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Ted Cruz to Unemployed: ‘Get a Job’

Apparently, like millions of conservatives, Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) has little sympathy for the unemployed in America – especially at a time when more than 10 million jobs across the country are unfilled.


“Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) reacted to news of millions of Americans losing their unemployment benefits over the weekend by suggesting out-of-work people should ‘get a job,'” according to The Hill.

“In a tweet sent late Monday night, Cruz shared with his followers a headline from The Associated Press reading “Jobless Americans have few options as benefits expire.”

“‘Um, get a job?’ Cruz commented. ‘There are millions of vacancies, and small businesses across the Nation are desperate for workers.’ [emphasis added]

“The emergency federal jobless benefits ended on Labor Day, while another 3 million people will lose their additional $300 boost to state unemployment benefits barring government intervention, The Hill previously reported.”

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