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Trump, 17 States Join Texas To Overturn Election

Seventeen states on Wednesday filed a brief with the Supreme Court siding with a Texas lawsuit against four battleground states Joe Biden won — charging that they acted unlawfully by changing their election laws,” according to the New York Post.

President Trump’s campaign also announced that the commander-in-chief was joining the suit, alleging that his “rights as a candidate” were affected by the states’ “failure to follow and enforce state election laws during the 2020 election.”

“Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton filed suit on Tuesday asking the Supreme Court to scrap Biden’s wins in Georgia, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin and delay the appointment of presidential electors in those states so allegations of fraud can be investigated.

“The long-shot suit is the latest last-ditch effort by allies of Trump to overturn the election result before the Electoral College meets Dec. 14 to formally elect the next president.”

Please share your thoughts in the comment section. Do you believe that the four battleground states Joe Biden won may have acted unlawfully by changing their election laws in a deliberate attempt to steal the election?


  1. Beverly says:

    I feel like there is hope now. I just pray that Biden doesn’t get in

  2. Sharon says:

    I most certainly believe the election was full of fraud.! There was no need for mail in votes. The corona virus was an excuse for mail in voting. All voting should have been as established as in the past. To many changing rules which in courage fraud.! President Trump shouldn’t have to be fighting for his rights.
    Wow and behold, the Biden fraud crew will take away our rights and freedom of worship. No guns , no money and no freedom.
    God Bless our country

  3. Michaela Karlova says:

    Of course it was fraud, but so many people are like sheep and watch and believe fake news. There is no more freedom of speech. At work I can’t say I support Trump and when I tried to show evidence to my coworkers and talked about dangers of communism as I escaped from a communist country and lived under that regime they call me conspiracy theorist and shame me. You can’t even say Merry Christmas at my work. This is no longer the free and accepting america that we came to in search of better life and will get worse if President Trump doesn’t continue to run this country. Biden and his corrupt politicians will destroy it completely and promote communist regime. My family and friends still hope that president Trump will win

  4. Mariano Garcia says:

    It only stands to reason to halt the election. How can there be more people voting for Biden/Harris than Trump/Pence? No way! Our votes cannot be done away with. It is clear that the nation wants President Trump for another 4 years. I am very proud of Texas for initiating this lawsuit and for the rest of the states to follow suit. Hang in there Mr. President.

  5. Sherry Courtney says:

    I used to be a democrat. No longer the party of our fathers or of the people. Drunken with lust for power and greed. They can only win by cheating. And they will do anything for power and money and I mean anything! I am ashamed of this party that they would put a mam to lead us who is so mentally challenged that he doesn’t even know what he is doing. He will sell out our country in a heartbeat . How could any wife subject their mentally challenged husband to that??

  6. Margaret Pittman says:

    There should be no question! If states failed ro follow election laws, then their elections should be deemed invalid. There was plenty of time to have followed the procedures in an expedited but legal manner. This is a clear case of election fraud.

  7. William & Angelique Key says:

    Anyone with half a brain can see the fraud that happened in those states. Even if you just look at it this way, the mess only happened in battle ground sates. It didn’t happen in the other states that had less electro votes. That in itself tells you it was a fraud. Our president was ahead in those states until they dumped all those mail in votes that I don’t even believe all were mailed in. I think they had the voter ballots and just filled them in when they wanted to, then put them in the count. The fact that there was no GOP allowed to monitor the votes being counted accept from 15ft or further, and that is beyond belief that anyone could see what they needed to see from that distance. They broke the law and if the supreme court doesn’t do their duty and throw out those votes along with those that came in after hours, it will leave a stain on this country and the system of law for a very long time, possibly forever. God bless our president and we pray that it goes the way it should and get rid of the crazy left. Joe Biden should be in jail along with his son. There are others that should be too.

  8. Nawal Shafik says:

    Yes I feel like it was a lot of fraud need big investigation to the machine and all ballots counting more than one time also you need to check the signature make sure this people citizens in America and check also the date which ballots received after 3 November not suppose to be valid it is crook to put ballots after 3 November and machine stop and second day you feed the machine for Biden to see how much he needs to be winner this is really joke not really vote is scam this not suppose to happen in America people is shame for the country I believe in America it was best country but if this really happen America is not good no more!!
    God please reveal the true we have best a President and all Americans want him to finish the job he started and Thea Democrat cute him short
    I am disappointed I voted for him because he is honest and he works for America people not take any money from foreign country like Biden and his son!!!

  9. Ken g says:

    Funny all other staes were just fine but the Dominion machines acted up???gltches?? They really think we are blind,we can’t allow this to happen in our country we all need to stand up against the corruption or they will destroy our great country,these politicians are dirty they really think we are fools,not me how bout you ???

  10. Cathy f Lee says:

    I am behind all the brave Attorney Generals that stood up for the American voter’s. I give them the highest praise. I am so totally disappointed in the other so called Republucans that are sitting and doing nothing. I so hope Mr. Barr can answer for his lack of investigation’s into Hillary, Obama, and the Bidens.He should have STOPPED the states from changing the laws of the constitution. Paper ballots were illegally sent out, and counting votes for months is not legal either. When are we going to see some ARRESTS, IF THAT WAS A CITIZEN WE WOULD BE IN PRISON. I CONSIDER OBAMA A TRAITOR. BIDEN ALSO.

  11. Sandy says:

    This whole election was a total train wreck. Mail in voting was a disaster as people stressed concern about it before it ever took place. My husband and I are both veterans. Many men and women gave of their time, lives and limbs to protect or freedoms we have today and for what. A crooked election, a democratic party that wants to take our freedoms away, defund the police? I say if you defund the police then every politician that has body guards we the people say defund them also. Fair is fair, we have no protection, you have no protection. They want to take away our right to protect ourselves, already look at the raise in crime. I believe all lives matter not just black lives. How many people alive today had anything to do with slavery? So why take that out on us, try to get along for gosh sakes. I have many negro friends, the color of their skin does not make them different. Their attitudes make them different. Many negroes will state that more negroes kills their own than white people and then blame us why. You want us to respect you then stop looting, burning down businesses that had nothing to do with any of this. Respect has to be earned by your actions not by your wants. The street runs both ways, how about meeting at a half way point and try to get along. We are about to become a country of a communistic government that will rule and control everything you do. Hope you all enjoy your new life. Pray that is all I can say, and they are trying to take that away from us also. Sad so Sad. Wake up people the worst is yet to come and then several will be able to say “I told ya so”. Prayer is all that is maybe going to get us all through this terrible national tragedy.

  12. carol says:

    I am so sick of our crooked politicians. that has just lined their pockets for 20-50 years that i could scream.. Please pray that it hasnt taken over the supreme court of these United states yet GOD help AMERICA We the people can not put up with this any longer, If we want to save out freedom and our country

  13. Maxine S Covington says:

    I believe without a shadow of doubt that the election was stolen from Trump. Those states by changing their rules of election procedure was evidence that there is fraud involved.
    If the Supreme Court doesn’t overturn the election, there is a problem there as well.

  14. Beverly says:

    Obviously this entire thing is fishy. Why do that. Oh yeah corona virus forgot. Let’s blame corona virus for allowing fraud to occur. Why the need to change anything. Why didn’t we just forego the mail in votes period. If you couldn’t go to the poll then so be it. Mail in votes allow for human error for human manipulation etc etc etc. so tired of this obviously this was not a fair election and I feel like this is not the United States What are we becoming? Soooo wrong

  15. Candi Wiley says:

    We are very sad, mad and can not believe Trump did not win
    We believe there is widespread unlawful actions that caused his President to be cut short.

    BE AWARE, you think our country is in bad shape now. You just wait!
    The government will be funding everything for EVERY person that does NOT work. OUR MONEY to pay for ABORTIONS, WELFARE, TAXES OUT THE WAHOO.

  16. Frances Messer says:

    Yes I feel sure there was fraud involved had to be whole thing was phoned.

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