Swing Voters’ Shocking Message

(DCWatchdog.com) – Pennsylvania swing voters shared their perspectives on a potential rematch between former President Trump and Joe Biden in an interview with NBC’s “Meet the Press” host Kristen Welker.

While some expressed a lack of enthusiasm for either candidate, many still voiced their preference for the current President.

One voter described their emotion as “depression” when considering the possibility of a rematch, and they expressed a sense of a “leadership vacuum” across the board.

Another voter, Al Brown, voiced concerns about Biden’s age, suggesting he may be approaching senility.

Despite these concerns, Brown affirmed his commitment to American democracy and said that, even though he is a Republican, he would vote for Biden even if he were dead.

Samantha Cieslinski, another voter, admitted to having voted for Trump in the last election but expressed reservations about choosing between the two candidates in a rematch.

She mentioned her moral compass, concerns about the chaos during Trump’s tenure, and the possibility of sitting out on election day.

The voters consistently conveyed their lack of enthusiasm for either candidate.

A June poll showed a close race between Trump and Biden among registered voters in Pennsylvania, with Trump at 47% and Biden at 46%.

However, poll results on their potential rematch have varied, with one poll in September showing Trump ahead of Biden by 10 points.