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Proof: Critical Race Theory Is Taught In Grade Schools

( – During the just concluded elections across the United States of America, no issue was hotter within the electorate than that of Critical Race Theory being taught in public schools.

On one side of that argument, or perhaps it was more of a standalone statement, were those stating that Critical Race Theory is not even taught in American grade schools.

The proponents of that position tried to convince parents that they were upset about nothing because, so the argument went, there was no proof of Critical Race Theory being presented as teaching material to school kids.

Because of that oft-heard statement and argument, we want to draw your attention to a piece published by The College Fix as that publication works full-time, looking at issues involving education in the United States.

The Colleg Fix report is headlined “Yes, Crt Is Taught in K-12 Schools – Here’s How,” and the report can be accessed in its totality by clicking HERE.

As The College Fix states after giving multiple examples of how Critical Race Theory is an explicit part of grade school education in more ways than some want to admit, “When pundits say “critical race theory” is not taught in schools, it’s true that there’s not an elective or a textbook labeled as such. But the concept and pedagogy is deeply embedded in our nation’s schools.”

Check out the report by The College Fix. We believe you’ll find it decisive.

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