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Trump Blasts Attorney General Barr

President Trump escalated his criticism of Attorney General William Barr on Saturday, calling him “a big disappointment” and raising the prospect of a high-profile shakeup in the waning days of his administration,” according to The Hill.

Trump has railed against Barr’s decision to publicly declare that the Department of Justice (DOJ) found no widespread voter fraud in the election, despite claims made by the president and his allies.

“The president launched a series of fresh broadsides against Barr on Saturday after it became clear that the Supreme Court would not intervene in a challenge by Trump’s allies to overturn the election results.”

For more of this report, please go to The Hill. We’ve posted the President’s tweets about Barr just below.

Please share your thoughts in the comment section on this page. Should President Trump fire Attorney General Barr? If so, why?


  1. John barron says:

    We need to see a dominion voting machine in operation, enter Data and see the results in all modes, televised, where all can see, controlled by leading members of both parties.

    • Kellie says:

      We? We who? Me? No, I don’t. I watched all the hearings in each state. I believe all witnesses because of their sworn affidavits, because of, especially the retired colonel who was extremely knowledgeable with his charts and the inner workings of the dominion machines. Also, the witnesses in each different state spoke of seeing the exact same things. I seriously doubt they had each other’s contact information so they could compare notes before they wrote their affidavits.

      WHO needs to look at ALL affidavits presented along with the machines? Atty. WILLIAM BARR (well if you want to call him an attorney). Like President Trump said “He is MIA”. Grab him by the seat of his pants and throw him in the Potomac.

  2. 3007 Talking Rock Dr says:

    Fired not only Bill BARR but also CIA and FBI Directors. They are all cover up on Biden, Voter FRAUD abusive of power from DEMS!
    They all must be fired asap.

  3. Jennie Steen says:

    President Trump, , has worked so hard for this country, and done a wonderful job, I will never support, or refer to Biden , as leader, and chief . Certainly not President. I will remain faithful first to my Lord , and Savior Jesus Christ, , I will continue to give support to President Donald J

    • G Andersen says:

      Oh yes he’s done a wonderful job! Hasn’t paid the people who put campaign on for him . He stiffed them as usual. He’s run every business into the ground. Plus people gave him over 200,000 for his campaign and he used it to make his hotels better. He’s a crook and a womanizer and lies continuously. And Trump should and will probably end up in jail right alone with Barr!

      • Virginia says:

        G Andersen You are an idiot. Your eyes are blind and you are deaf. Try searching for the TRUTH! He has done many great things for this country. Where have you been??? The lies are all from the Dems and most of the Media. Every evil thing said and done by those people will be exposed and it will all boomerang to THEM! Wake up!

      • Kellie says:

        Are you aware that Pelosi’s husband owns the company who provided the dominion voting machines and tabulators? OK, you can stick your head back in the sand.

    • Kellie says:

      I agree with you. Accepting Joe Biden, to me, would be like accepting the antichrist (that goes especially for Harris) !!!

  4. Bonita Jean Cokel says:

    I’m behind you mr President and they stole this election from you ..In know you would have won if they hadn’t cheated.. You have done a great job.. if you want to fight them I’m behind you as so many others are..

    Merry Christmas and a happy new year to you and your family

  5. No DOJ and no SCOTUS to abide by the Constitution = No USA.
    The Senate and House,BOTH Parties,have always been A disgrace!!
    Soon to be one party. Most likely Biden would have won anyway. We’ll never know now. Half of the country would have been disappointed either way but a fair election would have been an acceptable to all…unless Trump won again. So sad!!

  6. Clifford Lang says:

    I believe Barr has been working for the Democrats from the beginning. And everyone in government is blind to the fact that the election has been the most fraudulently run election that I have heard in my lifetime. I think he has to go and watch how fast his name comes up in the Democratic world.

  7. Allen says:

    I am a Veteran of 22 1/2 years military service. I never Thought I would see the day that I would be totally disgusted In our school system, government officials on both sides Republican and Democrat, the FBI, the DOJ, our court system, Our media and big tech, and now our supreme court. Our democracy in the United States seems to have been lost on November 3, 2020. I truly believe only God can help us now. So at this point I am no longer going to pray for my country and it’s leaders, I’m going to pray that my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ will come and establish his kingdom here on earth as stated in the Bible.

  8. Diane Bonanni says:

    I am so disappointed in the Supreme Court for not taking such an obvious case. You would think they would want to save this country from being run by the corrupt Democratic Party and have a corrupt President, that Biden is, to save this country from future voters fraud and especially from becoming a Socialist country!
    I’m sure there is a case!
    Also, Biden is assigning all of Obama’s cronies to repeat the eight miserable years of having him and his corrupt staff run this country.

  9. Tony Hood says:

    Bill Barr does need to be removed. Thought he was great at handling Congress’ attacks aimed against him, but it you look at it, FBI had the Hunter Biden laptop over a year, cant tell me Barr didn’t know, if he didn’t, needs to be replaced anyway. Then the not enough evidence, does it need to knock his head from under the sand he hides it in? Think Bill Barr is good at covering his own butt, but not so well at rocking the boat on the swamp and doing his job.

    • Eugenia says:

      I agree with all of you! In my personal opinion (I feel I am correct) that Barr was Paid by the Democrats to go against Trump! Must have been an “offer he couldn’t refuse”! He is a disgrace to America! The Supreme court is playing politics also! The Media & the techs are all dishonest! Polos I & Schumer don’t give a damn about us! They stole enough of taxpayers money to provide the lifestyle they enjoy – greed is never enough for them! Socialism is a Death Sentence!! I can attest to that 1000%. This is NOT good!

      • Kellie says:

        Did you know that Pelosi’s husband owns the company that provided the dominion voting machines and tabulators? This election was very well planned out.

  10. Beverly says:

    So true about the Biden’s not to mention Pelosi. It’s one thing to not like president Trump but you cannot dent the good he has done. I personally love this man for his tenacity and the ability to know right from the wrong. I’m moving out of this country if Biden gets in under these circumstances. I’m not against the democrats. I’m an independent voter and choose not to have a party but to vote for the best man/woman but this??? This is soooo wrong. How is everyone missing this??? Biden’s own words was he won by the vote ins. Doesn’t that statement alone state something is fishy n worth investigating???? With everyone supporting the wrong makes me want to move. Corrupt is corrupt…. and I want to know what Biden son did as well as his brother and now we have a coverup. So Biden gets to be president to pardon his son n brother. Really??? WOW!!
    Land of the free and home of the brave turning into land of the controlled and home of the corrupt

    • Barbara G Louise says:

      TRump is obviously a serial (constant) liar, and he set up the “fraud” scam back before the Covid deaths got bad. 3000,000 Americans dead and TRump is responsible for them all. TRump is not a Christian, certainly not “The Second Coming.” Trumpeteers are sick and crazy. Can they be cured ???

      Will the Trumpeteers start a Civil War to try and get the Monster back in office ??? Why can’t they see how mean and abysmally stupid he is?

      TRump’s supporters would rather die of Covid than deny white-supremacy. Sick, sick, sick.

    • Kimberly Stango says:

      Wow! So true!

    • Kellie says:

      Are you aware that Pelosi’s husband owns the company that provided the dominion machines and tabulators used in the November election?

  11. Richard Baldwin says:

    Satan is control of the democrat mob
    Prayer and thought before jumping
    Make every move count
    Your country men are behind you President Trump

  12. Jacque Applegate says:

    You will always be my President! Mr President you have done so much for our America. The Biden (yuck) Presidency will be just like Obamas time. And to be frank , it terrifies me for our country. Look what you have done for the Middle East! NO OTHER PRESIDENT COULD DO WHAT YOU HAVE DONE> No doubt in my mind that God walks with you. You have such a beautiful family. We will always stand beside you! I can remember Obamas adm. My husband had an RV business that he had, had for 22 yrs. and my sister and her husband had a nice home we all lost everything. I could sense how bad our economy was. So my husband and I took off for Florida. We love it. You can live very nicely down here. I have been praying hard for you and your family. God help us all. The vote was stolen from you! And it is so obvious. People. need to wake up. We would secede with you where ever you go. God bless you Mr president! Our family loves you. Except the dumb ones.. Merri Xmas

  13. Del says:


    • Richard Baldwin says:

      When they get on line and threaten to send their soldiers to do their dirty work , how can we trust anything to do with the democrats
      After watching pelosi the last four years , how could anyone vote democrat
      Unless satan has you in his grasp
      Good luck with that
      Pray for Trump and his family and his legal to to prevail

      • Kellie says:

        Did you know that Pelosi’s husband owns the company that provided the dominion voting machines and tabulators used in the November election?

  14. G says:

    Your Director of National Intelligence assessment undoubtedly has to reveal the evidence that supports a National Threat to the USA and declare a National Emergency so the criminal evidence and those involved can be placed squarely in the scope of all Americans.

  15. Mary Goodman says:

    I will NEVER respect a person that says it is ok to kill innocent unborn babies as my president . Mr Joe Biden will go straight to hell and burn eternally with all the other baby murderers .

  16. ginger l tart says:


  17. Barney says:

    Barry should be fired and put in jail ,Barry thinks the swamp will give him a job no they well throw him to the wolf’s he was appointed by Trump .Barry will have to stand before The Lord some day along with the others ,they should enjoy them self’s now because (Hell) gets pretty hot and it last forever

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