Rubio: DOJ Intentionally Leaking Mar-a-Lago Raid Info

Marco Rubio

( – Republican US Senator Marco Rubio of Florida has accused the Department of Justice and the FBI of intentionally and selectively leaking information on the recent raid of former President Donald Trump’s residence.

More than 30 federal agents raided Trump’s Mar-a-Lago estate in Palm Springs, Florida, in a surprise operation on August 8.

The 10-hour-long raid is an unprecedented law enforcement action against a former US President and has been denounced by all Republican Party figures, conservative pundits, and right-wing commentators.

Since then, there have been various reports in the mainstream media about government documents found in Trump’s home by the FBI, including papers on nuclear weapons.

According to Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL), however, this and other information about the raid and the investigation into Trump are being leaked strategically to the leftist media by President Joe Biden’s Justice Department.

“Let’s go back and understand that all of this information is coming from one side and one place, and that is sources with knowledge of the investigation. Well, who are the sources with knowledge of the investigation? The FBI and the Justice Department. And they are leaking to the media,” Rubio told Fox News in a television interview.

He pointed out that the situation in the case of the investigation targeting Donald Trump is markedly different from what usually happens when the DOJ or the FBI are investigating anything, as they typically don’t even acknowledge that an investigation may be in action, let alone leak information about it.

“These people, every single day, are strategically leaking information that can’t be rebutted or in any way analyzed for a reason. And that is politics, to influence the narrative,” the Florida GOP Senator emphasized.

“If it was really that sort of urgent problem, why didn’t they immediately demand their return? Why didn’t they come to the Gang of Eight or the Intelligence Committee heads and say, ‘We’ve got this major problem on our hands.’?” Rubio wondered further.

He referred to the eight legislators in the US Congress who receive briefs from the executive branch on matters of classified intelligence.

“Instead, what we get is these constant leaks, and the only reason to leak to the media is to influence the narrative. Which tells you this is being politicized, which is doing damage to the FBI, the Justice Department, to important institutions, to our country,” Rubio concluded regarding the DOJ probe into Donald Trump.

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