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Stephen Miller: Trump Election Challenge Alive

President Trump‘s allies are preparing to send an “alternate” slate of electors to Congress, senior White House adviser Stephen Miller said Monday, signaling Trump will drag out his efforts to overturn the results of the 2020 election even after the Electoral College certifies Joe Biden as the winner,” according to The Hill.

Miller, appearing on Fox News as a senior adviser to the Trump campaign, brushed off the idea that the Electoral College vote marked any kind of end to the process.

“‘The only date in the Constitution is Jan. 20. So we have more than enough time to right the wrong of this fraudulent election result and certify Donald Trump as the winner of the election,’ Miller said on “Fox & Friends.”

“‘As we speak, today, an alternate slate of electors in the contested states is going to vote and we’re going to send those results up to Congress,’ he continued. ‘This will ensure that all of our legal remedies remain open. That means that if we win these cases in the courts, that we can direct that the alternate state of electors be certified.'”

For more of this story, go to The Hill.

Please share your thoughts in the comment section on this page after watching the video below of Stephen Miller. Do you support President Trump’s allies sending an “alternate” slate of electors to Congress?


  1. Charles Johnson says:

    Sooner the better.

  2. Charles Johnson says:

    Do it

  3. Charlene Margaret Travelstead says:

    This will continue until we (Republicans) take a stand. The only way the Democrats ever win at all is by paying them off or threatened their families. The one that is on top of all of this is Soros. He has wanted to get the USA to be a socialist country from day one. If we let this happen, he has won. What we need to do is ban him from this country for good. Watch out as his son will take over when the day he dies. His son is worse then Soros. God help us as he needs to go now. We need to pray to God everyday.

    • Frances B.Tencza says:

      Why can’t a special forces unit be sent out to hunt George Soros down and take him out?
      He’s a vicious traitor/terrorist to our nation and has been responsible for sending lots of aid to organizations like ANTIFA, causing many of our citizens including our police to loose their lives!!
      He should be treated like Sulmani and other extreme terrorists!

  4. Jewel says:

    No backbone in the courts! Wrong is considered right! Dark road ahead if Biden is in. Everything is to appease the Media and Democrats – Idiots!!!!

  5. Kellie says:

    Here’s my suggestion for The day all electors are to meet with Congress to announce the next President (shoot, can’t remember the date). Enough people join together to surround the entire capitol several times (hands joined, shoulder to shoulder). Only congressman and people with badges allowed to pass. Would we eventually be arrested? Quite possibly if there are enough officers. Would we be charged? Who knows but hey, President Trump would pardon us all. We would want a “dream team” of lawyers preferably headed up by Mayor Guillani to speak on the “people’s “ behalf.

    This next part we should’ve started way before now. Patriots from each battleground state should have had a petition drawn up challenging the results of the election and demanding new electors be sent from their state to certify President Trump as the winner. Another “dream team” will probably be needed headed up by Sidney Powell as another huge group of patriots surround the Supreme Court in the same manner and within the building to d mane that the court hear the “petition by and for the patriots” of the United States of America. If the citizens do not have standing I just don’t possibly know who does.

  6. portia wadsworth says:

    Hear, Hear, Hear,
    Maybe our VP Pence can round up some strong, independent (Sidney Powell) who know what and how to go about getting the millions of us to make our voices heard,legally. I am sure there would be plenty of support, both $$ and marches, TV, Internet, ads, etc.
    LET”S DO IT !!!!!

  7. Becky says:

    I hope someone in the government has the balls to stand up for our President. He has done so much for our country. We the voters are united for him, but we can’t really do anything legally. We tried by giving him testimony and pictures from the election that was stolen from him. When the communist party of pedophile Joe and camel toe Harris goes up for nomination in Congress PLEASE SOMEONE STAND UP AND PROTEST THIS PLEASE STOP THIS TO KEEP OUR COUNTRY FREE. Remember that this is your country,too. I can’t believe you would really want a communist life. If you care about your family and yourself then you have to stop this from destroying our country. Everyone who has the power to keep our country free should stand up for President Trump.

    • Glen says:

      I think that if the judges saw the same videos that we did then I don’t see how they can sit there and say no evidence of fraud took place. I don’t know what was in all the bundles that were run during the night when poll watchers were sent home or what was counted behind the blocked windows but if it looks and smells fishy then some thing if rotted at the waterfront. The easiest way to find out which way the wind blows is to have a do over in the contested states. But then I guess it would be hard to get all the out of staters back to illegally vote for a second time. If the foot was on the other foot and the Republicans had tried these shinanagans the demonic-rats would be hollering foul.

    • William S. Stokes says:

      If by some extreme chance Biden makes it inauguration day, all us who know he stole the election should go to DC in the thousands. We should swarm the inauguration site and when they try to swear him in, boo him continually so he cannot be sworn in and let the nation know who is really the legally elected president. Sure they will then have to move it inside to get him sworn in but the nation will know we object him as President because he cheated. They, Biden and his cronies prevented Trump’s suits to go successfully thru the courts by threatening and intimidating the judges. They were threaten along with the election fraud whistleblowers with death to them and their families. One such witness left her house and a man waiting in a truck across the street emptied a pistol into her car and followed her trying to kill her. This intimidation has occurred on many occasions to witnesses and judges. The Deep State and the DC Swamp is very deep. Trump is trying to expose all these evil politicians and their scheme to destroy our nation. Pray for our president and his efforts to expose all this evil and save our nation.

    • Airie Green says:

      You are absolutely right.

  8. Mike Hoode says:

    Why not .It’s worth a try .

  9. Jihn beck says:

    The democrats are so corrupt. The ballot fraud was put in place awhile ago. It was the only way Biden could win.Wonder why he sat in his basement while Trump was out busting his hump campaigning. Biden was told the fix is in. No sweat. I truly pray all this will be uncovered.You know Trump was the real winner.👏🇺🇸Now we just need enough judges to seethe truth. Without bias 🇺🇸

  10. sue says:

    Please, don’t let them get away with stealing this election and destroying our country.

  11. G says:

    I agree with Stephen Miller as we all know this was a fraudulent election that needs resolved. I strongly suspect Dominion software forensic analysis will be the merit that requires SCOTUS to hear the case. The executive order on election interference will uncover a National threat exists declaring a National Emergency. Whether SCOTUS is afraid the Democrats will pack the court making a mockery of there judicial power will be irrelevant because they will forced to follow constitutional law and hear all the evidence pointing at numerous politicians, MSM, law enforcement etc.

  12. R King says:

    If it were only one or two or even ten instances of voter fraud appearing, it would be easy to dismiss the allegations. But in the wake of the total instances of the fraud it is obvious that something is drastically wrong. I sincerely hope that the perpetrators of this assault on the Republic do not manage to get away with it.

  13. George Klepar says:

    The only comment that I have is the Democratic Party is so corrupt and evil mainly because of billionaires they are satanic they have not in the last four years help our president with anything all they did was find everything that they could possibly dream up and condemn our president for and each and everyoneOf the issues we’re fault thank you

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