Senator Attacks FBI Director

FBI agent

( – In a push for broader transparency, Republican Senator Ron Johnson from Wisconsin blasted FBI Director Christopher Wray regarding the bureau’s approach to the investigation concerning Hunter Biden.

In a detailed discourse, Johnson referenced excerpts from a letter authored by Senator Chuck Grassley of Iowa, a fellow Republican. Grassley’s letter, addressed to Wray and Attorney General Merrick Garland, accused the FBI of exhibiting “political bias” during the investigation into Hunter Biden’s activities.

Johnson voiced his concerns, stating, “The problem I have is I simply cannot trust what the FBI is providing me, and I don’t say that with any joy in my heart. That’s a travesty. The American people want to believe and have trust in the FBI. We want credibility, integrity restored to the institution, but Director Wray, you have not done that since assuming office, and I can go through a long laundry list of the reasons why that trust has been violated. I don’t have it right now.”

He further proposed a meeting for a detailed discussion, emphasizing the necessity for transparency to rebuild trust. “I’m happy to sit down and meet with you and go over these things in detail, but I would say, because ask me, ‘What can we do to restore trust?’ Start being transparent,” Johnson added.

In response, Wray contested Johnson’s assertion about the public’s mistrust of the FBI. He highlighted a significant rise in applicants aspiring to become special agents, underscoring the bureau’s commitment to “integrity and professionalism,” as well as “selflessness and rigor.” Wray disagreed with the criticism directed towards the FBI’s performance in this case.

“That’s not how I characterized it,” Johnson interjected. “I’m talking about partisanship at the top with some specific partisan actors. I said the vast majority of the 33,000 are people with integrity.”

Wray, identifying himself as a lifelong Republican, rejected the notion of bias in his conduct. “And the idea that I, as a Republican appointee, I’m a lifelong Republican, am biased in the way that you are describing makes absolutely no sense,” he stated. Johnson concluded by offering to present detailed reasons for the eroded credibility of the FBI.

In relation to the case, two whistleblowers from the Internal Revenue Service brought forth allegations suggesting the Department of Justice delayed criminal investigations into Hunter Biden, specifically regarding his purported failure to pay taxes in 2017 and 2018. Grassley’s letter to Wray and Garland, dated July 2022, sought information about whistleblower claims that the FBI downplayed Hunter’s “criminal financial and related activity” prior to the 2020 presidential election.