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Supreme Court Again Says No To Trump

For what will be the final time before the inauguration on January 20th, the U.S. Supreme Court showed no interest in hearing President Trump’s legal challenges to the 2020 Presidential Election.


The Supreme Court announced Monday it would not expedite a group of election challenges,” according to the conservative Washington Times.

The move is yet another legal blow to President Trump who has pushed to overturn the 2020 results through the courts.

“The president has cases pending before the justices against Wisconsin and Pennsylvania officials, and pro-Trump lawyer Lin Wood also has litigation pending against the Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger.

“The lawsuits have asked the justices to take up the challenges, and halt further certification of the November election.

“But by not expediting the cases, it’s likely the issue will become moot and dismissed by the high court once President-elect Joseph R. Biden takes office next week.

Please share your thoughts about this decision by the Supreme Court in the comment section on this page? Do you believe the Court has been fair or unfair to President Trump?


  1. Rebecca Thomas says:

    Seems to me the Supreme Court are traitors. If not they would have listened to the evidence.

  2. H Woolworth says:

    For thoses that do not know, you will soon find out the need for the Second Amendment. It was not put in, because you could trust the Politicians. Make sure you go to the range and learn the correct way to fire your weapon safely.

  3. Rebecca Fuchser says:

    the court does not seemed to be interested in Truth and Justice or finding out the truth for the American people!

  4. Ken says:

    As long as Roberts is Chief Justice the Supreme Court is neutered. What a badge of honor to have a child molester heading up the Court of Last Resort.

    • Smarter than trump says:

      You can fool some of the people all the time but trump the chump was too stupid to fool all the people. One of the worst humans to walk the earth…

    • Michel C says:

      VP is a child molester, bought and paid for…and Roberts is another pedophile and the number of RINO/Democrats who are child molesters is nauseating. These people are sick!

    • Lisa Waddell says:


  5. Rick says:

    I’m going to sum it up now this president that is still my president President Donald Trump will be the last president that this world will ever see Biden will never never make it He’s a puppet for Camilla and Nancy I pray for our President Trump he was thrown under the bus by even his own party all four years and he did nothing but good for this country he’ll be the last great and I mean great president our country will ever have

    • Gerhardt says:

      You are 100% spot on. I think Trump is the Greatest President we have ever had. It’s amazing that he got so many good things done while fighting off
      all the SWAMP CREATURES.

    • Dick Anson says:

      I believe he has all these treasonous individuals just about figured out; pedophiles included. It’s coming down to CB, DS & MSM they have played their hands and are in Checkmate. Things will be exposed next week. TRUMP 2021 !

  6. Ron Podell says:

    Word has it…there’s more coming. World wide involvement. Trump fights to the end!

  7. R Dawn says:

    I have no confidence in the so called Supreme Court of the United States. You disgusting example of false justice, how much did the left/commies have to pay you to screw America? I’m so proud of you to neglect popular opinion like the dnc does to us deplorables. You seem to be the only idiots that didn’t see, hear, care about voter fraud. However you let the criminal left scum get away with horrendous crimes against America the people and our constitutional rights, which they have been trying to do for over 50 yrs. I’m so proud that you, DOJ, FBI and the Congress always get away with murder, the deplorable name caller knows, and you did nothing to stop it much less investigated these crimes. I will never validate the communist paid for, Beijing biden, as prez, nor anybody with a (D) the behind their name. Did you happen to notice the three incredibly stupid communist morons in line to receive and use the FOOTBALL! The scotus and governing body will turn all we’ve gained and received the past four years into shit, while the media brags about their treatment of the real POTUS. WHO paid or promised things to big tech to select and abuse peoples rights under the constitution. Again none of you governing asshats did squat to prevent it from happening, thank you for nothing. This isn’t going to end pretty? The above stated entities, along with the hidden cowards, You Will be held accountable for whatever deaths, carnage, destruction, unconstitutional legislative action as reprisals against our rights,mr. shitStain New York rep

    • stu says:

      such an absurd waste of writing space……

    • Carmen Saunders says:

      #MAGA #DrainTheSwamp that includes Supreme Court un-justices….

    • Susan DeMars says:

      R Dawn, thank you for your reply! Absolutely true! China has deep pockets and we would be surprised who has been bought off. Evil corrupt people like pelosi and biden will do anything, like sell out our country, to have China stuff their bank accounts with blood money!

      • David Dyson says:

        Google all of the properties China has purchased in this country!Including the WALDORF !

      • Annie Andrews says:

        Biden won’t have a chance to spend his blood money because his friends will have him assassinated soon and try to blame it on the Republicans, the same as their hired Antifa infiltrated the previous peaceful rallys to cause backlash on the Trump supporters. Those of us who watched the events as they occurred remember what Trump said and did.

    • Cathy Lee says:

      Our country as we have known is no longer happening.
      Our ELECTED officials are there to stay. There will be no more fair elections again.

      It is not about the money, because they are all wealthy. It is about power.

  8. Joe Elam says:


  9. JR Ponton says:

    The end is coming as predicted in “The Revelation”, very soon! Those who have turned their back on the Christian roots of which this country was founded will soon face the ultimate Judgement and there will be no court of appeals. These nefarious actors will be banished into HELL for their misdeeds for all eternity. And that Boys and Girls is a very long time! Read the book “Cracking The Apocalypse Code” be Gerard Bodson. His team cracked the Biblical Numeric Code by analyzing the mathematical code from the ancient Hebrew text. Is your name written in the “Book of Life?” Anyone who has supported the Killing of Children in any way, including voting for those who support abortion, will find there will be a special reservation in HELL for them!

  10. Donna Westfall says:

    I am extremely disappointed in our supreme court. Not sure what they are for! Our Congressmen have let us down also. Both sides should be concerned regarding fair elections in the future and not hearing these cases is unfair to both sides.

  11. Dianne C Duke says:

    The courts have not upheld the laws of the USA. “The Constitution” is not known or regarded with honor by any of the courts in any of the states or by the United states supreme court. The no action they took was a slap in the face to all Americans. They do not care what we the people have to deal with on a daily basis. They sit on their seat without any feeling of what the US will become under Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, Nancy, Chuck, and BLM, and Antifa. They will be sure and file claims against any conservative for President Trump and let the other terrorist get away with burning down places of business that belonged to others. they killed and Kamala Harris was raising money to get the terrorist out of jail and I bet you they will never pay for what they did. But Justices please sit on your thrones and close your eyes to what has happened to our elections that you did nothing about. I hope you live to see the damage you could have done something about and chose not .to act. May God help the USA.

  12. Sam Seccurra says:

    Trumps three picks for SCOTUS all turned out to be big disappointments. None of them had the nerve to stand up to John Roberts and his cronies

  13. Marlene Steadman says:

    If anyone or ones incited riots it was the Supreme Court, media bias, and lack of courage bu the House and Senate and state officials who could not care less about election integrity. Law and order in this country has become a joke. The lawless are upheld and frustrated people whose vote was cancelled by fraudulent elections went to DC to be seen and heard. Unfortunately it got out of control and the leftist media, etc. spin it the way they choose because they are in control

    • Susan says:

      stu needs to get a clue! Wake up! There is extreme corruption in our country! The likes of pelosi and biden have been sponging off of our government way too long and are deeply mired in pay for play influence peddling that Washington is known for. They think they’re untouchable! I’m sure the election in San Francisco has been fixed for years. Who in their right mind would vote for an 80 yr old deranged pelosi? They think they can get away with election fraud, censorship of we the people by their tech monopoly cronies, illegal investigation of Trump’s campaign (worse than Watergate, for which Nixon was impeached!), and the actual quid pro quo that biden was bragging about on video! The list goes on and on. It’s amazing how Parler can be removed from internet in one day, and child porn can’t be touched. Maybe someone like biden is profiting from child porn….

  14. HedyOrr says:

    Biden crime family, roberts,democrates, hellery,even the justice dept. All shoved up chinas dupah

    • Jutzia says:

      Biden will never be my president. It will take a long time forgiving and ignoring all those who fought, died ,sacrificed for our freedom. Tell all those at Arlington Cemetery that you are ignoring what they did for this Country. May their spirits HAUNT YOU AND PELOSI in your dreams. May you never feel peace within your souls. They will haunt you. Audie Murphy torturing you the most. You can not ignore them, those Spirts will be your demise.

  15. pete says:

    When the court packing happens, the SCOTUS will deserve become a third legislative body whose opinions become useless opinions with no force of law or weight of opinion! Perhaps it was the just fate of SCOTUS to be diminished!

  16. Donald Cartwright says:

    supreme court justice should be impeached now !

    • Sharon Carter says:

      You are so right about the Supreme Court. It’s not right nor fair the way they are treating Trump…It’s not Trump but all the others that need to be kicked out! Trump has done so much more for our Country and has kept his word to undo all the damage that was done the 8 previous years. They all know the truth and just don’t want to admit it…It’s all about control…Freedom or Socialism??? God is still in control and will turn this around when and if He chooses to and we believe He will. God help us to do our part in backing up the truth and what is RIGHT!!!

      • Catherine Hurd says:

        (I agree but they are there for life remember that is another mistake we Americans were moved into behind our backs a long time ago. There should be term limits on the courts too, that way if they don’t do their jobs that they are paid for as we want them done then we as American citizens can fire them. We need to change quite a few laws so that we as the people for the people can make the laws as we want them to be. God Given rights to rule our own lives , I think they call it Freedom?

  17. Oscar Cooks says:

    So,you are saying the only votes that should count are the 74,000,000 that voted for trump,are you really that stupid.what about the over 80,000,000 that voted for a real President,Joe Biden someone that can unite not devide,the country been devided forever,isn’t it time to unite,since we quote we are one Nation under God with liberty and justice for all.Who are the all in that quote?

    • Esther Patterson says:

      Basement Biden did not get “80,000,000 votes” from anyone except Dominion voting machine downloads. And of course illegal votes and lots of dead people. If you believe cheating was not involved…I have the deed for the Washington Memorial and it is for sale..interested?

    • Patricia Janssen says:


    • Tim says:

      The Supreme Court should be abolished with what they are now responsible for! We have someone about to be sworn in as President that should have already been in Leavenworth with his crime family a few years ago. Sad that Democrats don’t know how to read! As none of them read Peter Schweitzer’s “Secret Empires” that tell’s how Biden’s siphoned cash from Ukraine, China and several other places by using their son “Hunter”, as a Vice President can’t make illegal deals. And Hillary making cash deals all over the world a Sec of State. The lousy lawyers in the Supreme Court wearing black robes have lit the fuse for a second civil war. Clarence Thomas and Solito are the only two I have any respect for. A few years ago a company “Vringo” won a lawsuit against A-O-L, Goog-le, Tar-get and Gan-net. A 12 person jury (Vringo IP Internet). Vringo won with jurors 12-0 on every single charge. “However” Goog-Le took it to the Appeals Court and 2 corrupt judges, “Mayer&Wallach” didn’t see it and tossed the case! Attorney David Buies took it to the Supreme Court, and the dirty salapards wouldn’t even hear the case! Vringo and shareholders lost life savings! Down with lying Democrats, and members of the Coup d’etat, All should have been found guilty by now, that includes Obama and Biden with so many others. God bless the best President we’ve had in years: Donald J. trump.

    • Jarrett says:

      Wow how many blind and stupid can committed people be. Seriously, there are several of you that have nothing better to do but reply to theses things and argue amongst yourselves that you opinion is correct. That all others should got kill themselves. That attitude is unbecoming of adults. Yes there was election FRUAD, evidence proves it along with key eye witness that being the actual media recording lol that are being ignored. Further more Biden team has illegally lawsuits key battleground states into changing their constitutional rights laws on election procedures. Next we have dominion tech employee or employees that schemed with terrorists and outside nations to redo codding on the voting machines to prevent Trump from being re-elected. And if that got found out and didn’t work then they had contingency plans to make sure by force that they got what they wanted.
      Next up is Biden; he’s been compromised by and through home self and his son working under or with China, Ukraine, and possibly Iran. As there was 3 laptops taken into fbi custody for review of evidence of treason and more. One of which somehow got lost, another one was on purpose destroyed by a orchestrated ploy by members of FBI agents and Hollywood actors that got a illegal tour in an unauthorized location. And point to fact so happened to have said evidence aka laptop out in the open; which is against all procedures of an on going investigations. Which leave the final 3rd laptop which isn’t being mentioned at all anymore.
      With this we have the attack on the capital congress house on Jan 6th. That very morning before the sun rose up on the horizon. 4 fully loaded buses with terrorists organizations ANTIFA and blM members were escorted into the city by government or DC POLICE UNMARKED VEHICLES. Then several hrs after the start of the peaceful protests going on police at barricades in front of congress building opened up the barricades and let protesters in on the grounds. After that the congress house was placed in lock down which meant that unless force of vehicles or explosives were used to breeches the building. ( which didn’t happen) by all media accounts recording it live, the only way inside the building was if they were let into the building willingly. Facial Recognition and multiple people recordings vids and photos; among with several senators and fbi investigations proved that ANTIFA and BLM TERRORISTS infiltrators had done the breeching of the congress house. With help from within. Which led to both terrorists and peaceful protesters to be able to get inside the building.
      To which poeple is where the first victim was killed. The 14yr service vet was shot and killed by police from inside a secondary barricades inside the congress building. This vet was a peaceful protest that was standing on the other side of the barricaded doors with 6 yes 6 fully riot geared officers behind her when she was shot and killed. Footage from different angles of the shorting saw a coward policeman come from around a corner with gun already drawn. Shot her then took off after another officer gave him a thumbs up after confirming the kill of the vet; From his side of the barricades.
      Now we have a ploy and illegal actions being done by Nancy and 150 others demanding the blame of the incident to be held on trump. By means of invoking another impeachment and trying to invoke the 25th amendment to remove him. Which Nancy has over step her authority by threating and demanding military action coup as well against trump. Democratic leader and multiple republican leader are at fault for this treason. All because they couldn’t control one single man that refused to be bribed, blackmailed, etc… to their views or power play on American citizens. Instead they got a president that with the people for the poeple of the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. Now they are scared and desperate to get rid of him and disgrace him from running in another term. Or let alone have evidence finally get viewed showing that they have betrayed the nation, funded and backed terrorism, while making backdoor deals with other nations without permission from president branch or other leaders authorized to do such. That there is treasonable and traitorous to the nation. Which all come to being accountable for by prison time from 20-60 yrs max or life sentences for it. As of right now they are causing war to happen. Yes that’s right WAR! People are fed up enough that they are going to start baring arms against the government once against because the government will not do its job correctly. Government officials work for the poeple not the opposite way around. And it time they realize that before all hell breaks loose and more people are killed because of them and their illegal actions.

    • MrBillydean57 says:

      Learn to spell Libtard, its Divided. You’re an Idiot if you Remotely think Biden will be president for more than a couple of months Tops. He was Used as a puppet to get the Ho in there, he’s pre dementia he’ll be removed Shortly after the inauguration and replaced by the Ho. Obozo had a Big hand in her appointment as the VP candidate. When she takes over for Slow Joe, it won’t be long before she appoints Obozo to some position in her administration. Ya gotta wonder if this is why Obozo stayed in the DC area after he left office?

  18. Susie says:

    This is their job, another lazy branch of the federal government. We the people pay for with our tax dollars.

  19. Jacklyn Brown says:

    What a bunch bullshit! Wait abd see what hsppens on January 18th dont believe all toy see. Its what your not seeing yet. Soon you all eill know.

  20. Janice Forbes says:

    I am saddened by the fact that their was so much fraud during this election and the courts are doing nothing about it. President Trump had only good intentions for our country and the democrats made sure he did not succeed. God help us when Biden takes office.

    • Olive says:

      I agree completely and I am totally disgusted with the people who hold positions that are supposed to uphold our Constitution. Where are they! How did we end up with Justices of the Supreme Court who have no interest in upholding our Constitution. I am also disgusted with the democrats and RINOs that are too stupid to understand how their actions now are going to backfire on them. Don’t they care what kind of Country they are going to leave for their own children? Are they really THAT selfish??? I only wish we had more politicians lik Cruz and Hawley who appear to be the only ones that have a brain and a backbone.

  21. Jeanine Long says:

    The Supreme Court is quickly becoming meaningless. Respect for them is disappearing. Very disappointing but they’ve brought it on themselves.

  22. Gary Massey says:

    It means a lot for the American people to know they can trust the election process .First the democrats ran a non american for president . Now they steal an election . The courts should be ashamed of them selves , for not wanting to find the truth .

    • Sharon Carter says:

      I think they know the truth and are not wanting to admit it!!! I grew up knowing some retarded kids in my life and they were smarter than that!

  23. Jim says:


    • Esther Patterson says:

      We are positive they have bought Chief Justice John Roberts through possibly blackmail and large amounts of Untraceable deposits to a private offshore account. And he is the one who decides what cases the SCOTUS takes. I knew he was dirty when he made a way to legalize the unconstitutional ACA for Obama. He will go down professionally sooner than later because he is truly corrupt.

      • DRCAL says:

        It does seem as if he is being influenced by other people. He no longer seems to be his own man. However, he may just despise Trump. The issue is why? There are lots of rumors but few facts regarding the Chief Justice.
        I doubt that his vote on the ACA has anything to do with his behavior. Unfortunately, he has decided to side with Socialists, which is a very strange and disturbing phenomenon.

  24. G says:

    There are Members on the Supreme Court that are compromised and they know if they expedited the case before the inauguration they would have to hear overwhelming evidence and find in favor of Trump. They have gone this far with lying and can’t go back because they violated Constitutional law and several are corrupt and some scared to object with the senior members. Trump knows who they are and I would not want to be in their shoes with what’s about to go down in a few days.

  25. Audie M Jordan says:

    Democrats don’t need to worry about packing the scotus, (does not deserve capitalization anymore). It is in their pocket. Roberts is not fit to be on court, much less chief justice. He is one of the best examples of why the scotus should not be for life.

    He showed his colors over aca, most people let him slide. What he refused to do, basically told Texas they could declare war on the other states. There is no other option in the Constitution for resolving issues between states.

    If the other eight justices are that afraid of him, they need to find ambulance chasing law firms to work for.

  26. Paul Shea says:

    The Courts have Totally been unfair to President Trump. They have taken a stand against him and are on the Sides of the Democrats and the Left.
    These past 4 Years the Courts ,FBI, Democrat Senators , Media, etc., all were Lying and Plotting against President Trump . Every Day and Every minute he was attacked continuously no matter what he did. They never let up . With no evidence they were allowed to push Lies and False Narrative to take him out. This is Sad . I can go on and on. President Trump is a Good Guy and cared for America and the People.

    • Betty "Chub" says:

      So-o-o true!!!!

    • Levin says:


    • Donna Pecoraro says:

      I’ve been trying to email the SCOTUS all day, won’t go through. I’m really pissed, NOBODY will even look at the evidence! Do your jobs or are you afraid too?

    • Esther Patterson says:

      They hate Trump because he fought for Americans and did not play their game.

  27. Paul says:

    Here is a clear example of getting snubbed and not listening to we the people. Supreme Court is no good. My vote was wasted and I will not vote again as my vote was dismissed like everything else by these dirty liberal leftists. They will pay for their dirty underhanded deeds.Just wait and see how they get what they give out.

  28. Anita says:

    No one will ever care about voting again . Why? Because if the votes are stolen why bother . Be kind of nice to know what’s going on because the bunch in Washington act like their afraid of the Democratic Party . Catch up with them one day . Just like everyone else just don’t see how Biden won fairly.

    • Once the electoral college is removed, we people in South Dakota would be simple fools to vote, Why waste your time, Texas, New York, California and Illinois will determine our President. It is over folks, the fat lady will soon sing.

  29. I agree totally with the remarks posted here. President Trump did so much good during his term all the while being back-stabbed by the Democrats as well as members of his own party. I was shocked and dismayed by the ones he supported for re-election, not standing for him when he needed it. I didn’t think I can ever support the Republican Party again and for me it was lifelong. The Dems divided the country beginning w/Obama and it got worse under Pelosi, Schumer, and at the end, even Mike Pence. Disgusted and know that our country will get worse under a socialistic president, Biden is clueless so it will be Kamala with Obama still in the wings. God help us all, my grandchildren will not be living in the greatest country in the world, and it is for them I pray.

    • Susan Winton says:

      Sad but true. I was fortunate to grow up and live in the Greatest Country in the world. Unfortunately my great Grandchildre, 2,5 and 8 will not have that opportunity/ As for my children and Grandchildren, they should have fought to keep what they grew up with!

    • KJ says:

      Vice president PENCE did not turn on Presdent Trump. That is more FAKE NEWS!

  30. David L Stafford says:

    It is inconceivable that the Supreme Court is not in the middle this, unless the Chief Justice is a part of the Deep State. Texas, a long time member of the Union and, I presume, in good standing, and 18 other alive and breathing states petitioned the Court in an effort to save the Union and the Court (Chief Justice) refused to even hear the case or consider what the States were trying to do. Have the Justices considered that China does not have a court and they will be unemployed if the direction continues and the people propping up Biden have their way.

    • Debra S Reed says:

      Of course they aren’t going to hear anything about the voter fraud!! Goid luck to President Trump and Melania! Hopefully all this mess will be behind you soon but they want you gone forever and this is their way of screwing you royally!! Us AMERICANS know what they are though so we won’t forget!!

  31. Pete says:

    The country owes a huge debt to president Trump. He was unfairly challenged and fought by democrats despite his huge achievements. The democrats in congress and the senate are guilty of everything and more that they have accused the president of. They are now not only further attacking him but 75,000,000 + people. The media is also complicit in this attack on America.

  32. frank yelt says:


  33. A. Ferrante says:

    If the Supreme Court refuses to review the obvious evidence of election fraud then they are no longer relevant. This is why I am against lifetime appointments for federal judges. They become too comfortable in their positions and reek of the DC swamp. When they are referred to as liberal or conservative that indicates biases which is against their judicial canons of ethics.

  34. Rebecca Fuchser says:

    The courts including the Supreme Court, have turned their backs on their sworn duty–to uphold justice.
    If the election included fraud, they should leave no stone unturned to prove the validity of the election.
    The courts should pursue honesty, truth, and justice for the welfare of the American people.
    Courts are to be impartial and seek the truth of a matter. But many judges judge according to their own values, values of the left, and media.
    Woe is US!

  35. Cfid says:

    No I don’t think they have treated President Trump with respect and they have not even looked at the evidence he has brought before them- and the people that swore they saw fraud being taken while they were working. I don’t see how they can do this to our President after all he has done for us and our country. God please help us and make our country free again. Amen

  36. Susan B says:

    Gutless wonders!!!

  37. John says:

    So, the courts have turned leftist also. Well I’m sure the american people are really going to love this. Even our courts are afraid the leftist/socialist/communists. This is sickening. Joe the pervert will have China has his new party.

  38. KAYE says:

    I think we should DEFUND the Supreme Court !! They are not doing their job when it comes to this election, they are supposed to be supporting the people, but instead they turn a blind eye! It is their fault that the riot happened in Washington ! This could have been stopped a long time ago gad they done their jobs! I watched The president’s speech, and not one time did he say anything to incite a riot! That is a blatant lie! These people that are doing this we will pay we do have a supreme court and our supreme justice name is Jesus you will not get away with this! I would like to know ? Just how can you call yourself a Christian person and put people in office that kill babies every single day? How can you do that and sleep at night? I feel sorry for you because one day your number is going to come up and you don’t have anybody to turn to because you’re eating each other alive! I will be praying for you people, I pray for your eternal souls! May God forgive you Because I don’t know that the American people will ever forgive a court that set and let this happen to the best president we have ever had in this country. Shame on you

    • Ann says:

      I agree with everything you have just said. There I had not been any justice done by our Supreme Court!!!!! May God have mercy on all of them and all of the treasonous people who are part of all that is going on. Where on Gods green earth are the GOOD people!!! Our country is in shambles and President Trump is one of the few GOOD people left who could turn our country around!!!!! What is wrong with people. wake up before it is too late for us all!!!!!!

  39. Al says:

    The Supreme Court has rendered itself as a useless guardian of the U.S. Constitution. to not even consider President Trumps case they have decided to force true Americans to Battle against the treachery before them. the Communist Manifesto.

  40. John New says:

    And I’m really sorry that you didn’t take see fit to do what’s right and let the truth out Trump didn’t do a damn thing wrong!!! You could have put out something to calm the country down so God forbid we’re in for a hell of a fight I could be avoided with just a couple real words that’s true.

  41. Parti says:

    I do not understand the Supreme Courts decision. I also do not understand it’s processes so that may be a part of it. But as a citizen to see reports of sworn affidavits about voter fraud as well as the multitudes of videos of irregularities i.e. banks of votes all for Biden numbering in the 10s/100s of thousands in the middle of the night on November 4th, to black suitcases with paper ballots in them after the polls closed being runn through the scanners multiple times. I cannot imagine the Supreme Court justices could be unaware of these issues. All the nasty and horrible things that have happened since President Trump announced his intent to run for President in 2015 have torn this country apart and has resulted in acts of rage and intolerance from the Deep State liberals. It gives the appearance that most of all potential people who could objectively investigate voter fraud are afraid for either their careers or their lives. Does anyone but me see what is happening? Now conservatives or Trump supporters are being maligned and threatened. Liberals are screaming for our “depragramming” and being banned for life. What next? Will we all be imprisoned or killed for having and expressing our opinions? Is that not what this country was founded on? We should all be afraid…very afraid! God save us all.

    • Preston says:

      What’s next is probably a civil war. The Marxist Democrats have been imposing their socialist agenda on Americans for years. They have been brainwashing our children for years. Using Terrorist groups like BLM and ANTIFA to destroy our history, loot and riot and intimidate citizens. If they don’t like a conservative they try to brand them as a racist. In Democrat controlled States the Governors attack religion and free speech, They only enforce laws they want to. Look at. California the people voted twice for. Capital punishment and yet the Governor said he wouldn’t allow it. They declare California a Sanctuary State and cater to illegals even providing them with free food housing , education etc. They attack our Constitutional rights. The only thing they want is money and Power over the people. Once.Biden takes office and starts implementing his Socialist agenda people will wake up and realize what the Marxist Democrats really wants…a tyrannical government and the forefathers told us what the solution is for that.

  42. Theresa says:

    We can thank the Bushes, Clintons, fake family Obama’s, Soros, and the hatred left for this mess. I am 71 years old and served in the Air Force for 27 years; the deep state has been around for a very long time. Johnson started the deep state by the assasination of JFK. Since he got away with it, the left has had free rein. They are ate up with cancerous hate and jealousy towards Trump and us “the voters”, who believe in the Constitution and the love of our country. They are borned hateful and will die hating the world and life. There is no pleasing them. They won’t stop, not ever.
    Buckle up, it’s going to get rougher with no let up. The GOP left me along time ago.

  43. Chris says:

    Who gives a DAMN about what the Court fears? We got real life problems from the failure by refusal act positively in agreement with the Constitution. This is of a Constitutional magnitude, and it is systematic infliction because the President proved that he could not gain Remedy from the state courts and constitutions, and the Supreme Court is no different: no AUTHORIZATION in law exists for Officials to REFUSE to ACT, either in law, or in America. The denial of this SOLE avenue of LEGAL recourse is intentional, it’s negative, it’s deliberate, it is COORDINATED, and it justifies the President, AND the VOTERS, moving ON, to the next SOLE REMAINING chance, the Executive branch CORRECTING this Malfeasance with direct authority due to an imminent Direct Threat situation of a Constitutional magnitude and catastrophic failure of the Procedural Constitutional system of law that is designed to prevent just this. Digest that, because Mr. Trump PAID DEARLY to EXHAUST ALL LEGAL REMEDY to RESTORE OUR RIGHTS, his own rights,and to correct the Misfeasance and Malfeasance of the ENTIRE body ,the structural integrity of our “court system”. This is a catastrophic failure of the American courts, including the “Supreme Court”, in apparent Disregard of the law,process,Make Whole Remedy, and checks and balances. The VP is an ACTUAL PLENARY BALANCE of the potential destruction of the Executive branch malfunction, ironically the ONLY thing that HAS been functioning, due to Pence’s decision to perform Pro Forma ratification of unlawful election results and, in my considerable opinion, coordinated with the staged violence outside, and the unfortunate fact that people, American citizens, have been killed YET AGAIN, in the attempt to overrule our vote in 2016, by subverting the ENTIRE country and the courts, proven before our very eyes by our President, out of his own POCKETS. Not something that we can EVER say about the rest of the “government”. Digest that.

  44. Rick F says:

    SCOTUS has turned partial since CJ Roberts, a Bush appointee, got feathers ruffled when Trump criticized the Iraqi war and beat Jeb Bush for the 2016 nomination. Often, plays both sides of the fence. He blew his cover with ACA. His retirement-resignation would be most welcome, particularly when he exhibited the court dereliction of duty as he strong-armed the sensibility of associates and shunned the legit Ted Cruz case with the Texas Election Steal (which escalated into this whole SCANDLE). INTEGRITY IS LOST until LIBERALISM is Gone. Pray for President Trump, the true president. JUST WAIT & SEE for Yourself.

  45. This is unbelievable! Our government is rotten to the core. Oh well. I believe we have a sovereign God that sees what is being revealed. God bless America!. This was a rigged election and Biden is not our president.

  46. Its totally unfair the whole damned country is dammed, and doomed. I have no respect for that party of dummies. For the big butt heads that want to control our VOICES. I say boycott there whole realm of existence, Facebook (FAKEBOOK), Twitter ,TicTok, and yes even AMAZON. Do not use there services, and do not buy anything that is made in china. BOYCOTT, BOYCOTT, BOYCOTT. this is the only way we can get back at big controlling business. Stand true RED and hold the line.
    FK EM

  47. PATTY says:


  48. Holly Rose says:

    There is some good common sense with the supreme court. Right move. Onward and upward with President Biden. America will heal now.

    • Common sense really where was your Democratic partys common sense when child molester Bidens little terrorist were burning half the country down. But you wanna talk about common sense. Wow really inasint people lost their lives beat stabbed shot in the name of the Democratic party

    • Rebecca Fuchser says:

      Not hardly! America will not heal without turning to God!
      Joe Biden will not heal America with his socialism, murder of babies, and other lies !

    • Patti says:

      Oh, will America be healed by reprogramming conservatives and Trump supporters? We have already had our vote invalidated, threatened by BLM and Antifa, called names and endured countless, mindless rants from the so-called journalists. President Trump did not incite riot, nor did the true Trump supporters initiate a riot but as things have gone with the crazed liberals like Pelosi and Shumer, now they want to ensure President Trump will never darken the political scene again. This was so obviously the plan. We need to chat again in a year or two when the mindless followers of the Deep State get to feel the wrath in our new socialist republic. Nice, huh?

  49. David says:

    This is got to be the worst four years in our history that the liberals have done to this country and our president this is never happened in history the president has done nothing but help our country and the American people the left has done nothing but divide The American people and they will stop at nothing we are going into a whole different world as we see it it is going to be a socialist country if we don’t stop them now NBA tech and Facebook and Twitter are right behind themThey will be telling you what you can say and what you cannot say you fight fire with fire and we will stand and take back the house and the senate and the next election with Trump running in the next election

    • toots says:

      Oh I am sure they have much worse planned for us. Brennan (who committed treason spying on Trumps campaign) said that all Trump supporters should get down on their knees and prostrate themselves asking for forgiveness and if they dont do that they should be eliminated. Remember when they accused Trump of having gestapos – well I am sure they will have people ready and willing to be jack boots and kill us on the street. You need to remember that commie/dems deflect their thots onto others. And just to make it worse, there will never be another free election. If allowed to get away with the voter fraud, censorship of speech now they will just do it again and again or stop elections – making themselves dictators for life. They are evil and are going to stay evil.

  50. Comps says:

    A gross betrayal of 80+ million American voters and the integrity of our voting system forever, not Trump. The court shows itself to be WORTHLESS at this point. Americans now know we have NO JUSTICE or RULE OF LAW in the United States.

  51. toots says:

    I am so disgusted in the judicial system. Judges including the supremes not even doing what there are suppose to do. These judges haven’t even seen or heard the evidence and they don’t want to because then they would have to make a judgement and then people would know that they are either very left leaning or paid off. Roberts is a total lacky, it became obvious when he bailed out Obama and gave americans a very expensive health system and ran doctors off in droves.
    We have seen years of FBI, DOJ, CIA, NSA, judges all failing to do their jobs. We have Comey, Hilley, McCabe, Clapper, Brennan that committed treason and they are walking free. There is no justice, their is no law applied to real criminals and deep state. Now big tech allowed to censor president communication and ours with not a peep out of congress. Our country is being destroyed by evil.

  52. Steven says:

    This is ridiculous. This reeks of bias toward our duly elected President. God have mercy on their souls. This is not what God would’ve wanted. Love thy neighbor as yourself. Biden is a bigger crook than President Trump ever was. Nancy Pelosi is not a Catholic. She needs to resign along with Schumer.

  53. Allen Hammerquist says:

    UNFORTUNATELY, they are all part of system against AMERICA! If they are that oblivious of all the evidence out there,
    AMERICANS are in for a rough time!

  54. mariano says:

    The Suoreme Court will not take on the challenge because they are afraid of opening a can of worms. They are not the willing to debate such as issue because they are afraid of the Democratic Party. The Democratice Party is united unlike the floosie Republicans that are divided. They can never unite bacause they feel like they are prima-donnas.

  55. Barry Nikolitch says:

    Fishy??? More like tyranical TREASON!!! Time for MUTIPLE EXECUTIONS,for it!!

  56. Larry says:

    The court is a waste. Owned by the left and served by the left. They should be disbarred. Roberts is out to lunch. They do not serve the people. Tar and feather them all

  57. Why do we even have a court if they won’t even consider looking at the evidence. They are wrong and hope and pray they get their just reward after this life. God will be the Judge then and He will see what they did. They will be judged.

  58. Gregg Hunt says:

    No if President Trump he should President.Due to the Supreme Court ignoring in months ago is there fault. Just odd timing we also know that Chief Justice Roberts don’t won’t the President another 4 yrs.Something fishy going on here

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