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Radical Left Wants Trump’s Wall Torn Down

Immigrant-rights and environmental groups have a firm message for President Biden: Tear down that wall,” according to The Washington Times.

Mr. Biden last week notified Congress that he’s officially revoked the border emergency declared by former President Trump, rescinding billions in still-to-be-spent cash the previous administration siphoned from the Pentagon to use for construction of border wall.

“But everyone from the Sierra Club to the American Civil Liberties Union says that’s not enough. They said Mr. Biden needs to make clear he’ll eventually take down walls built under Mr. Trump. [emphasis added]

“‘The wall itself is an immoral monument to settler colonial destruction,’ said the Sierra Club’s Christopher Basaldú, a member of the Carrizo Comecrudo Tribe of Texas. ‘This most recent executive order should be a critical first step in stopping and eventually dismantling this immoral wall and the connected systems of border militarization.’

“The wall is one of several areas of immigration and border policy where groups on the political left are pushing Mr. Biden to go further and faster, even as his team fears inviting a new surge of illegal immigration…

“Ken Cuccinelli, the former No. 2 man at Homeland Security under President Trump, said the idea of tearing down walls “would look so outrageous to the overwhelming majority of Americans,” though the pressure will be intense from some Biden supporters to do so.

“‘He’s in a real bind with the radical left on this,’ Mr. Cuccinelli said. [emphasis added]

“The Trump team says the numbers show walls work.

“According to data provided by a Border Patrol agent, during a period in late January, agents were 75% effective in catching illegal immigrants in the eastern part of the Tucson sector, where new wall is in place. By contrast in the western part of the sector, agents were just 46% effective.”

For more on this issue, go to The Washington Times.

Please share your opinion in the comment section. Do you want Trump’s border wall to remain and be expanded? Or, do you want it to be torn down?


  1. D Nordstrom says:

    First, just try to outlaw all walls and fences on American properties, the first to go should be the walls of our government representatives, Pelosi loves her wall, TAKE IT DOWN, She has no right to security if the rest of us don’t deserve to be safe and secure!

  2. Terry says:

    Complete the wall!
    Join forces and “fight” with: http://www.NumbersUSA.com

  3. Tim says:

    The border states should form their own border law enforcement. They should finish the wall within their own state and not let anyone take down their wall. We are a nation of 50 soverien states so the states have a right to not comply and keep illigels out of their state and not let them in. Talk to your governor’s and representatives.

  4. Robert says:


  5. John says:

    Right, don’t finish the wall. Biden and Pelosi need that money to finish the wall around the Capitol so legal citizens can’t get in. We need a list of names that want the border wall stopped and tore down so we know where to send all the illegal immigrants. You idiots can deal with the problems.

  6. James B Jacobs says:

    The wall not only needs to stay up, but it needs to be finished. Not only that but the laws need to be enforced. Nobody should be in this country illegally. They have no right to be here and should not be allowed to stay here under any circumstances. People that are here illegally, need to be deported. Everyone coming across the border illegally needs to be deported, immediately. Enforce the laws. That is why we have laws. If you don’t enforce them, they are worthless.

  7. J.K. says:

    Just stop building more wall. Leave finished wall alone. Tear down partially finished wall and give the current end of the finished wall a finished look.
    The Berlin wall was eventually torn down because it was a bad idea that it was put up. There is no Canada wall. The border is just too big to even consider a wall. The Berlin wall did not stop people from illegally crossing it. Even if this wall was finished across the entire South and North borders it would not prevent illegal crossings. Just do not waist any more money on this wall. As far as a wall around private homes or buildings that fall under domestic attack, those are so small in comparison that they can be built and torn down in under a week. There really is no similarity.

    • Tim says:

      There is no wall across Canada because they don’t want any part of the stupidity that currently reigns. Have you been to the border? Have you spent any amount of time there? Probably not! I have! That wall is something many presidents ago should have done. My tires got slashed for being military of course when I wasn’t around! This wall is for our safety! Only a complete moron would vote against it! How many of you gossips have a security system on your vehicle or alarm system on your home? America is our home and we should be doing everything to ensure that safety. No wall, you say! Take down your security systems also then!

      • Eddie says:

        I agree with you on this. I am a Hispanic. I have spoken and fought gang members to keep them away from my home and my family in Texas when I lived there. I moved away from there when I became an adult. I saw the gangs and drugs and everything. We need the wall there now! Majority of people that live in TX are good people. But it is wrong to just let immigrants break the law as they come initially here unlawfully. It tells them that we accept that. When a person is told that there is a law against coming in illegally and they don’t care, they are then given permission to break other laws. If you want to break laws, then you go to their country. If you call the police in their country, in most cases no one will be going to come to your aid to help you. Many bad ones come here with that attitude and commit a crime with that attitude of disrespecting the law, as they are used to it. I will not live there in Texas, as it is where they all come to first. I so sick and tired of the crime, the drugs, and our US Congress not making people respect our Constitutional given laws. All of my Family as Hispanics became citizens.

  8. Mary Syron says:

    For the love of all things… LEAVE THE DAMN WALL WHERE IT IS. Only these leftist Democrats who do nothing constructive would even consider tearing down a structure like this and WASTE ALL THAT MONEY SPENT TO PUT IT UP. Don’t be so STUPID!! LEAVE IT ALONE. Get to work and do something!!! What an ignorant thing
    to even think of doing. Pure EVIL you all.

  9. Wyatt Earp says:

    Personality I hope thousand of illegal immigration attack these ANTIFA and BLM. Then head to other LEFTIST city.

  10. bob says:

    If the walls are torn down, I hope there are buses waiting to take all the illegals to the White House

  11. Rosemary Smith says:

    I want the wall to continue to be built. Those of us living close to it know that their rights are being destroyed by those who keep coming across. For one thing they destroy property and then take away the money that should be spent on veterans and homeless and many other problems facing our country. The money is there so use it for what it was meant to be. Talk to the Border Patrol and all of us who see what comes across. Yes, some are deserving but many are drug dealers and other misfits, rapists, murderers etc.

    • norellen reeder says:

      Do not take down what a reminder of what has happened! This is called a time in history. This will make people maby think about what damage has already been done. Why is this a problem? Follow the steps like everyone . What do you do going to Canada? They have rules also.

  12. Kathy V White says:

    It would be insane to tear this wall down. What a waste of manpower and money. The wall should be completed to stop illegals from coming into this country. This wall also lowers the risk of increased child trafficking and dangerous cartels from crossing into the US. Think people, think.

  13. Bruce Sutton says:

    If the LEFT wants to tear down the wall, make it mandatory that they pay the bill, not with taxpayer $$ but out of their own pockets. Their money from their income.

  14. Holly Rose says:

    Tear down the wall. Walls don’t work. Look at the Berlin wall. It caused division among the Germans. trump had no right to build that wall because it infringed on the rights of the immigrants. It made passage to the US difficult. trump should be hung for this injustice.

    • How about laying off on the drugs. And 2 are you going to pay for each and every illegal immigrants. Because your Democratic wont and matter of fact people like me who works there asses would pay for your Democratic partys dream and another thing walls do work .do some research before you talk

    • Michael J Korger says:

      Walls DO WORK!!!! Pelosi and Soros have huge walls around their houses. The big security fence around the Capital is staying up! In fact there are demands that a big permanent wall be put up around the Capital. Why? If they don’t work??? The border agents say the wall is working!!! They should know!

    • Randall says:

      stupid bich commie

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