PROOF: Disney at Death’s Door

( – Disney, now known for promoting woke and transgender lifestyles to minors, is seeing its popularity collapse, losing over 300,000 streaming subscribers in the last quarter.

The dwindling audience of the Disney+ streaming service plus a growing number of film project flops are turning the woke entertainment giant into the “tragic kingdom,” Breitbart News writes in a report.

It describes the staggering loss of Disney+ subscribers in the US and Canada in the second quarter of 2023 as “an ominous sign for the studio as it continues to pour billions of dollars into new streaming content that is flopping with viewers.”

At the same time, the Walt Disney Company has made matters worse for itself by spiking its monthly subscription fee by 27% – from $10.99 to $13.99 – as of October.

The new price hike comes after last year, Disney+ subscription already went from $7.99 to $10.99 – meaning its subscribers have been slapped with a 75% increase in less than two years.

The latest decline has left Disney+ with 46 million domestic subscribers, almost half of Netflix’s 76 million subscribers in North America.

Disney also took a hit abroad, with a 24% decline in subscription numbers in the second quarter, primarily caused by the end of its deal with Hotstar in India.

“The domestic subscriber decline signals rough waters ahead for Disney as US numbers have been stagnating for the past few quarters, indicating that the domestic market has likely reached its peak less than three years after the platform launched in 2019,” Breitbart comments.

The report also emphasizes that Disney is pouring billions of dollars into new streaming projects, which “often end up flopping with viewers.”

Some of its latest flops include the phantasy series Willow, which was entirely removed from Disney+ after a single season. National Treasure: Edge of History was also terminated after its first season.

At the same time, the Marvel series Secret Invasion attracted only 994,000 US households in the first five days after its release. This made it the second least-popular Marvel series after Ms. Marvel, a feminist show, drew only 775,000 homes in its first five days.

Besides the poorly performing Marvel franchises, Disney+ has also seen low ratings for its Star Wars shows, none of which made the streaming top 15 for 2022, according to Nielsen.