGHOUT this 2020 Presidential Election, STEALING and CHEATING Ballots voting will not be tolerated by GOD’ SPIRIT. “And those who use trickery to pervert JUSTICE and tell lies to tear down the innocent will be no more.” (Isaiah 29) I loose GOD’S 13 LEGIONS of Warring Angels to protect, shield Marjorie Taylor Green,Pres Trump, Josh Hawley, Jim Jordan, Louie Gohmert, ALL GENUINE-Senators-Congress-Supporters-News Announcers. I decree in JESUS NAME.

  4. Sam says:

    We need many more brave true American patriots like Rep Marjorie Taylor Greene! She’s a true hero! So are Senators Cruz and Hawley. It’s truly disgusting how the communist china funded media pushes the propaganda of the socialist democrats. Maxine Waters and AOC can spout all of the threats and false accusations they want and nothing is done. If any Republican pushes back, they are hit with a barrage of calls for censoring and punishment! This is such a backward country right now! The last straw was to hear that BLM thugs, who have been responsible for destruction of cities and murders for months, have been nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize! We MUST turn this around and take back our country! Rep Greene we all support you! We also need to impeach and remove harris, pelosi and schumer as well! Thank you for your bravery!

  5. Tim says:

    I “highly” support this patriot “Marjorie Taylor Greene” of Rome, Georgia as well as the other Congresswoman from Colorado. Both are above board and not liars like the Communist Democratisch Socialist Party.

    • Robert says:


      Well said! but I especially liked that last line.

      A woman in a retail store who is a Trump supporter had a great idea, to send all of those communists from George Soros, Barry and Hillary all the way down the line to Peter and Lisa to a deserted island with limited amounts of food, water and toilet paper just like one of those survival type shows and take bets on who gets knocked off first.

  6. The trooth fairy says:

    unsubscribe my email from yours

  7. madame x says:

    unsubscribe me from your emails.

  8. Marjorie Greene has the guts and conviction to stand up to the socialist virus that is afflicting our country.

    I would like to offer her my 2 cents. In regards to the delusionally diseased democratic renegade AOC, she will inevitably give the Democrats no other choice but to censor her themselves.

    She purposely antagonizes people into buying her bag of manure. She engages in such rampant accusations that she is basically inviting the recipients of her toxic scorn to step out onto that precarious tree branch.

    AOC is most likely the poster child for a condition that I will call a bipolar sociopath whose irrational emotional mood swings validate any and all devious
    plots to mangle and then destroy any person who dares to have a different opinion than hers.

    So Marjorie, please ignore any temptations to respond or confront her.

    AOC is a miserable ignoramous who has a mouth big enough to swallow the Queen Mary and will be the cause of her own eventual political demise. Even other Democrats are keeping their safe distance from her and I don’t mean a mere 6 feet.

  9. Judy Gray says:

    I stand behind Greene. This is fake news. Greene is not guilty of these smears, it is fake media. This is a shame. I pray she is not intimidated and the conservatives pray for her and stand with against this evil!

  10. Paul says:

    Support the the Patriot Constitution, original, as written without the lawyer interpretation by the Left ,Democrat Communist Party geniuses. GO GREEN…..MARJORIE GREEN.

  11. Ismail Lopez says:

    She’s not supporting or inciting any violence or advocating any deaths of top democrats as u stated in this article!!! Bullshit!! Fake news do u see the big problem here!! U are the problem!!! U the media are the problem!! By promoting! Publishing stinky filthy lies!! That makes h the enemy!! U are the enemy!! Because u are turning us against each other…

  12. Bonnie B Parr says:

    Im on board the Trump train too!

  13. James says:

    Trump Train 2024. Climb Aboard or Get left behind. Choo, Choo.

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