Rudy Gets Very Bad News

( – America’s Mayor, Rudy Giuliani, a prominent Trump ally, has suffered a new blow after a US judge decided he was liable for defaming two Georgia election workers by accusing them of election fraud.

The ruling by Washington, DC, US District Court Judge Beryl Howell comes after last week, Giuliani was forced to get a mugshot along with former President Donald Trump and 17 other defendants after the Democrat DA of Fulton County, Fani Willis, indicted them for allegedly trying to subvert the 2020 election in the state.

Giuliani has been found liable for defaming Wandrea “Shaye” Moss and her mother, Ruby Freeman, 2020 election workers who were seen acting suspiciously on a polling place livestream.

A separate trial will now be held to determine what Giuliani will have to pay the women in damages.

According to Giuliani and other Republican pundits, Moss and Freeman were handling a suitcase of stolen ballots – though the mother and daughter have maintained they were “ballot boxes used in every election.”

In June 2023, the Georgia Elections Board issued a report clearing Moss and Freeman of wrongdoing.

Judge Beryl Howell explained her decision to find Giuliani liable in the case in a 57-page ruling. She said the former top Trump lawyer didn’t provide documents the two women’s lawyers demanded, who sought to determine whether he knowingly made false accusations against them.

“Perhaps he has made the calculation that his overall litigation risks are minimized by not complying with his discovery obligations in this case. Whatever the reason, obligations are case specific, and withholding required discovery in this case has consequences,” the judge declared.

Giuliani’s advisor, Ted Goodman, stressed that her opinion was 57 pages when it should have been 4-5 pages and was “a prime example of the weaponization of the justice system, where the process is the punishment.”

“This decision should be reversed, as Mayor Giuliani is wrongly accused of not preserving electronic evidence that was seized and held by the FBI,” Goodman stated.

In her opinion, Howell accused the former NYC mayor of “donning a cloak of victimization,” which has “subvert(ed) the normal process of discovery in a straight-forward defamation case.”

The judge also ordered Giuliani to pay Freeman and Moss over $89,000 in legal fees, while his businesses also have to pay $44,000.

The Trump ally has insisted that the First Amendment protected his actions in voicing voter fraud suspicions against Moss and Freeman.