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Record High COVID-19 Deaths Yesterday

With a record number of COVID-19 deaths in the United States yesterday, the question is: Who is to blame? China? President Trump? State governors like Andrew Cuomo of New York? Or, is it unfair to blame anyone? Please share your thoughts in the comment section on this page.


According to the conservative New York Post, “The US reportedly hit a record of single-day COVID-19 deaths on Wednesday — topping 3,000 for the first time.

“The grim milestone, reported by the Washington Post, comes as cases in the country have been soaring.

“Also as of Wednesday, an average of over 200,000 Americans per day were testing positive for COVID-19 — another record.

“The nationwide spike — with nearly every state reporting surges — is likely to worsen the impending Holiday gatherings.”

For more, go to the New York Post.


  1. G says:

    China willfully spread the virus across the world allowing travel out of Wuan to other countries while blocking travel into and out of Wuan domestically. They knew it was spread person to person and it’s impact on life and economy in Nov/Dec 2019 but kept this from the WHO and the rest of the world. The virus killed US citizens in the US with the help of people like Cuomo and the numbers who died as a result of the virus alone skewed to generate fear to implement mail in voter fraud. The Chinese government working with compromised US businessmen and politicians are those to blame and should be arrested and held accountable for all charges including treason and murder.

  2. Steve USAF VET says:

    all of this up because things were going way to good in the USA THANKS TO DONALD TRUMP! They
    Couldn’t have this especially with the election coming up. So when it all boils down and we get to the bottom
    of it, all the people involved should be convicted of premeditated murder along with a list of other charges!
    DONALD TRUMP BY FAR THE BEST PRESIDENT EVER! And anyone who could think otherwise is

    • Catherine says:

      that is right and I agree that Trump is the best and because they couldn’t bribe or buy him off they set out to do their best to take this country down well lets fight till they are all arrested and made to pay for all the crimes they committed against Americans and then see that we are never attacked by any enemies others or home grown.

  3. Gail Hardes says:

    President Trump is NOT to blame for anything associated with the Corona Virus. If anything, he should be praised for restricting travel and for getting the vaccine ready in a timely manner.

  4. Ryan Baka says:

    While it is true that the virus originated in China, Trump has made the situation a lot worse because of his ignorance, his hubris, his incompetence, his attitude, his inability to use scientific understanding, and what’s more, he didn’t prepare for this following former President Obama’s pandemic response guidelines he prepared before leaving office.

    • Tracy Kedovary says:

      RIDICULOUS! The only people to blame is China and those who do not understand that you are responsible for your own hygiene! For crying out loud! Wake up! Our president did nothing wrong and saved America by shutting our borders down. Liberals stated he was wrong for doing that! Blame the democrats and their liberal socialist demeanor for exacerbating this so called pandemic . The FLU has killed many more than this pandemic!

  5. DebbieF says:

    If they really counted Covid deaths, maybe. But many are counted who never even HAD Covid. Half in nursing homes/hospice ready to die anyway from ANY flu that came their way. A bunch of hooey. Blame the Media. Blame Bill Gates and Fauci and Soros. This is NOT a crisis. The reaction to it is. And yes, I have had friends get sick with it. But also family working in hospitals give me a different story than the media.

  6. Catherine says:

    China and the democrats are to blame for this Virus whether anyone believes it or not.

  7. china and the deep state

  8. NUNYA BUSS says:

    Yeah I know who’s the blame China and the two stupid a-holes that were in a lab making such chemical warfare weapons is what I call them this should be an act of terrorism for the United States and the whole world and should completely be wiped off the face of the Earth.. and every Chinese restaurant in the United States should be burned to the ground and let them or inject them with the virus that’s how my brain is feeling today and if you don’t like it just jam it up your ass.!!

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