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Republican Warns America About Biden

( – Rep. French Hill, who represents the 2nd District of Arkansas, just issued a warning to Americans about what could happen due to how the Democrat Party and President Joe Biden are handling the economy of the United States of America. Congressman French went on record stating that the American people are not safe due to the skyrocketing level of inflation and numerous other reasons.

Hill made his remarks on the Fox Business Network. He stated that President Joe Biden, Vice President Kamala Harris, and the Democrat Party had caused chaos in the economy with the high and unsustainable rate of inflation decimating Americans’ paychecks. He stated that if this inflation continues, they could very well lose the country.

He added that he is very concerned about the state of the country and the economy. Other Republicans feel the same way as Hill, and they have stated that the economy needs to get back under control. Currently, both President Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris’ poll numbers are lower than ever.

Rumors are coming directly from the White House that there is increasing tension between the two leaders and reports that Vice President Harris has felt “misused” by the Biden Administration. It is unclear at the time if President Biden will seek re-election.

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