Putin Mocks Biden as War in Ukraine Continues

Russian President Vladimir Putin

(DCWatchdog.com) – Russia’s leader Vladimir Putin is mocking the leaders of the United States, and other Western nations as his invasion of Ukraine continues with growing losses to Moscow’s forces.

Putin invaded Ukraine on February 24 with 200,000 troops expecting a quick conquest of Russia’s pro-Western neighbor.

Six-and-a-half months later, the Ukrainians have gained the initiative, largely due to supplies of top-notch US weapon systems, and Russia has lost between 50,000 and 90,000 troops in combat, including regular military, mercenaries, auxiliaries, and proxies, plus close to 13,000 tanks, warplanes, and other units of military equipment.

Speaking at the annual economic forum in the Pacific Russian city of Vladivostok on Wednesday, Putin blasted US President Joe Biden and other Western leaders for deciding to impose a price cap on Russia’s oil exports to cut down Moscow’s primary revenue stream.

“The demand is so high on global markets that we won’t have any problem selling it,” the Russian leader stated as he called the price cap idea “stupid” and argued that he would find enough oil buyers in Asia.

“An attempt to limit prices by administrative means is just ravings, it’s sheer nonsense… If they try to implement this dumb decision, it will entail nothing good for those who will make it… Those who try to enforce something on us aren’t in a position today to dictate their will,” Putin insisted, as cited by The Washington Times.

He argued that it has been the West – and not his unprovoked war of aggression against a sovereign nation – which has caused oil prices to go up worldwide.

“Will they make political decisions contradicting contracts? In that case, we will just halt supplies if it contradicts our economic interests. We won’t supply any gas, oil, diesel oil or coal,” the Russian President threatened.

He also tried to rebuff the accusations of the European Union that he is cutting off natural gas supplies to Europe to cause energy shortages, an economic crisis, and political turmoil that would reduce Western help for the attacked Ukrainians.

Putin further reiterated his usual talking points about how the West is to blame for the Russian invasion of Ukraine by somehow trying to put down Russia.

Despite his two attacks on Ukraine – the current one and the one back in 2014, which happened on President Barack Obama’s watch, Putin even claimed that “it wasn’t us who started the military action, we are trying to put an end to it.”

The Moscow leader also repeated threats that Russia hasn’t really started to fight yet – despite the massive losses, and reports the emaciated Russian military is now actively recruiting not only prison inmates but also patients of mental health hospitals.