Terror Threat Has ‘Increased Enormously’

(DCWatchdog.com) – Attorney General Merrick Garland recently expressed that he has been “worried” as the terror threat has increased enormously in the U.S. since Hamas attacked Israel on October 7.

“I am worried about the possibility of a terrorist attack in the country after October 7,” Garland told the House Judiciary Committee during a hearing on the Department of Justice’s (DOJ) oversight.

“The threat level has gone up enormously. Every morning, we worry about this question. We try to track anyone who might be trying to hurt the country,” he asserted.

Garland added that stopping such an attack is “a major priority for the Justice Department.”

The AG also underscored that the entire DOJ remained vigilant in the efforts to identify and respond to hate crimes, threats of violence, or related incidents, with particular attention to threats to faith communities.

Moreover, Garland was not the only one in the U.S. intelligence community to speak out about the threat of terrorism in the U.S.

In December, FBI Director Christopher Wray told the Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs that terror threats had been hitting record levels.

He stressed during that hearing that he had “never seen a time where all the threats or so many of the threats are elevated, all at exactly the same time.”

When Senator Lindsey Graham asked if he saw “blinking red lights” like those before 9/11, Wray replied, “I see blinking lights everywhere I turn.”

Wray told the committee, “Given the steady drumbeat of calls for attacks by foreign terrorist organizations since October 7, we’re working around the clock to identify and disrupt potential attacks by those inspired by Hamas’s horrific terrorist attacks in Israel.”

In an April interview with NBC News’s Lester Holt, Wray reiterated that the FBI is closely watching potential terrorist threats against the U.S.

“We are increasingly concerned [about] the potential for some kind of coordinated attack here in the homeland,” Wray said.

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