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Radical Left Wants Trump’s Wall Torn Down

Immigrant-rights and environmental groups have a firm message for President Biden: Tear down that wall,” according to The Washington Times.

Mr. Biden last week notified Congress that he’s officially revoked the border emergency declared by former President Trump, rescinding billions in still-to-be-spent cash the previous administration siphoned from the Pentagon to use for construction of border wall.

“But everyone from the Sierra Club to the American Civil Liberties Union says that’s not enough. They said Mr. Biden needs to make clear he’ll eventually take down walls built under Mr. Trump. [emphasis added]

“‘The wall itself is an immoral monument to settler colonial destruction,’ said the Sierra Club’s Christopher Basaldú, a member of the Carrizo Comecrudo Tribe of Texas. ‘This most recent executive order should be a critical first step in stopping and eventually dismantling this immoral wall and the connected systems of border militarization.’

“The wall is one of several areas of immigration and border policy where groups on the political left are pushing Mr. Biden to go further and faster, even as his team fears inviting a new surge of illegal immigration…

“Ken Cuccinelli, the former No. 2 man at Homeland Security under President Trump, said the idea of tearing down walls “would look so outrageous to the overwhelming majority of Americans,” though the pressure will be intense from some Biden supporters to do so.

“‘He’s in a real bind with the radical left on this,’ Mr. Cuccinelli said. [emphasis added]

“The Trump team says the numbers show walls work.

“According to data provided by a Border Patrol agent, during a period in late January, agents were 75% effective in catching illegal immigrants in the eastern part of the Tucson sector, where new wall is in place. By contrast in the western part of the sector, agents were just 46% effective.”

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