Should He Just Go Away?

Bill de Blasio

( – Outgoing New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio has revealed his intention to remain in public service after his term as mayor ends.

When questioned by a reporter from the Associated Press about his plans to run for state governor, de Blasio was evasive about what his plans entailed, only revealing that he thought he had left “breadcrumbs out there on the trail,” but stated he was going to stay in public service. “As to electoral politics,” he continued, “I’ll give an update very, very soon.”

De Blasio running for governor of New York in 2022 has long been speculated, despite his two terms as mayor being marred by stringent vaccine mandates, his relationship with police and the police-reform activists who helped elect him, and an ongoing feud with former governor Cuomo. However, amid the speculation, De Blasio hasn’t denied that this was his next step.

Instead, he took the opportunity to highlight some of his accomplishments, saying that he wanted people to remember that during his term, he fought inequality in “very tangible, real ways.”

Acknowledging his complicated relationship with the media, de Blasio said he was reflecting on it as his term as mayor ended, adding that it was something he would “keep working on as a public service.”
Part of the relationship with the media included headlines about the departing mayor eating pizza with a knife and fork, dropping a groundhog during Groundhog Day celebrations –– the groundhog later died –– and arriving late to a memorial for victims of a plane crash.

However, his dramatic headlines aren’t the most significant aspect shaping public perception of de Blasio. His vaccine mandates –– which required private-sector employees to be vaccinated and including children as young as five in the city’s vaccine passport program –– have drawn the ire of his most outspoken critics.

To many, his hardline on the virus doesn’t seem to be working, considering New York City had 29% of new COVID-19 cases reported on December 26, something that could mar his plans for higher office.

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