Republicans Defy Trump

Former President Donald J. Trump

( – Georgia Governor Brian Kemp is mounting a television advertising campaign with the assistance of the Republican Governors Association, contributing $500,000. The campaign is an effort to assist the incumbent stave off a primary challenger and win a second term.

RGA Georgia 2022 PAC, an affiliate of the RGA, went on air this week with a campaign titled “Fight Back.” The ad is a 30-second spot lauding the Governor’s accomplishments, comparing his leadership to that of President Joe Biden’s, with the campaign referencing “out of control spending, skyrocketing inflation” and the “invasion on the Southern border.”

Although the RGA has touted its investment in Kemp as reinforcements against Democratic gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams, Republican insiders point to it being an effort to fend off GOP primary challenger Senator David Perdue. Perdue was endorsed by former President Donald Trump in a 30-second statewide ad campaign.

In a statement released by RGA Executive Director Dave Rexrode, he touted Kemp as being “conservative, results-driven,” adding that he has been fighting for “all Georgians throughout his time in office.” He continued his remarks, stating that “Georgia voters know that unlike political opportunist and woke leftist Stacey Abrams, Brian Kemp shares their values and works for them.”

The ad comes days after Vernon Jones dropped out of the Georgia GOP gubernatorial primary, which would give Perdue an obstructed opportunity to unseat Kemp.
The support from Trump –– who blames Kemp for his Georgia loss in the 2020 elections –– would also make the primaries more challenging.

The RGA has also taken on a role previously filled by a state-sanctioned super PAC, Georgia First, which was –– under Georgia law –– only available to incumbents and party nominees. But following the lawsuit by Perdue to block the governor’s use of Georgia first, the RGA has shown its willingness to fill in the resource void through the May 24 primary.