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Should Trump Be Convicted by the Senate?

This morning, House Democrats filed their “Impeachment Brief” with the Senate for next week’s trial of former President Donald Trump. The brief lays out why the Democrats believe Trump should be convicted of “incitement of insurrection.”

In short, the Democrats accuse Trump of whipping the crowd that had gathered to hear him speak on January 6th into a “frenzy,” and that resulted in the attack on the U.S. Capitol.

Based on what you’ve observed and learned since January 6th, do you believe Trump incited the crowd to attack the Capitol? Please click on your response in the poll below and feel free to share your thoughts in the comment section.

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Should Trump be convicted of "Incitement of Insurrection"?



  1. Wilma A Carey says:

    No, from DAY 1 THE DEMOCRATS have been against him and it has lasted the whole 4 years. Shame on you democrats. Look at Nancy and the rest, their behavior has invited much hate and destruction.

  2. Linda Childress says:

    If they believe that by his speech he incited a riot maybe they better look at Nancy Pelosi and Adam Schiff and Maxine Waters and a bunch of the other Democrats that said a lot worse things than what Trump said. He did not incite a riot or try to tell them to go take the capital most of us believe that was done by BLM and and Tifa anyway

  3. Herbert Duffee says:

    I am for the TRUMP Plan

  4. The Senate appear to have no interest in the job they were elected to do!! This BS about Trump is nothing but Political Bull Crap to keep some of these “Senators”? in the news for re-election. the news for these Never-Trumpers is: We the People will remember your name at the next election!

  5. Roger N/A kuj says:

    Holly Rose, your nothing more than a Trump Hater. Get off MSM

  6. Paul Beam says:

    The whole thing was staged to get more pressure on Trump I don’t know what Trump has on Nancy Pelosie but it scares the hell out of her and I hope someday it all comes out

  7. Holly Rose says:

    trump is guilty as sin and you and I know it. It’s all on video what more proof does one need? Death sentence should be imposed on trump for the death of 5 that have died as a result of a phony dog and pony show he set up. We need a new constitution that will allow we the people to indict and convict those out of office. This truly was a crime instigated by trump. If the senate doesn’t convict, they are as guilty as trump and complicit in this crime and the too should be indicted and sentenced.

    • Colin Kovacs says:

      Wow, what drugs are you on? Or are you just delusional? What part of peacefully and respectfully are you missing? Go away you fool.

    • A Robinson says:

      He has never promoted violence, never. The mainstream media sad excellent at making snippets of what he said sound like he was promoting violence but that’s what they said he meant not what was actually said or insinuated. You’ve swalloweded their garbage opinions as truth. I’d say, look at what Democratic representatives have said, threatened and stirred up! All that hate for Trump spilled or on the public who has believed in them. Shame in them for misleading and insighting hate and trying to distroy America! Look in the mirror, it’s your own people who have deceived you, not Trump.

    • Really that’s funny. Does that include. A police escort of 2 busses. How about when the Capitol police let everyone in .now does that also include a statement 2 weeks before black lives matter and antifa. Dressed up as Trump supporters. Because 2 weeks ahead of time crackhead Nancy Pelosi ordered Capitol police to have machine guns. And guess what the day that it all happened crackhead Nancy Pelosis son got arrested for having sex with 2 underaged girls. Was that also on your news station. And what about the full investigation that the FBI is finding more and more every day including proving it was a setup. So instead of blowing smoke out of your ass do some research

  8. kristie says:

    Absolutely not!!! I heard his speech– no issues there. What is wrong with these democrats?? Drunk with power. These dems are enemies of the state. They are conducting a witch hunt against President Trump and all conservatives. Shame on you all. Who knows what they will try and do to us in their evil fervor.

  9. Linda says:

    Democrats socialists, totalism are not to be trusted. they want this country to crash and burn and do not care about what this country was founded on and how our ancestors work so hard to give us the freedom of all things compared to other countries that have failed and want to destroyed us….
    all will be taken away from us hardworking taxpayers and the wealthy do not care.



  11. Marty D says:

    As you can see the Democrats only do destructive things to our country just as they wasted Taxpayers time and money with the fist attempt to break president Trump. Perhaps they should continue with this impeachment, which has no basis so it will occupy their time and would not allow them to do more damage to our nation through legislation.

  12. Marty says:

    As you can see the Democrats only do destructive things to our country just as they wasted Taxpayers time and money with the fist attempt to break president Trump. Perhaps they should continue with this impeachment, which has no basis so it will occupy their time and would not allow them to do more damage to our nation through legislation.

  13. Gary John says:

    Biden’s people are up to something so we need to be prepared for more stupidity

  14. Martha Klos says:

    Trump is the best president the US has had. Should he be impeached, NO. Impeach Pelosi, and all her comrades starting with Biden, and all those who have destroyed the
    economy, and tried to destroy our country.

  15. A. Marshall says:

    Yes…Trump should be impeached for inciting the attack on the White House, where innocent people were injured and even killed!
    Surely, decent Republicans would not condone the attack that happened. I am worried about the extremism that has happened in that party (stoked by Trump).

    • Colin Kovacs says:

      I’m guessing you are completely unaware of the FOUR YEARS of hatred and lies directed at President Trump, HIS FAMILY, republicans in office and Republican voters. People like you are totally delusional, but then, you have been brainwashed by the lying MSM for four years. Get some help.

    • Roger N/A kuj says:

      You’re just politically ignorant. It wasn’t the White House. Get off MSM the fake news network

  16. Eli7777 says:

    No. Marxist BLM Insurrectionist leader infiltrated the rally. The Socialist, Democrat leaders have promoted and financed Marxist BLM riots for 7 months in many states. Pelosi called for a Resistance to Trump, so who did they go after, Pelosi. Because she harassed Trump, and tore up his speech in defiance. Reports share Socialist, George Soros with Socialist Democrat elites, and Pelosi had a 4 day conference in Carlsbad, CA, 2016 or 2017, when Hillary Clinton lost. Reported:The Conference Speaker was Kamala Harris on “How to Regain Progressive’s Power.” Kamala Harris was shown “aiding and abedding” the Marxist BLM rioters. She helped to raise funds, released criminals, and praised them for their actions, even in a magazine interview. She was seen and verified, stating the Marxist BLM will not stop and should not stop. Maxine Waters also encouraged confronting the cabinet in a speech, and Repubicans, wherever they were, to say they’re not welcome. Four people were stabbed in a Pro Trump rally, a few weeks, before the Capitol Chaos, so the Mayor should have been prepared for this. But she refused Trump’s assistance, as the mayors and governors did in WA., MN, Wisc. and Portland Oregon. So, the blame goes to the Socialist, Democrat leaders, who conspired to impeach Pres. Trump his whole term. Gov. Cuomo even assisted the Marxist BLM to paint N.Y. streets during a pandemic, while business people were being arrested.

  17. Marijo says:

    The SENATE should be convicted – they have no legal ground for this continuing witch hunt and are wasting taxpayer funded hours on this!!!

  18. bruce says:

    Its no where in the constitution that impeachment even applies to citizens. Anyone hearing the speech would never say he incited a riot. Those people were already in the capitol and didn’t hear his speech. This is just hate and vindictiveness, and a waste of our congresses time to fuel their unreasonable hate.

  19. Nellie Olson says:

    He should not be convicted. If that happens, then there are many Democrats who should be convicted for inciting riots for the past 4 years. Republicans have not had a day of PEACE since President Trump ran for office.

  20. It’s time to censor the dems. All of AMERICA should turn their backs on them and censor them. What ever they pass, does NOT apply to us. SCREW them. Time for us to take back AMERICA and if they don’t like it, TS.

    • Peter Kollros says:

      I agree, get rid of creepy Joe and that Harris woman she doesn’t even know what race she is. Also get rid of crazy Nancy pelosi. Thank you enough said.

  21. xuan Nguyễn says:

    It’s stupid ideas…. He’s no longer in the office so it has no right to impeach any citizen… But Demon-Rats always do illegal action ant ways…

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