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The Final Trump Pardons

Overnight, President Donald Trump issued the final presidential pardons of his presidency. The most notable name on the pardon list is Trump’s former top campaign aide and White House strategist, Steve Bannon. Bannon was arrested for an alleged scam where he pocketed the private donations he had solicited to build a border wall with Mexico.

The majority of pardons went to individuals who had committed financial fraud or corruption.

For the complete list of pardons and commutations, click >>> HERE.

Please share your thoughts about President Trump’s pardons in the comment section on this page. Are there any you strongly agree with? Are there any that trouble you?


  1. Diana Johnson says:

    Hillary is jealous and an idiot!

  2. Maritime Maggie says:

    Too bad he did not get around to pardoning Julien Assange. Many believe there is going to be a heavy price to pay for persecuting that important man when certain ‘evidence’ comes to light. Folks say: ‘he was only doing God’s work’.

  3. COL says:

    Forgive Holly Rose as he/she knows nothing about what he/she writes.You have to pity these people that walk around in a fog with their heads shouldn’t be.

  4. Ted says:

    Good luck to President Trump.

  5. Holly Rose says:

    The one that is going to need to be pardoned is trump himself. He is the biggest criminal in the world as my sister has informed me. She said that he destroyed our economy and no one in the world likes him (other heads of state). Won’t raise taxes so that govt can function, homelessness mushroomed, wasted tax payers’ money on that useless wall, took us off the Paris accords and won’t recognize global warming, started many riots in the cities, fought with congressmen, is a mysogynist and a racist. Not only that he is a very selfish, egotistical, arrogant and bellicose. He almost started war with China, Russia and North Korea. He’s deep in with Epstein and the sex ring. trump was a terrible president and has bad character. He is a megalomaniac and thank goodness the military is against him and DID NOT grant trump the pomp and ceremonious send off he wanted. As my sister has said that trump will burn in hell. I truly hope Biden DOES NOT pardon trump. Just you wait the law will be going after him for embezzlement as he has robbed the American people before and during his presidency. Thank goodness the American people voted for Biden. Without Biden, America would be lost. trump may you rot in hell eternally!

    • Anon says:

      Holly Rose:FYI American citizens DID NOT VOTE for Biden. In addition to illegals felony, fraudulent votes, mail-in fraud, erasures on ballots giving the vote to rapist, corrupt Biden, and the list of fraud goes on and on. If you &?your sister only watch CNN, MSNBC, read NYT, WP & other left leaning communist news, you’ll never know what REALLY happened., you’re totally ignorant of the FACTS.
      I dare you to think for yourself!

    • Susan Hazelwood-Hensel says:

      your sister is wrong we all love him 80 million of us

      • Robert Chiarello says:

        Actually closer to 120 million strong. Millions of votes switched by computer program from Trump to Biden. Your children will be talking Chinese in no time. Wake up, seek out the truth and come alive in CNN, MSNBC, CBS, ABC, nbc all programed together. Read Mark Levin book unfreedom of the press.

    • Ginette says:

      Let’s see what you have to say in four years.

    • Ginette says:

      Isn’t he6re the one who served with his family and didn’t take a salary???

    • Elouise says:

      Girl get your head out of your A..hole. Do some research yourself. Your sister sounds like a steeple

  6. Jim Griffin says:

    The list of pardoned individuals has been removed.

  7. Michel Cromwell says:

    If that TRAITOR OBASTURD could release murdering jihadis from Gitmo, set up training camps for ISIS jihadis in US states…personally I am grateful for anyone President Trump has pardoned. I do wish Julian Assange would have been pardoned, considering we wouldn’t know about A LOT of the DemonRat, RINO, and Obasturd or Butcher of Benghazi’s filthy traitorous corruption had it not been for Wikileaks!

    Harris and Biden, two of the most vicious, most corrupt LIARS! I will never trust anything from this incoming FRAUD administration! Tha5 moron Biden calling killing babies a “Constitutional RIGHT” shows just what a POS moronic fraud he is! PedoJoe is nasty to his rotten core. Obasturd said Biden could go ‘deep’ with ice cream. In pedo language, that’s male prostitutes. Biden is an utter disgrace who has done NOTHING in 48 years but fill his pockets and those of his family with OUR OVER-TAXED DOLLARS!!! If the B*tch Pelosi knew we had $700 BILLION to send to other countries, but only offered Americans a lousy $600, you KNOW we’re being betrayed. Why wouldn’t these TRAITOROUS LEFTARDS use that $700B to help the companies THEY DESTROYED WITH THE FAKE PLANDEMIC??? The goal is to completely destroy America and all other sovereign nations and place them under the tyrannical rule of the NWO One World Government!

    • Dianna Wolcott says:

      some of these are so funny. but if spoken civilly, no problem,we can all agree on the fact we have the right to think as we want.

    • Robert Chiarello says:

      There has to be a way we the people can protest giving all that money to Pakistan and Sudan and vietnam, and not to the small American businesses destroyed. You are absolutely correct. They only do that so the crooked politicians can go overseas collect their kickbacks. No audits, no accounting, all cash, no record, just like billions, repeat, Billions sent to Iran by Obama and John Kerry. Did they make any stops along the way ??!!!

      • Dusty says:

        Demonic party have been stealing from taxpayers long enough, it doesn’t bother their conscience they are destroying lives. Starting with defenseless innocent souls.

  8. Vivienne Huffman says:

    Its my birday today but a very sad one as president Trump departs the Whitehouse pray for our Country patriots as we sure are going to need it with this radical left presidency the new CCP ADMINISTRATION MAY GOD HELP US

    • Michel C. says:

      🎂🍰 While it is a sad, rather heartbreaking day, I wish you a Happier Birthday and hope you find some joy with friends and family.

  9. Robin says:

    I am so glad to see Steve Bannon has been pardon. He is a real American and will always be true to the people.
    Our President’s… President Trump will be back.

  10. Sharon Seckinger says:

    Awesome man, Awesome President. He will be sorely missed by myself and 80m more American Patriots. Those that voted for Biden…I don’t want to hear YOU COMPLAINING & CRYING about our economy, TAXES, our jobs lost to illegal aliens, fraud in Washington, our foreign policies demolished. After 4 years, You will gladly welcome him back in Washington to clean up the MESS THAT BIDEN & HARRIS Will create.
    I support his decision on those he pardoned, especially Steve Bannon. Steve has served his country and is now a Great Voice for all of us Trump supporters on Americas Voice News. Thank God for Steve! GOD BLESS AMERICA!!!

    • C Smith says:

      I got to read the pardons before noon today, then at 1 pm I went back to check for a name I didn’t see and it’s already removed. They really couldn’t wait for President Trump to leave. I wonder when all of the rats will leave, it’s a sinking ship now.

  11. charles hall says:

    President Trump has shown compassion in his pardons/commutations. he has shown how he always was a caring leader. I am proud to say I support my President Donald Trump

    • Michel C. says:

      Me too. Truly sad to see the first president in my 68 years actually fulfilling Campaign promises. Can only imagine how much more he would have accomplished had he not been surrounded by traitors and betrayors.

      The LIAR VP was just sworn in…makes me want to vomit.

      • Anon says:

        So true Michel C: it’s actually miraculous that our Pres. Trump accomplished much of his campaign promises! It would’ve been absolutely wonderful for our country & the world had the Democrats been able to overcome their vindictiveness & worked w/POTUS to MAGA & do their job of serving “we, the people!” God has a plan, it’s being laid out before us. Maranatha!

  12. Jacque Johns says:

    No President Trump did what he wanted to do And i stand by his decision.

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