Romney: Biden’s Border Policies a ‘Monumental Disaster’ – DC Watchdog

Romney: Biden’s Border Policies a ‘Monumental Disaster’

United States Senator Mitt Romney (R-Utah) has joined the chorus of congressional Republicans blasting President Joe Biden’s failure to protect America’s borders from the ongoing invasion of illegal aliens.

During a hearing in the Senate (watch the video below), Romeny stated:

“The Biden Administration’s border and immigration policies have been nothing short of a monumental disaster. Were there not so many other disasters that the Administration is encountering, it probably would be, by itself, enough for a government to be hanging on by a thread.”

Romney then points out that the U.S. is paying illegal alien families $300 per month for every child in the family – far more than almost all immigrants could make in wages in their home countries – thereby encouraging illegal aliens to flock to this country with their children.

Watch the video below of Romney laying out a number of the reasons he believes the Biden administration and the Democrats are actually encouraging – instead of discouraging – illegal immigration, and then share your opinion about his comments by emailing [email protected]. Do you agree or disagree with Romney’s criticisms of Biden’s immigration policies? Thank you.