The Worst VP In History?

Flag of the Vice President

( – Vice President Kamala Harris has registered the lowest approval rating ever for any person in her job, according to a new poll by NBC News.

Harris’s performance as vice president of the United States is approved by only 32% of registered voters, the survey found.

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At the same time, 49% of registered voters hold a negative view of her, including 39% with a “very negative” opinion.

This leaves Joe Biden’s second-in-command with a net-negative rating of -17 percentage points, which is “the lowest for any vice president in the poll’s history,” i.e., since the 1990s.

Former Vice President Mike Pence’s lowest rating in the same poll, which occurred in October 2019, was -4 percentage points (34% positive, 38% negative).

Joe Biden’s lowest rating as vice president was set in December 2010, at +1 percentage point (34% positive, 33% negative).

Dick Cheney’s lowest rating was in May 2003, at +23 percentage points (47% positive, 24% negative).

Al Gore’s lowest occurred in March 1995, at +15 percentage points (42% positive, 27% negative).

The NBC poll also found that President Joe Biden had a net-negative approval rating of -10 percentage points – after 43% of registered voters said they approved of his job performance, and 53% said they disapproved.

The NBC News survey was held among 1,000 registered voters in June 2023.

“The Biden administration has made efforts to shore up Harris’s favorability among voters by prominently displaying her on the reelection campaign website and having her focus on issues that are popular with the party’s base, including infrastructure and abortion,” points out a commentary by The Daily Caller.

The commentary notes that, despite Kamala Harris’ low favorability rating, most Democratic Party voters say they would be “comfortable” with the possibility of her taking over the White House from Joe Biden if he couldn’t finish a hypothetic second term.

This is according to a new poll by USA Today and Suffolk.

President Joe Biden, 80, announced he was running for reelection with a campaign video unveiled at the end of April.

He would be almost 82 during the 2024 presidential election and 86 at the end of a hypothetical second White House term.