Secret Service Prepping for Jailing of Trump?

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( – In a grim new report over the leftist judicial onslaught against Donald Trump, the Secret Service is said to have consulted with jail authorities in New York in preparation for the potential incarceration of the former president in relation to his ongoing hush-money trial.

According to a corrections official who spoke with CBS News, these preparations are occurring as the trial in Manhattan approaches its conclusion with the jury deliberations set to begin following the closing arguments.

The CBS report cited by The Daily Wire indicates that if Trump is incarcerated, corrections officers would be tasked with the security of any Secret Service agents assigned to protect him during his time in custody.

Although it remains uncertain where Trump would be incarcerated if convicted, it was mentioned that shorter sentences might be served at the Rikers Island complex, which contains specific areas designated for high-profile detainees.

The possibility of Trump’s imprisonment has provoked vehement criticism from his supporters, the report points out.

They condemn the charges, led by Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg, as politically motivated, particularly given Trump’s candidacy in the upcoming presidential race.

Political commentator Robby Starbuck expressed his disapproval on social media platform X.

“Today the government is trying to throw the leading candidate for President in prison on bogus charges in a city stacked with far left jurors,” Starbuck wrote.

“The lack of evidence won’t matter to many of these lunatics. Total commies. Trump’s only way out is if some sane people got on the jury,” the commentator added.

Rogan O’Handley, a social media influencer known as “DC Draino,” speculated on the political repercussions of Trump’s potential imprisonment.

“If Biden puts Trump in jail, Trump will win in a landslide we haven’t [seen] since Reagan,” O’Handley wrote.

The charges against Trump involve 34 felony counts of falsifying business records, purportedly to conceal damaging information through a “catch-and-kill” strategy during the 2016 election.

Trump has entered a plea of not guilty to these allegations. In addition to this case, he faces other legal challenges as he prepares for a potential electoral rematch against President Joe Biden this November.

Politico reports that should Trump be convicted, the presiding judge would schedule a separate hearing to determine his sentence.

There exists the possibility that Trump may not serve time in prison, with alternatives such as probation or community service being potential outcomes.

During the closing arguments of the trial, defense attorney Todd was reproved by Judge Juan Merchan for implying to the jury that Trump could face jail time if convicted.

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