SHOCK POLL: Americans Want To Change Presidential Elections

Voting Booth

( – The results of a recent poll on how presidential elections are conducted in the United States of America have shocked many on both sides of the political divide.

Most Americans want to do away with the Electoral College and go to a straight popular vote.

In fact, less than four in ten Americans want to keep the Electoral College — the system that dates back to the nation’s founding and the adoption of the U.S. Constitution.

As Breitbart News lays it out in “Survey: 63 Percent of Americans Want Popular Vote to Decide Presidential Elections“:

The majority of Americans would rather a national popular vote total decide presidential elections than the Electoral College vote totals, a survey from the think tank Pew Research Center has found.

“The survey sampled more than 6,000 Americans, discovering that 63 percent would prefer presidential elections be decided by the national popular vote. Conversely, just 35 percent of respondents favored keeping ‘the current system, in which the candidate who wins the most votes in the Electoral College wins the election,’ the survey found.” [emphasis added]

But, as the chart tweeted by the Pew Research Center shows, political party and other factors play a significant role in how Americans view the Electoral College versus deciding elections based on the popular vote.

What is your opinion? Should the United States continue to use the Electoral College to decide presidential elections or switch to the popular vote? Please share your thoughts by emailing [email protected]. Thank you.