State and Federal Agents Circling Santos

George Santos

( – Given the sheer number of easily proven lies Congressman-elect George Santos told voters during his winning campaign, it was foreseeable that he would find himself under criminal investigation.

And now that has happened as state and federal law enforcement authorities are circling Santos and looking for criminality within his lies and financial filings.

The New York Post has laid out what’s happening in “NY Rep.-elect George Santos faces questions over federal filings“:

“Some federal insiders don’t buy embattled Rep.-elect George Santos’ excuse that dozens of strange $199.99 campaign expenses he filed were the result of a “database” error.

“The newly-elected Long Island Republican has come under a hailstorm of criticism and probes by both the Nassau County district attorney and federal prosecutors after he came clean to The Post about fabricating key details of his personal and professional life.

“More revelations came this week, including that Santos’ campaign committee recorded 37 expenditures between April 2021 and February 2022 — each totaling exactly $199.99. The figure is one cent below the minimum amount at which federal law requires receipts.” [emphasis added]

According to Team Santos, it’s all just one big mistake.

“‘This reporting issue is the result of a database error and amendments were filed with the FEC. We believe that accurate information has been provided to the FEC,’ a rep for Santos’ campaign emailed The Post.” [emphasis added]

In addition to the now-reported federal investigation of Santos, Republican District Attorney Anne Donnelly of Nassau County, New York, has opened a state criminal investigation.

Political pundits we spoke with can’t remember an incoming member of Congress arriving with not just one but two criminal investigations before even being sworn into office.

Bottom line: Santos will be sworn into Congress on Tuesday with a significant cloud of suspicion hanging over his head.