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Supreme Court Sides With Biden on Border Wall

BREAKING NOW: The Supreme Court, in a victory for the Biden administration that will anger many Trump supporters, has halted proceedings involving former President Donald Trump’s border wall and an immigration policy.


The Supreme Court on Wednesday canceled two upcoming hearings on the border wall and another Trump administration immigration policy, granting the Biden team’s request for the matters to be shelved for now,” according to The Washington Times.

At issue were the funding the last administration used to construct some of the wall, and the so-called “Remain in Mexico” policy that allowed border agents to push some illegal immigrants back into Mexico to wait for their immigration hearings in the U.S. … [emphasis added]

In both instances, the Trump team had lost in the lower courts but judges had allowed the policies to remain active while the cases were being argued through appeals.”

This is a developing story and will be updated as needed…

Please share your opinion in the comment section. Do you prefer the border and immigration policies of former President Trump or Joe Biden?


  1. Susan Staley says:

    John Roberts is a RINO, I never have trusted him, WHY would this idiot want an alternate America or a crime ridden America for his children. He will for centuries go down in history as a crook and a cheat. Who in the world would want this in there future legacy as the most corrupt JUSTICE RAT IN THIS CENTURY. HE HAS NO THOUGHT PATTERN. HE NEEDS TO GO. His hatred or whatever it is should not be tolerated at this level. He should not be biased in any way but he is, that is not right for the position he holds, lifetime or not, get him out.

    • G Man says:

      Rino (Replubicans in name only), or Dino Democrats in name only) it doesn’t matter. They are all the same. I have voted in both parties and for Ross Perot as well when he ran as an independent. He abandoned us at the end. The politicians of today abandon us anytime they want to. They let rioters burn our cities and take over Police stations in the west, but do not care about us suffering in our economy or our cities from violence. They do this to satisfy their own agenda, not us as Americans. Just like gun control, people don’t kill with AR 15 auto weapons, except a few of them at times. The average murder is committed by gang kicking and fisting at people in attacks and using knives with intent to kill. Do you want gang violence in your neighborhood? I don’t. That is why I moved away from Texas. I saw many of my friends, and relatives die from gang violence attack killings while growing up. Am Hispanic.
      These gangs from the Central American area are in many cases already trained hardened killers as we have taught them ourselves in the wars we caused there. That is what destroyed an already weak society and economic country status. These politicians do not really care about us or them as people. They want their vote if/when they make them citizens. Nor do they care what happens to us as a country. Sure I know about the border and how the migrants are coming into this country. They do not need to come in through the Southern Border to get here. If they want to come in, they will get here like they do weekly through sailing from Cuba on boats into Miami, or Key West, FL. The point of the wall is not to stop the people from immigrating into this country. We just need to control their entry. We need to know who they are and if they are bringing in contraband, weapons, bazookas to attack us, gang members, abusing of children or women trafficking, or killing drugs such as fentanyl and cocaine. We need to control and vet all who come into this country. Border Enforcement and the Wall facilitate that.

  2. Mary M says:

    Not one of the Justices has any idea what is going on live at the southern border. Why is that?

  3. Al G. says:

    These people, even though they are good workers, many are actually uneducated in good morals of behavior. They like to do drugs and drink, not all of them, but some of the bad ones especially the gang members that could commit bad crimes after intoxication. It may not be their fault, it could be their lack of good education. It could possibly become difficult for us in this country to educate them as having proper grown-up non-criminal morals at an adult age. Educating them would also be costly. According to Psychological Science, a child forms a conscience at the age of three. That child learns from their parenting values in growing up. When these people come in illegally, it is because they don’t care to follow rules or laws. We need to protect our US citizens, not just the members of Congress with their fence already installed and completed to protect themselves. We need the Border to our South protected. Write your Congress people and tell them to honor President Trumps border fencing. We have spent a lot of money putting up those walls, I ask that we finish building it. It is our money the Congress will just throw away by bringing down our newest wall now installed.

    • John Walburger says:

      This wall should be built and remain as our Border after all we paid for it and tearing it down now would just be a waste of money that the Governent dont have

  4. Rick says:

    It’s to bad that the Supreme Court doesn’t have the heart and soul of a true American. How can they just completely drop something so vital to our country. Any sane law abiding American can see the impending disaster we are facing because of illegal migration. Wake up before it’s too late!!! God Bless America, we sure need all the help we can get!!

  5. H M Hargrove says:

    Roberts has been a consistent sellout to the Constitution by refusing to take up one of the most important cases in American history (the TX v PA case). It’s no surprise he places more importance on his beltway cocktail party invitations than the welfare of the (actual) American people and the Constitution.

  6. Holly Rose says:

    In all fairness the wall should be taken down completely and the border patrol be disbanded on the southern border. This whole wall and border patrol business is being ever so unfair to the migrants. We are treating them like criminals which they aren’t. Why are Americans so against this? My sister lives in LA and is good with this.

    • Jaybo says:

      Holly Thornburg. Your sister lives in L.A. so she doesn’t have to hear your commie bullshit you dope!

    • Judy says:

      I am sick and tire of paying for everyone else through my taxes. I will be 76 this year and I can’t afford a vacation, a trip to Michigan to see my children and grandchildren. Why should we as Americans pay for everyone else. We send all this money overseas and pay for illegals and the problem with all of this is, we have children in America that are starving and have no place to sleep. Take a look at our vets what a shame it is on ou government not to being care of our vets.

  7. Gail Harrison says:

    So the Democrats want to tear down the wall keeping illegals out of our country but they want to build a wall around the captitol building to protect themselves. What great values!!! They need to go live in a third world country and get a real education in life.

  8. Robert mFrojd says:

    Once again the supreme
    court proves they are communist sympathizers. Trump and our military will have to take care of the situation. Along with the Mexican military.

  9. Gregger says:

    Another nail in the coffin of our beautiful democratic republic, driven by Bejing Biden.

  10. Dick says:

    Argentina . . . here we come!! But bigger and worse!

  11. Holly Rose says:

    It takes a Democratic President Biden to do the right thing. Finally there is justice for Americans!

    • Glenda Pollard says:

      what Americans, these ppl are illigals that are going to cost us soooo much including feeding them, overcrowding our schools, medical, housing. let them come legally.

    • Mary Gaskill says:

      Holly Rose–Doing the right thing for whom?–Not for others who are waiting to be admitted legally nor for Texans or Arizonians who have to deal with the onslaughts of incoming people who may have various diseases or may be criminals. When you as an individual are willing to accept responsibility for a large group of illegals living next door to you, then your comments will be meaningful.

      • Karl Meyers says:

        They only have 1.5 miles left and all of the materials are already paid for and on site. This to me is a very corrupt democratic party that should be shut down and removed from American soil. President Trump is a hero for putting up this wall to keep out criminals and not just from Mexico but all over the world. Why have a border patrol if they want to just let anyone in? They are called illegal aliens because they are not Americans. They can come here legally like my grandfather did. He did not sneak in illegally. He gladly learned English and became an American citizen.

      • Rogette Branam says:

        The wall needs to. Be built. We are having hard time with Co vid now. We don’t need more spread of it or possibly another strain. Nothing fair or honest about this new administration. The pipeline decision to stop was stupid. No longer energy free for us.

    • Connie Anne Glynn says:

      Pretty obvious you don’t live near the border, I do. This is a complete disaster and so will Puppet Biden’s presidency be. When Kamala takes over, it will get even worse. Keep your eyes on Jesus people, the worst is yet to come.

  12. Imre says:

    Follow the Chinese on this one folks. Their wall has lasted over 2,000 years and still counting. Their illegal problem vanished. They didn’t pay a nickel supporting millions of illegals like dumbocraps are doing. I’m tired of paying to support gang members and freeloaders who come for all the FREE CRAP that America’s dumbocraps dish out just to keep getting those new votes. IF dumocraps stopped giving the FREE CRAP, they wouldn’t grow their ranks at all. Now they figure if they make Washington DC & Puerto Rico states, they will have their power forever in Congress with more members of Congress who are IDIOT dumbocraps. The forefathers didn’t plan on that. IF republicans tried the same crap, all HELL would break loose. Time to disband & outlaw the dumbocrap party.

    • C Ballard says:

      Complete the wall!!! Keep American’s safe and employed!!! I just came across a video that all Americans should watch Planet Lockdown…by Catherine Austin Fitts…Jan. 2020, she lines it out very very well what’s happening…and she also lines out the solution and guess what?.. “we the people” are the solution to stop this insanity!!!

  13. Marquetta says:

    The border wall should be completed, the democrats are so afraid they built a wall around the Capitol but it is alright to let all the illegals in the USA to take our jobs and attack the law abiding citizens but their lazy
    Butts need protected from the Citizens of our own country nothing but a bunch of fearful people who want to dictate to the Americans!!!!!

  14. ee says:

    TRUMP………….biden nothing………..

  15. Gary says:

    Keep building the wall!!!!!

  16. paul says:

    america loses again i guess the deep state controls everything in america america is dead

    • HondoCB says:

      Americans (the Conservative voters): Who said the “Supreme”
      Court was not political ? Just look at the leftist votes by “roberts”. Consider him a long-time ago demoncrat “mole” who did not show his true colors when in the “confirmation hearings”.

  17. PATTY says:


  18. DeeJay says:

    God Help us All, We need you more now then ever before!

  19. MBElam says:

    I find it terribly disheartening that our administration cannot understand the necessity of securing our borders. We need to focus on our many internal problems as a nation without the distraction of so many outsiders trying to sneak in causing more confusion to say the least. Illegal Supports Illegal.

    • Susan says:

      The Liberals do not want to take care of the United States or its citizens. THEY ARE OUT TO DESTROY THE USA, CONTROL EVERYONE WHO LIVES HERE (ESPECIALLY THE LEGAL CITIZENS, AND DECIDE WHETHER WE LIVE OR DIE. I am convinced that anyone who speaks or go against them in any other way may as well say our goodbyes if there is anyone left to say goodbye to. It makes me so sick that the Biden voters bought all the propaganda presented by Biden/Harris. The Liberals own us and we can do nothing about it. They now control everything. I hope you idiots who voted for Biden are happy. You, and only you, did this to us. I am up there in years so probably won’t see the worst of it, but our children, grandchildren, and other young people will live in Hell.

  20. Patriot says:

    Dumbomcates are crazy with in matter of days they destroyed two of my son’s companies major contracts the keystone pipeline and the border wall. When are we as American people going too take a stand after we have nothing to stand on?

    • Susan says:

      I agree 100%. Thee Conservatives who are still with us need to do something and it better be done NOW!!!! Please don’t let us down. We need to see action NOW, or we can only assume you don’t care either.

  21. Sam says:

    There is just too much money in Communist China’s deep pockets! They have blanketed all of DC, the FBI, the DemocRats, all of the rinos, and unfortunately our supreme court and other courts with unlimited funds to buy their alliance and they are all working for china and not what’s good for America! That is obvious by the executive orders that their dictator puppet has been signing. All have a direct goal to destroy our border, American jobs, and national security! That’s why all of the life-long politicians are so wealthy! We must stand up and fight them, like brave Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene is doing and like our great President Trump! WE MUST CLEAN UP THE SWAMP AND TAKE BACK AMERICA BEFORE BIDEN PUTS US TOTALLY UNDER THE POWER OF COMMUNIST CHINA!

  22. Jeff says:

    As I’ve said before the 524 “elected” officials do whatever they want. There is no Department of Justice or Supreme Court for the “Common” American. You’ll only get help if your an illegal alien or have contributed more than a million dollars to the “elected” favorite “Charity”. And I’m pretty sure everyone knows what the Clinton Foundation does or the 150 billions given to the Biden’s by the Chinese government…..

  23. Debra says:

    WHAT IS WRONG WITH PEOPLE WHO CLAIM THAT THEY ARE AMERICANS??? How can people believe that ILLEGAL people have the right to come in to the UNITED STATES ILLEGALLY!!!!! THIS is AMERICANS’ HOUSE, if you want to come in KNOCK ON THE DOOR AND COME IN LEGALLY!! ( with knowing that you will find help, BUT you will also need to take care of yourself) THE SUPREME COURT, WOW!!!! Since when do they NOT (at least) listen to a case when it is so important?!! They ARE suppose to be the NEUTRAL Party!!! How can you be neutral and NOT even listen to an IMPORTANT case??!! Time for a whole lot of changes!!!!

    • Barbara G Louise says:

      The USA does have laws offering help to people running from violence in their own countries, laws which TRump and ICE ignored.

      America is a country built on the talents of immigrants, not all of them white.

      • Jim Drueppel says:

        Yes we do have asylum laws, but those have legal processes that should be followed just like any other lawful entry into the country. Interesting point though. The way this country is going, we may need to research other countries that will offer us asylum.

    • Judy Robery says:

      What’s wrong with our Supreme Court? Where are the judges Trump supported? Can’t they see what Biden is up to, that he’s doing this out of his hatred for Trump?

  24. C says:

    The United States as we’ve known it is gone deep into the socialist/Marxist/cwhacko abyss. We are done for.!!

    • We are truly done for. Four dark years and you will not recognize this country. Open the country to every problem in the world. The future will be dismal and that is the good news. Criminals will be free to do as they choose without any enforcement of laws. Lock and load America, it is your only hope!

  25. sharon francis says:

    Im sure many Americans are quickly losing respect for the Supreme Court as well as myself. Your job is too implement laws and rules that would be beneficial to America. Instead you crush it allowing the Democrats to do whatever they want regardless to what it will do to our country. You’re no better than the swamp people running the government. Biden is a joke as well as a liar and a
    cheat and did I mention a pedophile as well.

  26. Betty says:

    President Trump was right in erecting the border wall to protect Americans. The Supreme court has fallen into the D.C. corruption. They to have forgotten that they serve all the people not just the liberals. D.C. needs a cleaning throughout. There is a rot that needs to be removed.

  27. TommyG says:

    US to become 3rd world country. Thanks for all you who voted Biden into office, your kids will pay dearly for your choices.

    • AK says:

      And who the he!! is going to support these illegals??? Definitely not Biden or any other traitor in office! Can’t believe these socialist wannabe’s think they will be top dogs when US gets taken over – they’ll be the 1st to ‘go’. Can’t fix stupid.

  28. Rick says:

    All illegal immigrants need to move to Washington DC

  29. Diane Ehr says:


  30. Linda Akin says:

    We are so far in debt. How can the USA afford to feed, house and provide health coverage for all these refugees?

    This administration is bankrupting this county! Our government is so corrupt and so power hungry they are killing the USA. So sad!!!

  31. john vise says:

    I am with Trump on the border wall, build it, save America.

  32. Richard says:

    It seems the threat of Dem’s court-packing is causing these American-destroying decions.

  33. S. Weimer says:

    I’ve become seriously concerned about the Supreme Court. My respect is slipping. Does the whole country belong to China now? Please God, help us

  34. Judith Lawrance says:

    The wall begun by President Trump Should be built! Illegal immigration is a danger to Our USA— health wise, job wise , and for other reasons as well!
    LEGAL immigration is the heartblood of our nation. Our family’s close relatives were legal immigrants.
    Please, President Biden, reconsider your plans, for the good of the America we all love.

  35. It looks like even the Supreme Court has been infiltrated by the Anti American Socialists!

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