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Supreme Court Rejects Gender Transition Case

( – Happening Now: In a move that has surprised and dismayed social conservatives and congressional members of the Republican Party who have appointed several conservatives to the United States Supreme Court in recent years, the court just rejected an appeal from a Catholic hospital in California that was sued for refusing to provide surgery –  a hysterectomy – for a transgender man.

Apparently, instead of accepting the case to reach a judgment on the merits involving religious liberty and alleged gender identity discrimination, a majority of the court decided to kick the case back down to the California state court to resolve an unrelated issue involving the hospital.

According to the conservative National Review, three of the court’s most conservative justices – Justices Clarence Thomas, Samuel Alito, and Neil Gorsuch – wanted to hear the case on the religious liberty issue as presented. However, and most concerning to social conservatives and congressional Republicans involved in her appointment to the highest bench in the land, Justice Amy Coney Barrett joined the liberal majority in rejecting the faith-based hospital’s appeal.

The hospital in question, Catholic Mercy San Juan Medical Center in Sacramento, California, refused to perform a hysterectomy on the plaintiff, Evan Minton, once the hospital determined that Minton wanted the surgical procedure to engage in a gender transition.

Minton then sued the hospital, claiming he was discriminated against based on his desired gender identity.

An appeals court in California ruled in favor of Minton, and that ruling will now stand because of the Supreme Court’s action today.

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