This Black Man Could End Biden’s Presidency

Cornel West

( – Joe Biden’s reelection prospects might be in trouble for no other reason than the candidacy of a black man, Cornel West of the Green Party, as a third-party candidate, predicts a report quoting political strategists.

While much of the recent public attention on the possibility of a 2024 third-party presidential candidacy has focused on Robert F. Kennedy Jr., the Green Party’s Cornel West might be a much more formidable opponent to incumbent Joe Biden, The Daily Caller writes.

According to the report, as RFK Jr. is expected to quit the race for the 2024 Democratic nomination, both right and left strategists are “more concerned” with West as a third-party candidate because of the latter’s ideological vigor and campaign infrastructure.

Cornel West, characterized as a “prominent left-wing academic and philosophical writer,” declared his candidacy on behalf of the Green Party on June 5.

His campaign promises include total student debt forgiveness, “Medicare for All,” the destruction of Big Tech, setting term limits for Congress members, holding elections through “hand-counted paper ballots,” and killing off NATO, the US-led military alliance of Western nations.

“Cornel West is a much bigger threat [to Biden] than RFK Jr. largely because black voters are the biggest part of the Democratic base and have been for years, particularly black women,” comments Republican political consultant Mark Weaver.

“A black candidate is naturally going to pull more black votes than a White candidate like RFK Jr.,” he warns.

Another GOP consultant, MWR Strategies president Mike McKenna, points out that Cornel West might not have the same name recognition as Robert Kennedy Jr., but the former’s organization might be more important in the 2024 election.

“The real third-party threat in this race is not RFK Jr. The real third-party threat is the Green Party,” McKenna says, adding the Green Party candidate hurt Hillary Clinton in 2016.

Brand Bannon, a Democratic strategist, says Biden’s campaign will likely feature ads with Kennedy family members to counter RFK’s candidacy.

“I just don’t see where RFK Jr’s support comes from as an independent… Cornel West obviously has a base, a small base,” he adds.

Kentucky GOP adviser Scott Jennings forecasts that West will lure enough leftist voters to cause problems for the incumbent.

“Plenty of progressives live around places like, say, Madison, Wisconsin, who would love to vote for Cornel West and stick it to the establishment,” Jennings predicts.