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Top Democrat Betrays Biden

( – Rep. Abigail Spanberger slammed President Joe Biden after he compromised many Democratic elections due to his actions in office. Many other Democrats are furious over the current state of their reelection prospects as Republicans are poised to take the majority. The Democrat stated that the part is headed for a “bruising” regarding the 2022 midterms.

Many Democrats have stated that the actions President Joe Biden has taken while he has been in office have led the party in the wrong direction, which in turn has had a negative effect in the state elections such as Virginia, Texas, New York, and New Jersey. Spanberger stated that Biden has not been able to get voter support on Democratic programs and bills that are at a stalemate in Congress.

Spanberger added that all Democrats are focusing on is the coronavirus pandemic and climate change while ignoring all other issues affecting Americans across the country. She said that Biden refuses to answer other American problems such as the workforce or inflation that is hurting the economy. She said that Democrats and the president need to take these other problems seriously as it is negatively impacting the nation.

Biden has his work cut out for him. Democrats are starting to realize that their party is not focusing on many American issues while only focusing on issues that they deem worthy of their time. Spanberger stated that Republicans cannot get away with winning these midterm elections as it will ruin many of the plans that Democrats have put in place over recent years.

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