They’re Dropping Like Flies

U.S. Rep. Kathleen Rice (D-NY)

( – Anyone who has closely followed American politics for more than one election cycle knows that when a political party knows it is facing heavy electoral losses in the next election, many of that party’s members do not seek re-election instead of being defeated.

That is why anyone paying attention has noticed that elected Democrats are currently dropping like flies. They’re announcing in droves that they won’t seek re-election in the 2022 Election instead of facing an angry electorate chomping at the bit for a chance to kick them to the curb.

Today, the 30th – 30th! – Democrat currently serving in the United States House of Representatives announced she will not seek re-election.

As the New York Post reports:

“New York Rep. Kathleen Rice announced Tuesday she will not seek re-election to Congress, marking the 30th Democratic departure from the House headed into the 2022 midterm elections…

“Other recent retirement announcements include Reps. Jim Langevin of Rhode Island, Jerry McNerney of California and Bobby Rush of Illinois.

“In total, 30 House Democrats have said they will not run for re-election…

“Only 13 Republicans have also said they will not contest their seats later this year. The GOP will need to pick up a net of six seats to regain the majority in the House.”

The writing is on the wall. With a bit less than nine months until election day, 30 Democrats have already pulled the plug. And, it’s a safe bet if the polling numbers for President Joe Biden, Vice President Kamala Harris, and the Democrat Party continue to deteriorate, there will be many more Democrats who suddenly get the urge to retire from Congress.

What do you think? Do you think all these Democrats are announcing they won’t seek re-election because they know the GOP will win back the House and the Senate in November? Please email [email protected] and share your opinion.