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Rush Has Been Laid To Rest

There is no talk show host or political commentator who had a greater impact on Washington, DC than Rush Limbaugh.

This week, in a private ceremony, Rush was laid to rest for all of eternity at Bellefontaine Cemetery in St. Louis, Missouri. Yesterday, his family released a graveside photo of his casket (see below) for his friends and supporters.

Please share your thoughts on the passing of Rush Limbaugh in the comment section. Do you believe there will ever be another talk radio host as influential as Rush? Do you think Rush was good for America? Why or why not?

Rush Limbaugh’s Casket


  1. Keith goodrum PH.D says:

    Rush was a person I have revered for many years and one of the most intelligent men I have ever had the privilege to listen to. What a pity our leaders and mentors do not have the intellect that he possessed.

  2. TroopAbn says:

    So glad that I was able to watch President and Melania Trump present Rush Limbaugh with the “Presidential Medal of Freedom” at the last “State of the Union”. Rush will go down in history as the one of the greatest Americans to ever exist along with our “President In Exile” Donald J. Trump. We are now watching the communist/Democratisch takeover of a “Once Great Country”. We pray that Rush will help from his nowty “higher” position for Americans to rise to the occasion and see those involved in this terrible coup d’Etat to be arrested, charged, found guilty and face a firing squad for the crimes against our country. And that includes those that have used positions of power to extract money and services from countries that would take us over and destroy us. And this includes their offspring that have done the dirty deeds to keep them from being found-out. Put all those corrupted souls in Leavenworth and Gitmo until they take the final hour facing the rifle or the guilotene.

  3. Dr. Kwaku Ahatsi says:

    Rush was one BOLD AMERICAN that I have ever known there will never be another but still we need people like him If America is to be resurrected to high level the founding fathers saqw in the VISION of America that they wrote about May RUSH you REST in Peace

  4. Patricia Williams says:

    The DEMONRATS should be ARRESTED for TREASON! These people are EVIL. Maxine Waters THREATENED the PRESIDENT’S LIFE and got AWAY WITH IT. Nothing HAPPENED to her, I wonder why that is? BARRACK OBAMA should be ARRESTED for TREASON. These people tried to IMPEACH the president for just speaking. The first time they tried to impeach him was over a phone conversation to another world leader. I could make a list of all the DEMONRATS who should be arrested for TREASON, NANCY PELOSI should be the FIRST to be ARRESTED. These people CLAIM they’re doing this because of the OATH they took. Well I’ve taken that OATH twice in my life. The first time was when I joined the Navy and the second time was when I became a civilian. So I KNOW the OATH and I know WHO the DOMESTIC TERRORISTS are, and it is NOT President Trump and the Republicans! It’s the DEMONRATS! They ARE the DOMESTIC TERRORISTS and they are DESTROYING our country! They MUST BE STOPPED!!!

    • Delia says:

      I totally agree with you. Until there is accountability for all the laws the many liberals have broken this country will NOT heal. We should build MORE jails with no cell phones allowed for prisioners and no WIFI. They should plant their own food and be watched by armed guards 24/7 for life.

    • Kara says:


  5. Linbo says:

    I lost two men I loved from lung cancer my husband this January and now Rush I will miss them both.

  6. Ismail Lopez says:

    My deepest condolences to his wife and family Rush Limbaugh was my inspiration, my mentor, we lost a rushed American!!! Patriot!!! He spoken loud and clear English not only that but his wisdom and the way he spoken it he inspired me how to be a true American and to speak English well that’s wh he was to ne and much much more he was unique!!! Distinctive!! So no there will never be another one like him just like there will never be another Elvis Presley, i’ will always remember him in honor with honor, pride and dignity he is and was a great mentor and master!!! He won’t be forgotten his legacy and his name will always be honored!!! Rest in peace master!! Rush you were and are the American spirit!!! Samuel S. Lopez

  7. Sandra says:

    Rush was a one-and-only phenomenon. There won’t be another like him and he will be truly missed by all Conservatives.

  8. J, M, Cruey says:

    You will be missed!

  9. David Gonzales says:

    Rush was a man not scared too take on any person, or any event. A man of character, not was too hard for him to take on and dig for truthful answers.
    There will never be anyone who has the strength to get the answers america wants. May his soul find the peace he deserves. And may his family know he will be missed, by all who’s lives he touched. And May his family know, remember the family man Rush he was more to you his family than the general public will ever know. Smile while u remember Rush the family man.

  10. Daniel Hall says:

    Rush was the best they could (media) not pay
    him enough to spread their dirty lies he always
    told nothing but the truth, god bless him and
    his family there will never be another one like him

  11. Carolyn Campbell says:

    Rush Limbaugh will never be replaced. He was the best and most unique advocate America had for this last fifty years. He loved this country and wanted the best for all who lived here. He was an encourager, an optimist and a leader of patriotism like no other could be. His influence was strongly appreciated and his impact on youth was impressive. He was able to be understood helped everyone to be the best they could be as citizens. He influenced all of us to be better people as we listened to him daily and we knew He wanted America to be strong and able to continue to lead the world in Christian principles. Thank you Rush for your love of country, for your steadfast leadership for all of us to imititate. God Bless You with our Thanks.

  12. Georgine Ness says:

    God bless the family of Rush. He was always speaking the truth, and we will miss him.

  13. Glenda Klar says:

    Everyone loved Rush. He told it like it is.He will be missed by those who seek the TRUTH.Our government is terribly corrupt and Rush exposed that.THere will not be another like him and I am grateful that I was able to have the privilege to hear his program.GOD bless his family and may he rest in peace

  14. Roseformose says:

    WHY does BIDEN want to jeopardize the Safety of American citizens by Allowing Sex Offender Illegal Aliens to Remain in this Country??
    BIDEN S Actions ARE Endangering OUR Population.