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Romney: Trump Is a Russian Dupe

Sen. Mitt Romney, R-Utah, blasted Russia on Sunday for a cyberattack he said amounted to an “invasion,” adding that the president’s unwillingness to blame Russia shows he has a “blind spot” when it comes to the country,” according to NBC News. [emphasis added]

U.S. officials believe that Russian intelligence was behind a suspected hacking campaign unveiled last week that infiltrated more than 40 organizations, including many government agencies and contractors.

“But while top government officials, like Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, have publicly said it appears that Russia was behind the hack, President Donald Trump cast doubt on that assessment in a Saturday tweet, where he floated the possibility “it may be China” who perpetrated the hack.

“‘I was disappointed with the president’s comment,’ Romney said during an interview on NBC News’ “Meet the Press.” ‘But I think we’ve come to recognize that the president has a blind spot when it comes to Russia. And the reality here is that the experts, the people who really understand how our systems work and how computers work and software and so forth, the thousands upon thousands at the CIA and the NSA and the Department of Defense, have determined that this came from Russia.'” [emphasis added]

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Please share your thoughts in the comment section. Do you believe President Trump is a pawn of Russia as Sen. Romney implies, or do you think that Romney’s criticism of Trump is unfair?