Teachers Union Wants ‘Mother’ Changed to ‘Birthing Parent’

NEA President Rebecca Pringle

(DCWatchdog.com) – In the latest example of the left in the United States of America attempting to remove all traditional terminology when identifying men and women, the National Education Association wants the traditional term “mother” replaced with “birthing parent.”

As Fox News recounts in “National Education Association teachers union proposes resolution to change ‘mother’ to ‘birthing parent’”:

“The National Education Association proposed a resolution that would change the word “mother” in contracts to “birthing parent” for the purpose of being inclusive to the LGBTQIA+ community

“‘Using this contract language, members need not worry about how a Board of Education/solicitor defines ‘maternity leave,’ ‘mother,’ and/or ‘father’; the language is an inclusive reflection of how LGBTQIA+ members build families,’ the proposed resolution said.” [emphasis added]

As Fox notes, the proposal is receiving commonsense pushback from the right.

“Tiffany Justice of Moms for Liberty told Fox News Digital that she is now calling the NEA the “K-12 Cartel” because they are holding parents and children hostage to a radical agenda.

“‘We believe in American teachers, and we don’t believe that the lack of focus that the union has on children is represented,’ she said.

“‘Normal people don’t use the term chestfeeding or birthing person or any of this stuff,’ Nicole Neily of Parents Defending Education said. ‘I think it just further underscores how completely out of touch the teachers’ unions… are from the concerns of normal parents.’” [emphasis added]

It is not yet known if the proposal has passed.

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